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Why in general the diploma is necessary?????

Why in general the diploma is necessary?????

Whether the higher education is necessary???? If yes, that what???

Hello dear!

I am a graphomaniac:) It is pleasant to share the thoughts. Wrote fantastic stories, then articles about life earlier. Now here remembered youth and began work on a cycle of the articles “Secrets of Students“. Wrote the first article so far and decided to place it at this forum. I hope that my article will be useful.

So article:

Today the fellow worker told me an interesting story.

her husband works as the painter at plant. It has a secondary education. He wants to earn more and therefore entered the institute of culture to study as the culturologist. This profession is interesting to it, and he thinks that he will be able to earn more than now when in 5 years graduates from institute and will go to work in the specialty - the culturologist.

I was a little surprised by this history. Really it is really necessary to study five years in higher education institution to get a normal job? And if you graduate from HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION whether there are guarantees that you will be able to find highly paid work with the diploma? What specialties are more appreciated now?

I have an experience in this case. I graduated from the Altai Polytechnic University majoring in “technology of mechanical engineering“ - a full-time department. 4 years I work in the specialty - the engineer at boiler plant. City of Barnaul.

I watched that as graduates on mine and on other specialties got a job. Proceeding from it, at me it developed which - what picture and I decided to write about it. I describe a situation with work which I observe in the city of Barnaul (700 thousand inhabitants). It is quite possible that such situation exists also in other country towns.

1) With work it is difficult now.

Labor market peresyshchen. It is much more persons interested to work, than workplaces. Therefore the employer to seek to take the people having experience in the specialty. And still employers in the last few years - after declared crisis - in general okhrenet!!!! Began to treat subordinates still to a zhescha and is more strict, and to pay even less. And so almost at all enterprises :(((((((((((((((((((

to the University graduate not having experience to have a rough time. It or do not take to work in the specialty at all or take on such low wage what to become unclear why he in general studied 5 years???? Yes, can be, to it will raise zar. a payment in a year. And then he instead of very small salary will receive just small salary. In fact to change nothing.

Therefore I advise students who decided to work as I already a course on the third to go to work in the specialty with study. Though on a rate floor, though on a quarter. Let for small money. It will give experience and knowledge in the specialty. When gain the diploma it is already possible to put itself and to look for decent work in the specialty.

2) Almost nobody works in the specialty ….

Very few specialties are demanded.

Here real statistics -

Specialty - “technology of mechanical engineering“ - my release.

Number of graduates - 100 people.

Work in the specialty - 6 people.

Work in trade - 43 persons.

of the Unemployed - 21 persons.

Different - 30 people.

There passed 4 years after the termination of institute.

From hundred people of my release more than 20 thousand a month earn 10 percent.

From 10 to 20 thousand - 40%

To 10 thousand - 50%

the Similar picture is observed almost on all specialties.

At all this I know a few people who have no higher education and earn more than 20 thousand. That is it is more than most of my fellow students.

3) Existence of the diploma gives only a small plus.

In many announcements of work one of indispensable conditions - existence of the higher education in the field. Though it is possible to settle also without diploma if it have a voluble tongue.

4) In life it is important not that you learned, and what you know.

Though everywhere also demand the diploma, it is much more important what you know and that you are able.

to the Employer, eventually, is important not existence of the diploma, and that, how productively you will work.

Ya observed cases when the huge competition on good vacancy was won by the person without the higher education but possessing skills of communication, mind and ability to self-training.

5) At institute do not learn to earn ….

At institute learn to work … It is a lot of and persistently. And often to perform unnecessary routine work. The institute fights enterprise off many at all. Though at some (generally at poor students), on the contrary - develops enterprise - they learn to settle problems, to write off, agree, make the way. That you will not tell about excellent students who go on easier way - just learn and hand over.

What will cost your diploma if on interview you cannot connect a couple of words, shiver with fear and your voice shivers?

Many graduates cannot guess such simple things as:

- to learn to behave competently on interviews,

- to learn to look for competently work - many settle on the first place, instead of that carefully to investigate all offers on this specialty and to choose the best on a salary and prospects.

And what then to do?????? whether

Is necessary the higher education????? whether

Is necessary the diploma????

Here everything depends what you in general want to receive when you go to the UNIVERSITY.

What your purpose??????

If your purpose to EARN NORMAL MONEY and to HAVE the GROWING INCOME, then institute does not give it to you. The institute will give you the chance to get a job with a salary on average of 10 thousand rubles (practically without a possibility of increase). You will be able to earn normal money, only then when you develop in yourself qualities which help to earn (learn to earn). I tell

Ya not only about the business. It is possible to earn everywhere, even working for the uncle. The main thing to learn.

What qualities help to earn:

- Ability to communicate with people. To convince. To conduct negotiations.

- Ability to achieve the objectives quickly and effectively.

- to be self-assured.

- Ability to operate itself.

- Ability to operate people.

Do not teach these qualities. They can only learn in practice.

To what teach at institute????

At institute learn to remember tons of excess information and to fulfill requirements of teachers which never worked in the specialty to which teach. So that`s that!!!!

Is it worth entering the institute in general????

As I spoke, the institute gives small small) plus at revenues to work.

But if you seriously decided to arrive (or even arrived), then it will be much more useful to you not just to stay five years in institute namely to learn to earn. To learn to earn at institute. to Develop

in itself qualities which help to earn:

- Ability to communicate with people. To convince. To conduct negotiations.

- Ability to achieve the objectives quickly and effectively.

- to be self-assured.

- Ability to operate itself.

- Ability to operate people. Not only to develop

, but also to apply. In parallel with study it is necessary to look for opportunities to earn. And it is not simple to earn, carrying out a heap of routine work for small money, and to seek to increase constantly the cost of your working hour.

And in general what is necessary to learn to earn a lot of money? I consider

Ya that for this purpose the most important just to decide on it.

Is necessary strong desire to learn to earn.

Such desire which will always conduct you.

A such desire to appear only when you accurately realize that if do not learn to earn, then you will carry out all life in poverty, and you waits for nothing good. Work - the house, work - the house.

What it would not occur, look for and you find answers to questions which are asked by life. Aspire to the purposes, be mistaken, correct errors and go further!!!!

I wish good luck.

Perfilyev Maxim.

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