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How to change the life? The step-by-step instruction of

“Never late to become that whom you want to be.“

(George Eliot)

You wake up again in the gray sad morning and again understand - in this life it is time to change something... And, not something, but a lot of things! But often similar plans and remain at the level of imaginations.

People can be afraid of changes. We wait for them, we dream of them, but we do everything possible that everything remained as earlier. Because changes - it is difficult. It is difficult to admit to himself that your life at all not such as it would be desirable, and “at me everything is OK“ - only a mask. It is difficult to overcome fear of the unknown and to refuse the let unhappy, but stability. And it is madly difficult to find forces to begin to work and change the life radically.

What to do if all of you - decided? For a start, not to put off! We begin here and now, yet there were no numerous excuses:)

1) we Concretize the desires. Any work on itself begins with statement of the purpose. To go to something, it is necessary to understand and) where you are and b) where you want to come. Therefore, accurately formulated result - already 50% of success. Therefore here it is necessary as it is possible to write in more detail (yes, to write!), what is not enough for you for happiness. The space works only with what it is named to. And this name has to be concrete.

2) we Filter. Having formulated the desires, it is worth thinking over their “authenticity“. We seldom think that from goals really “ours“ and that “others“ (i.e. it is imposed by parents, an environment, etc.) .

False desires always take away many forces. They are reached with huge work since subconsciousness, unlike our reason, accurately sees “others“ and in every possible way interferes with execution. But even if the similar objectives are achieved, the result, as a rule, disappoints.

True desires, on the contrary, meet a minimum of obstacles in a way to execution, and their achievement brings the real joy.

3) we Keep only original desires in the list and we begin to work with each of them. For each desire we write out the resources necessary for implementation in two columns: the fact that there is already also what lacks us (it can be certain internal qualities, money, forces and many other things). Further we analyze, it is how real for each desire to receive missing resources in the near future and we stop on that purpose which implementation you can start already now!

4) we Plan the further actions. We represent result, we connect imagination. Visualization of desires - very effective method. The fancy, the more energy will be brighter and more accurate the Universe will present to you on its implementation.

the Important point in this equipment is what it is necessary to represent not only future happiness, but also itself in this happiness. Practice shows that it is more difficult to present the second … Often, the fact that people actually do not know that they with it will do is the main reason of absence of success.

5) we Work with fears. So our inner world is arranged that subconsciousness resists any changes, including positive. It is so convenient to it, it so got used. At this stage it is very important to see the true reason of the fears and to deal with them. Sometimes it is alone rather difficult to make it, in that case do not hesitate to address the expert, he will help to leave the fears once and for all. Good luck will smile to the one who will believe in the forces, will say goodbye to the fears and will feel the Owner of own life!

6) “We are loaded“! Any internal revolution demands power expenses. It should not be neglected! We allocate time to gain strength. The power source is always individual: to be pleasant to dance, but “was somehow not before“? It`s cool! Today just that day, dance! You like to go on nature? Go as soon as possible! The main thing what you did, it has to bring a sheer pleasure!

7) we Start implementation of desire. We act according to the plan, but we are not afraid to experiment! Make something in a new way! The known way to have what never had - to do what was never done earlier:)

in conclusion wants to add that independent work on “reconstruction“ of own life - the difficult choice as the big desire and self-discipline are for this purpose necessary. But, believe, it is worth it! Only when at us becomes a habit to show due consideration to itself, to the desires, opportunities and to find the necessary amount of time for work on itself, we become the real masters of their own lives!