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From any point of the city the sea is visible, the port which is poured raznotsvetno on the sun and a threefold number of beautiful stone structures through which huge arches float vessels is visible. Mediatoriya`s

are decorated with nice statues, and the wise men shipped for days in themselves soar over a floor.

of Library where eternal rolls by

What poets at us are stored in wise silence!

I float and the ships float our island will be pulled out by

with the gentle, feeding life root, but nobody knows about it is the philosopher who reflected in a book-store, went on a spree in a tavern the poet, neither the woman on a balcony, nor I am the ascetic composing these lines of


Crosses fluttered on flags;

the Wind changing a fabric configuration was sharp sometimes.

Went and went Settlements, the woods, roads flashed; at night fires rushed about red tails. Went and went; Constantinople rose in grandiose splendor of thousands of domes and mighty walls one morning I do not remember

Ya, what was farther, I who is coming back home, playing chess with death, loaded with deplorable experience also seem nevertheless live


Ploughing the earth saw the flying people; he saw how one of them which let out the loud, cutting air cry began to fall, both fell and fell, in greenish water

Chelovekobyk at this time, tired of own appetite, from the double blood-thirsty essence did not disappear yet, greedy waited for the deliverer with a two-edged sword

A Hercules feasts at Admet, without knowing about a grief whether


which comprehended the friend It is heavy to be to you the Jesuit?

the Ascetic - Loyola - works three days as the boy at kitchen with a stern face. Difficult codes of confidential papers - but it is a lot of

later when the founder of an award already leaves.

of the Flourish of history.

Splendour of Vatican.

Labyrinths of my antecedents flickering in silence of loneliness.


rumors Went that the earthquake - Poseidon`s anger - destroyed an enormous statue. The merchant Stafir who was on trade affairs in the different ends of the earth remembered how at Helios`s legs - this colossus at an entrance to port, boys played, and everyone was less than one finger of a statue the Queen admires

tiers of the gardens - flowing, playing green gold and richness of flowers - precious kamenyev; and Mavzol daily is on construction of own tomb.

the Fame-thirsty person, corroded vanity, is already ready to bear mortal fire; and Zeus`s statue slowly puts on by efforts of wise masters in an armor from an ivory.

I somewhere grow - slowly, difficult - huge tombs of mysterious tsars.