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What does the woman strong and sure?

Are considered that men are divided into two types: the first type is the men loving house women, other type of men loves women prestigious.

The man loving house women considers that to the woman to anything education, work, career. He will earn and will bring everything that is necessary for family life to the house.

He wants that after work he was met by the tender, friendly, well-groomed wife, the good hostess who is knowing how to cook perfectly, careful mother, an order in the house and the healthy, looked after, well-mannered children, but is not worn out by work, tired “jade“, mountains of dirty ware and the abandoned children.

The men loving prestigious women chase women beautiful, rich, known. Such man wants to have not just the woman, and “heat - a bird“. However, having caught such “heat - a bird“, many men owing to the proprietary interests try to cage her, that is on kitchen that it belonged only to it.

And as one famous woman told, begin to pull out from it magnificent feathers, gradually turning into ordinary “chicken“.

Having turned “heat - a bird“ into “chicken“, the man is surprised that he happened where the luster got to? Why plumelets went out, wings faded? Also begins to look for another “heat - a bird“.

And there are men loving prestigious women who essentially do not accept women of the unemployed who is not doing career. To it it is important that his wife always was prestigious, and in kitchen after work it will wash the dishes also.

It is difficult to the young girl marrying to understand she gets what husband.

By naivety she often is mistaken, thinking that it is pleasant to her husband that the wife stays at home. She honestly is engaged in economy, prefers not to work, loses a profession and becomes completely dependent to it then without it it it is simple “nobody and to call her in any way“.

Over time it loses the attractiveness, becomes to it uninteresting, and he throws it. There is such woman one with children, without profession and without means of support.

There is also other situation.

The strong woman who promoted with age tired of infinite problems, wants to relax and have a rest, it is more time to give to house, family, children. To stay at least a little simply the woman. She wants that the man took all cares and problems on the strong, strong shoulders.

But not here - that was. As soon as the woman sat down in kitchen, it sank that prestige for which he loved it in his estimation at once, appreciated and respected. And this man did not get used to be “locomotive“ in a family, and it leaves to other prestigious woman too.

Therefore in life of each woman it is very important to get an education, a profession, to work and do career. As if you persuaded to sit “chicken“ in kitchen, never agree to it.

They say that strength of the woman in her weakness. And it is correct. But weakness has to be only external because in modern society the woman at the difficult moments has nobody to hope.

Men often say that they do not love strong women that the woman has to be weak. It is a lie. What they told, but love, respect and they appreciate only sure and self-sufficient women.

The sure woman is a strong woman. And material and spiritual independence does strong and sure its.