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As Quickly And Easily to Find Time For Information Online - Business If lacks Time For It Constantly

Each beginning Internet - the businessman faces a problem of a lack of time for the information business.

Why it occurs?

Rather difficult question, but I will try to open it completely.

At the time of the organization of the representation in a network at any the Internet - the businessman arises many problems, namely: mailing creation, maintaining and preparation of releases, communication at forums and search of new information in networks, and also updating of the website, creation of information goods, both paid, and free etc.

As you can see is only the main subjects which busy each of you. At first the amount of information passing through your brain is minimum also load of your working day somewhere in 50%. But in process of development of your business the amount of information simply hugely and sometimes exceeds 100%. It is connected with the fact that many not only do not manage to process and comprehend that information which they obtain, but also its quantity grows by leaps and bounds.

How not to drown in such information stream and to remain afloat? to

B it to you will be helped by planning of your working hours. You have to define accurately every day for yourself tasks for day the subsequent. But there is more to come. Yours pass - plans have to be crossed with your global plans for the sake of which you also organized the business. You have to hold this purpose constantly in the head or at least to see it in the plans.

But let`s cease to philosophize and we will start business. On the example I will show you as to achieve it. Why on the example?

In - the first, I still continue to work on the main specialty;

In - the second as you understand to be engaged in two cases at the same time very difficult, especially after work when it is difficult to switch to other subject.

In - the third, sometimes my passionate hobby information online business does not bring positive results from - for physical to fatigue.

So, that experience which I saved up during this time to you will be very useful. Also do not trust those who to you claim that if you are very strongly keen on the favourite business, then everything will come to you very easily. Those who tell it hold back one fact that if you in a normal psychological and physical state then at you and everything will be easy to turn out.

If for the working day you were exhausted both your physical and psychological state is far from an ideal then whether you will be able fully to work? No!

But be not upset so. I found a way out which helps me, at least, 8 months fully to work. I just planned all the day.

Here my plan for day :

1. Rise at 6:00.

2. Water procedures (or morning jog).

3. 6:20 - meal.

4. From 6:30 till 7:15 - reception of e-mail, processing of post correspondence.

5. From 8:00 till 17:00 - work on the main profession.

6. From 17:00 till 18:00 - rest after the working day (a light music, noise of wind, the sea, singing of birds or it is possible just to doze a little).

7. From 18:00 till 20:30 - work on the information project.

8. 20:30 - an easy dinner and rest from the computer.

9. From 21:00 till 24:00 - further work on the information project.

10. From 24:00 till 6:00 - a dream.

As you probably noticed, I spend for the information business only 6,5 hours. I realize that it is not enough, but from the working day I can allocate only this time. Also I want to notice that besides the plan for one day, I make for myself the plan for week in which I planned two days off not only from the main work (Saturday and revival), but also from the business Internet (Wednesday).

So in what I am engaged these six and a half hours?

Here my plan for this time . Of course it a little generalized as tasks which I to myself set constantly change.

1. Work with e-mail and correspondence.

2. Search of information materials for the mailings or for writing articles.

3. Writing articles by means of the gained knowledge.

4 Experiments with scripts and software products, promotion of the website and mailings, search of the decision for increase of conversion of the website.

5. Writing of the e-book.

6. Production to order e-book.

7. Preparation of material for the electronic magazine “Creation of the Monetary Website“ and production of free e-books for virus marketing.

8. Planning for 2 weeks: statement of tasks and their realization. Calculation of expenses for this period.

I try to find for each of these points that amount of time which they deserve. For example: I planned to answer all who sent me letters and to spend for it 1 hour, but by the evening found out that letters came a little and from this time I will be able to allocate 30 minutes.

Respectively I will spend these 30 minutes or for search of new information, or for preparation of information material for the mailings, or for development of a template for e-books.

I will not claim to you that everything turns out smoothly. Even I lack one day (Wednesday) which I planned for myself for rest sometimes. Therefore I give myself that time which is necessary for me for restoration of forces.

I gained this experience from the sports life and you have to understand accurately for yourself that the tired person is inclined to make more mistakes, than people vigorous and full of strength. So for yourself you have to decide what time you will be able to allocate yourself for work over the business.

After that you need to sit down at a table, to take the handle and paper and to plan everything.

First try to make the plan for day, and by the end of day carry out the analysis of all plan. You something is obvious you will not manage to make. Therefore you have to plan all not in time affairs which did not manage to make next day, having allocated in it a period.

Live so weeks 2 - 3 and you are convinced that for these 2 - 3 weeks you will make more than when you lived without planning.

So, you teach themselves to organize the working day, and you will achieve fine results.