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Classics of Hollywood? “The American werewolf in London“ of

If to consider scope of transformations of the person in the monster as a subgenre of horror films, then in this niche of a tape about werewolves or the wolf man take the second place in popularity after a vampirism subject.

By quantity it is unambiguous. As for quality, frank cheap stuff whereas werewolves at cinema, as a rule, always turned out 10 times more on style of execution and study of characters very often occur among pictures about vampires.

Besides the movie about which the speech will go below as the famous representatives of this direction it is possible to consider “Howl“ (1981) Joe Dante (who became the ancestor of the long-playing franchize long in 7 parts the last part came at once to video in 1995), “A silver bullet“ (1985) of Daniel Ettias (according to Stephen King`s story “A cycle of the werewolf“) and “Wolf“ (1994) Mike Nichols with Jack Nicholson in a leading role.

Also in February, 2010 “The Wolfman“ of Joe Johnston came out, however this tape with Benisio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins`s participation obviously concedes on style and intensity of emotions to the predecessors.

“The American werewolf in London“ of the famous Hollywood comedy dramatist John Landis by right carries a rank of classics of a genre, though to it, and later addressed this subject more than once. History develops on standard canons - two young Americans, David Kessler and Jack Gudman, go to submit the Old World.

Generally Italy where Jack dreams to put at last to bed the former schoolmate has to become their ultimate goal. How brought children to Foggy Albion, remains a riddle. But the fact remains, at the very beginning of the narration guys travel with light baggage around rural England whose sad landscapes frankly remind the Russian viewer “The Hound of the Baskervilles“ of Igor Maslennikov. However, and heroes not delighted with a surrounding situation also hurry to find somewhat quicker a shelter for the night.

In the aspiration to get warm and have supper they get in first (and, most likely, only in these parts) a pub under the “sweetest“ name “The Killed Lamb“. What does it have to do with a lamb, guys guess, examining the blood-stained wolf head on a pub sign? But there is nothing to do, the choice small, and guys appear inside.

There and to remain it till the dawn, but locals do not shine with hospitality in relation to strangers at all. However, if buddy Jack did not want to become the champion of the game “I want to know everything“, young people could avoid the fate. However Jack did not shut up and asked too many inconvenient questions. Feeling that tension in an institution can develop into the conflict soon, David and Jack hastily retire. And it is the Biggest mistake which they made that day. Having got lost in a desert and dark solitude, they will come across the werewolf who attacks them, kills Jack, and before death (“compassionate“ lodgers of a pub everything are decided not to leave guys to the mercy of fate) manages to bite David who is fated … to become interesting by the same monster to

now that so gloomy and dramatic tape which is constantly balancing on a joint of genres of the thriller and horror film John Landis, one of the leading comedy directors of Hollywood removed the eightieth. Such tapes, kakshedevralny “Brothers the Blues“, the quite good comedies “Trade Places“ and “Trip to America“ from Eddie Murphy at top of glory and very ordinary “Spies as we“ and “Three amigos are registered for it!“. Alas, since a remake of “Oscar“ with Sylvester Stallone`s participation for Landis decent works therefore the audience needs only to reconsider his last progress do not appear.

What in a picture really clings? In - the first, quite strong and well worked scenario where there is no place to long tiresome talk, as in recent “The Wolfman“. Action of the movie happens in London within literally one month from which three weeks David provalyalsya in drowsiness on a hospital bed. Heroes behave adequately a situation: the poor creature David cannot recover and realize in any way that easy walk ended with a nightmare and awful death of his best friend. Moreover, when his already dead friend Jack whose body under all laws of logic has to stay in a family crypt in the homeland, is suddenly declared to it in chamber, David seriously begins to be afraid for the reason. However completely to experience “on own skin“ that it now not just American tourist, but the American werewolf in London, our hero will be able only when in the night sky there ascends the full moon.

In - the second, certainly, Ric Baker`s special effects, one of the best (if not the best) the specialist in a make-up. Thanks to Baker, David`s transformation into a wolf and in general all visual nightmares of the movie look is very realistic and will give odds to any special effects drawn by means of the computer. It is no wonder that it was handed for “The American werewolf“ the Oscar for a make-up. However, Ric Baker was nominated for Oscar by eleven times, and six figurines to him it was succeeded to take away home.

In - the third, very confident actor`s game at total absence of the known names. Surprisingly, but Landis who learned the first triumph a year ago with the magnificent musical “Brothers Blues“ where from stars of cinema and music just to pass was not did not take any real Hollywood star in the following movie. The leading role is played by the little-known American actor David Nafton who neither to, nor after this movie was remembered by nothing special. The role of his friend Jack was played by Griffin Dunn whose best actor`s images in the pictures “After Work“ and “Who This Little Girl?“ remained in 80 too - x years of the last century; in zero Dunn closely was engaged in direction (“The casual husband“ with Uma Thurman“, etc.) . At last, Jannie Agatter whose career does not abound with great success too got the leading female role, more precisely, they are not at all there. By the only familiar face it is possible to consider kameo other famous comedy dramatist and the good friend Landis, Frank Oz who appeared in an image of the representative of the U.S. Embassy.

Funny, but the well-known “Thriller“ of Michael Jackson which is considered to these as an unsurpassed sample of a genre of music videos and too removed by John Landis, was born in many respects thanking “The American werewolf in London“. Jackson so liked the movie that he convinced producers to hire all his creators.

The whole sixteen years later a certain Anthony Waller, according to the scenario as which coauthor the same Landis acted released the sequel under the plain name “The American Werewolf in Paris“. This continuation - a striking example of why it is not necessary to do continuations if on that there is no good reason. The picture turned out pathetic, squeezeed out, secondary and absolutely worthless in every respect. In comparison with the original - full zero. With minus.

Nevertheless, experience of Hollywood teaches nothing and next year at factory of dreams are going to start in production remakes, and at once both movies.

What from this will turn out, I approximately represent, but there is a wish to hope for the best always.