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How to write articles for the blog?

Are my fourth article on a subject about creation and promotions of the blog. Earlier we discussed such things as the choice and purchase of a hosting, the domain, a script for your blog. In the second article I described design options for the blog, in the third article I told about how it is possible to look for video, audio and graphic content. In this article I will try to tell about how will learn to write from himself, and for absolutely small what it is necessary for that can be received from this.

So, perhaps, we will begin SEO elements for the young author of the blog

I. If the blog “was already “born“ and you write the first article then elements of “promotion“ or SEO will already be useful. In a word, a poguglit on posts on the subject “krossposting“ and as to adjust it. It would be also good to register the blozhik various rss catalogs + to find white catalogs of articles. But at once I will tell, be not exhausted. All of you will find in process of maintaining the blog. Why not to be exhausted? I will give a simple example before creating the blog, I at one popular SEO forum checked all messages in a year in a subject about white catalogs of articles on what the whole night left. Live references remained 100, 50 of them zero or in a bath. After writing the of the first article, I tried to send it to these 50 catalogs. The reference was published ONLY 3 (!!!) . Well and 7 more as they say, for a traffic will descend, but it provided that your articles will be readable. Not better a picture and with RSS catalogs. I meanwhile do not consider registration in catalogs of the websites, it is not enough content, and put much, it is better to be engaged in control of a krossposting, to bring everything to automation, in passing to look for really effective catalogs of articles and RSS catalogs. It so to speak, mass media which us will light on start at what if to speak about a krossposting, then own mass media. Where ourselves to journalists and editors. Remarkably, zazerkalit the blog where could, and now we start directly writing articles.

Author`s articles or a copyright

Practically everywhere it is written that needs to be written, and it is necessary to do it from itself it is desirable much, qualitatively and without breaking frequency. But why I do not see on blogs 10 - 20 posts a day? Because there is no time, is lazy, or to write there is nothing. If over time I am not able to help you, then with two other reasons, I suggest to fight together.

I suggest to Begin laziness

with laziness, this is, perhaps, the most terrible enemy of the blogger, laziness prevents to have blogs. Here, in my opinion, the motivation is necessary, and you have to motivate yourself, exactly, as well as find this motivation, I, for example, remember for what I created the blog, and I created it what as a result of partner to attract so many people what the forum of our team would be completely autonomous, in the financial plan what when to me it will become uninteresting, the forum remained such what it is. But it so to say, long-term plans. And in principle, I there was a wish to get the blog long ago, not because I am able but because in it is mute it is possible to share the thoughts, to communicate with people and in principle, bloggers (not to confuse to optimizers and a web masters) - the people interesting. If you at least read week blogs of a RuNet, you, most likely, will find the interesting person whose articles and reviews it will be interesting to you to read. And what your motivation? Perhaps, you wanted to be on the front pages of a RuNet? Or just to share interesting information with interesting people? Well, do not depart from the plan! Write, try, without test - nothing will leave, you will never become Pushkin and if you are mistaken - nothing terrible, the one who does nothing is mistaken. If you write ooochen badly (as I, for example), then you just will not read. That is, this shame will look nobody. I will even tell more, to force people to read your articles and reviews not that it is difficult, and simply is not real. What you would began to be read, you have to write interestingly. Up to this point your articles will comment only on spam boats.

You remembered subjects for articles

for what you created the blog, found motivation and even opened a Word, but to write there is nothing. In my opinion, it is not a problem at all, in this part I will give several examples which, perhaps, will be interesting as the beginning bloggers, and more skilled. The fact that it is interesting to you is interesting to people (let I told lies, but thus you will easily find to yourself the first subjects). There now for example, than I am busy now? I watch statistics of the blog. Information from “Google the analyst“ and “the webmaster“ will be interesting by Yandex to much, what they do not know is always interesting to people. Look if long ago did not look, it is possible to take pictures for article in the same place, to write about that from what countries you read that at you try to find that find through what you are watched, most likely, you will find fellow countrymen. Well, it is a subject on “once a month“ though, it is not bad any more, it is possible to write about two websites, here to you on the run two subjects for a month. Still subjects are necessary? Yes it is easy! What you you are busy now with? You read the next article about the blog? Remarkably! Here about it also write, or write similar article from yourself, and it is possible to discuss for one AP of titsa of the 25th (if were not in time yet). It is possible to write in general about anything, just dart a glance at what that, there now, for example, at the monitor. On demand “new monitors“ came across an interesting article about new 3D TVs. Hammered into Google now “3D TVs“ and here just gasped, all reviews for August, heaps of the companies represents new technology, at all it is the first models, TVs which do to 3D karting, moreover, this image can be looked without points, it appears, I am the witness of new generation of TVs. It I by the way without closing a Word, for you found. Pictures by the way too not bad. I hope, I proved to you that the subject can be found just looking directly at what I on the table see about ten interesting subjects (long ago on a table order was not brought by xD).

Beautiful, readable article

you raised eyelids, found a subject, and began to write. But nothing is impossible to you, two words and a point, come to the rescue of us lessons from the 5th class, about epithets and adjectives here (date, is the fifth class). Read lessons once again, or call the old teacher, come to visit her, eventually. I here, for example, remember almost literally that the word “snow“, it is possible to write time in 10 more long “this white, fluffy, soft morning snowball“. Let`s consider that we learned to write separate words. Now about journalism, it is possible to sit, for example, at lectures of the first course zhur. the fak, but such opportunity was not presented to me, but style is visible from newspapers. Interview: “What happened? And, you created the blog, ok.“ article: I will tell you in confidence, the idea to create the blog at me appeared long ago. * here it is possible to write what the idea appeared from behind, perhaps you read someone`s blog? To you what that was pleasant? What is concrete? What to you it was remembered? * Where that since the beginning of 2010 I decided to be engaged more seriously in it and began to penetrate into the main point (well roughly wrote, just I think that on symbols in catalogs restriction will be, therefore I am brief). Well and at last, in August * I remember, the drizzling rain, I blotted all on through * I created the * here just your imagination * the first, the best, remarkable, brand new, beautiful, favourite, informative, informative, the best, popular, the best and * it is possible a mat, we on the Internet * the blog.

“There now, perhaps, on this optimistic sports note we will also finish“ our article © the Needle. And further, I will try to write for the 5th class, different radio leaders tell about those lessons to a story about the trainings, and even allow to listen to mistakes of tongue twisters why and to us not to describe the trainings? Though that it is a lot of that I do not even know what will be following.

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