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FIRES the Thin pointed bird`s profile of the old person inclined over volume. Press of centuries. Honey and tar of reasonings. Erasmus`s house is rich, and his fireplace is bright. And what its dreams? And whether it completed the spiritual house - he is a barkhatnoodeyanny wise man, the sharp fellow?


Two - three landscapes a day, and the brain which is wrapped up with furious color pulp of the world. Van Gogh raises dabs of the cloths from wounds of own soul; and eternally his prisoners


Lorenzo`s Gardens of an obryzgana a marble crumb revolve. Medici`s magnificence! Thin, sophisticated, artful life; and young Michelangelo looks at magnificently dressed Mirandola going along the avenue accompanied by the secretary whose name - Mikhail Trevolis.


the Breast each of the ships dissects water power, and on everyone the revolt generated by fear ripens. It will be suppressed, exorcized, neutralized but whether India waits? That India over which other sun and where gold is not more expensive than roadside stones shines? It is a pity, Columbus does not know India of spirit.


the Suite of richly decorated rooms - gold mythological griffins dive into the gold mass of leaves - the thin person with the asymmetric person dressed in clothes, black with silver, goes to have dinner; and lutes charm to it hearing while it absorbs the capon both mutton, and visions - visions that will become illustrious canvases of El Greco - for a while leave it, Domenico Teotocopulos.


Yes, the wig was silver, and a camisole red, and buckles on shoes But the main thing as sang - whether silver sounding, yantaryom casting - a harpsichord under Mozart`s fingers;

As sang, offering sky music, music which whether will nevermore be


was Felt by him as the spiritual Himalayas, considering ranks of antique coins, touching them, partly absorbing dim gloss; or just looking in a window at a piece of Weimar, cozy as a dream?


Antiquity of books does not guarantee relevancy of contents at all. The secret chemistry of life is known to Agrippa, and rumors that is extended about him by citizens, are ridiculous. Behind the river the city flickers a cosiness of roofs, cathedrals, alleys. Plunging into the next volume, Agrippa approaches closer and closer a solution of a philosophers` stone which is absent.


In a dark pothouse somebody, reminding a bat, thin, sharp gets up and beats with a cane the old man sitting at the next little table. Considers that all is allowed to it, time a surname his Schopenhauer. The delusion having nothing in common with philosophy;


dictated by fluid, bilious, local egoism Behind a window Laputa flew by, sparkling power of the bearing disk, being poured by mysterious gardens. Liliputians wandered about a table; their children - there is less thimble - played tag, turning into letters. The giant glanced in a window. A heavy payment for genius, here, alas, at all do not go, do not go, there are no guineas.


O what thought, wandering curved, direct, strict alleys of Copenhagen, looking at long necks of towers, coming into the churches pouring the twilight? And called walking Kierkegaard. Or - or - excludes a possibility of retreat, increasing grief.

The Thin, cocky, dark-haired boy will give rise to 12

on native stony lanes, looks at flowers and flat roofs, at huge churches, and already sound in him - hand bells, bells - future music of Nicolo Paganini grows ripe.


Hundreds of grades of wood do not guarantee a right choice. The Caucasian euphorbia will make a varnish richer. Bends of details of a violin remind mathematical characters. Stradivari is sure that the tools constructed by him will sound eternally


He does not sleep. Having inclined over the thick book, he looks for a way to translate ancient sacral symbols and signs into live, pearl, rigid German. He does not sleep. What moves in a corner? Shaggy horror not to frighten shirokolitsy Luther. That multi-legged in a corner and a shadow dance on a floor and the text bible is included into mind in milyonny time having rejected noise Spikes, tile, ridges of cathedrals, gorges of streets. Was already - the strong thick person approaches to the doors of a cathedral and beats on these doors a leaf with theses against indulgences. Puzan at the corner sells indulgences. The murderer approaches to buy that it is necessary. The church lie is worse than caustic essence, and it is necessary that church -

Similarity of a garden. Cathedrals have to be root system. Luther, whether it is conducted to you where the soul is located? And whether the suffering soul differs from sleeping?.