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“Love hunger strike“ - in what danger?

“People are lonely therefore that instead of bridges they build walls“

(Lets S. E.)
“To me and one it is good

! The man is not necessary to me!“ - these words not so seldom should be heard from women. Here just stands behind this proud phrase? Really, in constant loneliness there are pluses: you will not be hurt, you will not be thrown. Because there is nobody.

However, psychologists unanimously claim that the fear of proximity is the cornerstone of similar statements. Most likely, once in the far childhood the woman accurately understood that the relations bring pain, and men should be kept at arm`s length. Such installation unites many modern women.

Part of them in youth puts an end to private life under numerous pretexts (“There is no time“, “I wait for the ideal man“, “To me too my dear freedom“ etc.) . Others actively aspire to the relations, but for some reason partners come across “not those“. In this case, “not those“ are men who for various reasons cannot give to the woman of original proximity (owing to a lack of time, existence of other family, emotional dispassionateness, infantilism).

It is very important to understand: we receive that we broadcast to this world. People “read out“ our installations much better, than words and actions. Therefore, meeting with surprising constancy “not those“ partners on the way, the woman`s task - to see what they to us “highlight“ in ourselves! If she finds forces to glance in eyes to the fear and to understand that the prime cause of failures actually at it inside - it has every chance to cope with it and to find happiness. Otherwise, quite conscious motto “It Is Better to Be One“ is added to subconscious fear of proximity.

Than all - “love hunger strike“ is dangerous?

First of all that in its basis - severe pain. Pain which we can realize, and we can hide very deeply. It is possible “to dress“ a smile, to raise the head, to straighten shoulders and to go forward, reporting to the whole world that “to me and one it is good“. But pain will go with us. And the stronger we suppress it, the more distinctly she will remind of herself in the form of causeless aggression, melancholy, and, perhaps, and various diseases. And in fact, pain needs only one - that it was noticed and released. But it is for this purpose important to understand from where she is.

Keeping installation on loneliness, we not only live with a heavy heart, but also we block in ourselves a huge power source. The woman by nature has powerful emotional potential. Our desire to give and receive love concedes on force unless to biological requirements. It is simple to present what will be with the person who will forbid himself to breathe. The same happens to important part of our soul to which we speak: “Do not love!“ But she dies slowly because she very much wants to live. And to the last hopes that we will think again and we will allow it it at what age stage of life would not be. Renouncing love, we doom ourselves to life “at half strength“. Refusing original feelings and giving them to the victim to fear, ourselves deprive the life of the main sense.