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Salads “of high society“ tried? Boyarsky, count and others …, as we know, does

of the King suite which is made by court - high-native persons. It is curious that the monarchical yard is available also in salad “state“. Let`s get acquainted with his representatives. Boyarsky we cut


of Half a kilo of a black radish in thin straws and for half an hour we leave in cold boiled water to relieve it of bitterness. Meanwhile we undress boiled beef on thin slices, and couple of bulbs on half rings which we fry on vegetable oil till golden color. Having dried a radish, we connect to meat and onions, we mix, we salt and we pepper. We water ready salad with sour cream (100 g), we strew with small crumbled fennel and we decorate with the eggs cut on circles. the Lord

At first we brown

on vegetable oil of a half ring of an onion, and then we sprinkle it either lemon juice, or several drops of vinegar. We bake an omelet from 2 eggs, 1 tablespoons of milk and 1 tablespoon of flour and we cut straws, and then also we arrive from 200 g of boiled beef. We dress with mayonnaise (100 g) and we strew with the crumbled parsley. the Duke

we Cut

small cubes of 100 g of crabs from banks (or crabsticks in economical option), 250 g of boiled beef and 2 boiled potatoes. Small we crumble, 3 boiled eggs and several lettuce leaves. We cut a fresh cucumber with straws. We connect all ingredients, we sprinkle in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, we fill with mix from 1 - 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and the same amount of sweet ketchup, we salt and we pepper, we mix, - and it is possible to give. By the way, instead of ketchup it is possible to put 1 dessertspoon of tinned horse-radish.

the Duchess

Is sweet salad which part are on couple of chunks of a water-melon and melon, 1 apple and 1 - 2 kiwi. We cut the last on semi-segments, previously having rinded. And other ingredients - cubes about 1 cm h1 cm x 1 cm I think, will come to nobody to mind to leave a water-melon and a melon with a crust. We mix accurately and we fill with slightly shaken up sour cream which can be sweetened and added a little a little cinnamon.


At first 1 - 2 bulbs, having crushed, we will pickle in balsam vinegar (2 - 3 tablespoons), and in 2 hours it is possible to start laying of layers, coating everyone with mayonnaise: cubes of fast pork (300 g), those onions, cubes from 4 average tubers of potatoes, the same cutting 3 eggs, grated boiled beet, small a medley from walnuts (several tablespoons). Plentifully we strew top with pomegranate grains, “dressing up“ a count dish.

of Columns

Modest such delicacy is offered to

in the recipe “Column“: one - two crude carrots we rub on a large grater, there we press 1 - 2 garlic glove and we throw a handful of the crumbled walnuts, we pepper. We dress with mayonnaise and sour cream in the ratio 1:1. That`s all, actually.

the Countess

Ladies` option of a count rank provides much bigger amount of ingredients. First of all, it is necessary to boil 200 g of rice, 150 g of potatoes and 5 eggs, also the raisin (70 g) which after washing we send to the boiling water and we hold on fire 2 minutes Is required.

Potato and eggs, having cleaned, we cut for cubes, we mix with rice and raisin, we add thin straws from 100 g of sweet pepper and as much - green peas. Having salted and having filled salad contents with a glass of mayonnaise, properly we mix, we decorate with greens. - Now “Countess“ is ready to a feast. But wash taste potato superfluous here, and there is a bit too much rice, there would be enough also 3 tablespoons.

of Marchionesses

of “Marchionesses“, as well as “Count“ wishes to combine walnuts with garlic. Only nuts (2 tablespoons) at the same time are not cut, and ground, garlic (2 cloves) is rubbed or chokes and these two ingredients do not connect. Also other products are necessary: couple morkovin and boiled beet which we rub on a large grater separately, straws from 150 g of smoked sausage, 100 g of green peas.

Having mixed carrots, sausage and garlic, we display on a dish in the form of three hills between which it is spread the beet hillocks strewed with chopped greens. Yes, at first we will not forget to salt. We strew a free bottom with peas, imitating a grass. Covered with bars of fried potatoes it earlier, now, speak, it is possible to manage chips. Mayonnaise (1 glass) is picturesquely scattered on “the mountains and dales“ or we put in a sauce-boat in the center of a dish. In my opinion, there is not enough horse-radish … but it the choice of the culinary specialist.

of the Marquis

Boiled beef tongue, having cleaned, we plane straws, we also arrive with smoked products (300 g) and couple of fresh cucumbers. We add 100 g of grated cheese to meat, we salt, we pepper, we dress with mayonnaise (3 - 4 tablespoons), mixed with a teaspoon of burning mustard and dessert - horse-radish.

the Baron

the Salad baron appears the fan of exotic. According to the recipe it is necessary, having boiled 3 eggs and having cleared one papaya of stones, to chop products cubes, to add to them boiled shrimps (small - entirely, tiger or royal - cut on several parts), to salt, pepper, dress with mayonnaise, to mix, properly, and to strew with small postruganny greens, having chosen its range at discretion. Generally, absolutely simply.

* * *

Here such ten recipes “of high society“. What recipe seems to you the most suitable?