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Zhantykpayev`s tower of

Ya I suggest to construct a tower. Up to 30 km high - from Earth to the sky.

Structurally a tower is joined from pipes which internal diameter makes

several meters. And outside of a pipe have the cover filled with helium.

On each side in the middle of pipes are available fastenings for cables.

On one pipe has to be 4 fastenings as to a pipe

4 cables will fasten. One cable in the direction on the North, the second on the East, the third on the South, the fourth on the West. we Will assume

that length of a pipe makes 50 meters. Then for a tower in 30 km,

that is 30000 meters will need 30000/50=600 pipes.

At assembly of a tower should connect pipes among themselves thus,

that pipes were a whole and the tower was very rigid design.

the Place for construction of a tower serves the flat platform.

On the platform are established by concentric circles coils with cables,

of the coil are connected to engines. Operation of engines and, respectively, length

taken up from coils of cables are controlled by control center.

of Concentric circles as much, how many pipes, that is if pipes

of 600 pieces, then and circles too 600.

build the Tower so. Bring the first pipe to the center of the platform.

fill the Cover of a pipe with helium. After that the pipe seeks to fly up on the sky.

But cables from coils of the first concentric circle, attached on fastenings of a pipe,

strongly hold a pipe.

Bring the second pipe and fill its cover with helium. After filling by

helium the pipe tries to fly up. That the pipe did not depart to air on fastenings of the pipe

attach cables from coils already of the second concentric circle.

slowly bring closer the First pipe and the second pipe to each other.

And the first pipe is from above, and the second pipe from below.

of the Pipe join among themselves, pipes densely and very rigidly, forming a whole fasten.

Bring the third pipe and fill its cover with helium.

Hold a pipe already cables of coils of the third concentric circle.

attach the Third pipe from below to the second pipe.

This process proceeds until thus all 600 pipes are not mounted.

Good stuff for production of pipes is aluminum. Cables it is possible to make

of strong and light synthetic materials, for example a kevlar.

the Tower has to stand on Earth strictly vertically. It can quite achieve.

On each pipe have to be available the sensors specifying vertical position.

At the slightest deviation of a pipe from vertical the sensor sends a signal of it to control center.

In control center turn on the corresponding engines, those reel up cables on coils,

and cables pull a pipe, bringing a tower into vertical position.

All this system works automatically. Strong winds and atmospheric currents

will not be able to reject a tower from vertical position.

you, probably, dumayete:zachy needs to build this tower? The answer is simple.

Ya I hope to launch in space through a tower spacecrafts.

In a tower will go up down the elevator, the most ordinary elevator.

the Cabin of the elevator is inserted into a pipe in the lower part of a tower and rises up to the sky.

the Tower will be used first of all for removal on Earth orbit

of payloads for construction of space stations, space plants and factories.

the Tower is serious alternative to modern rockets on chemical fuel.

of the Rocket pollute the atmosphere of Earth harmful emissions.

Tower in this regard environmentally friendly.

Economically construction of a tower is very favorable action.

Expenses make 30 kilometers of pipes, cables, helium, the computer and the flat platform. the Income from starts of spacecrafts we will not count


we Will count only the income from tourism and advertizing.

If to cover cables of a tower with the phosphorescing paint (and a tower too),

that at night the tower will be a fantastic show.

Near a tower almost all night sky will be covered with a web of the shining cables!

Millions of tourists will make pilgrimage to a tower.

to serve tourists around a tower will arise the whole industry of tourism

with the hotels, cafe, movie theaters and restaurants.

The tower will become the catalyst of economic recovery.