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Shadow mirror of

the Fotokhromny glasses which are used in sunglasses


surprising property - when light-they darken, and in the dark brighten.

under the influence of light the chloride silver which is in composition of glass. decays,

forming opaque grains of silver. And at weak light there is

the return reaction and glass becomes transparent. Speed

of galogenoserebryanny glasses for sunglasses is measured for minutes.

But in more perfect fotokhromny systems - for example, in glasses of points for protection against flash,

accompanying nuclear explosion, duration of reaction decreases to microseconds.

of Glass with similar properties perfectly will be suitable for creation of a shadow mirror.

the Shadow mirror is a usual mirror, only glass in it fotokhromny.

Lit with light a shadow mirror darkens, reducing the reflective ability.

When on a shadow mirror falls not enough light, it brightens becoming a usual mirror.

Is representable now that we look at a shadow mirror.

At bright lighting a shadow mirror will be dark and will reflect nothing.

But a shadow mirror will reflect

in those places of a shadow mirror where the shadow will fall, us. Because not enough light will arrive there.

the Shadow mirror will reflect only shadows of objects, and in other cases

will behave as a tinted glass.

the Shadow mirror will install almost mystical feelings on those who watch

at it. If along all wall to put shadow mirrors, then

they will not reflect an environment situation. But, as soon as the shadow, for example, passing by the person then

will appear reflection of a shadow of the person in a shadow mirror will fall to shadow

mirrors. This shadow also of

will move together with the person. To nervous people will terribly watch

at a shadow mirror. But, it only at first, over time people will get used to a shadow mirror.

Shadow mirrors can improve an interior, diversify a house situation.

But, most of all probably shadow mirrors will come to taste to representatives

of mystical doctrines and religious sects for communication with spirits.