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What will we do with herring?

Well definitely not “… to stick with her muzzle into a mug“ Vanka Zhukova from the legendary story of A. P. Chekhov. We will find it more tasty and more worthy application.

So what Russian does not love... tasty fresh-salted seledochka? And often you manage to get such from the seller causing trust? Let`s tell, in specialized shop (hey, where are you?) or, as a last resort, in a supermarket? To me - infrequently. Generally the answer of the seller - herring medium salted. And there is nothing to carp: “ñðåäíåñòü“ - concept very subjective. Sometimes this herring never is strongly put too much salt, sometimes - moderately put too much salt, but - fresh-salted (it also is clear - such it will not turn out to sell for months).

What to do? To refuse the principles to eat tasty and there is the fact that there is a wish and not that “give“? No way! We will go some other way! Namely - we will salt a seledochka as it is pleasant to us.

Salting of a herring

Exists a set of recipes of salting of a herring. And as the herring deservedly is considered one of the best snack under vodka - that for certain in each city, a mudflow and even a family on open spaces of the CIS there is, company and “the most correct“ the recipe of salting of a herring. I will share, got to me from mother.

We take carefully frozen Norwegian herring (certainly, without traces of a defrosting and a repeated freezing, healthy uniform color, the correct form and without damages). I will make a reservation about the Norwegian - in my “seaside“ Donetsk another not to get (unless an ivasa in bank of a spicy salting), but it is sure that other versions with success will replace “Norwegian“ habitual to me.

We defreeze in the natural way - slowly, in the cool aired room. After a defrosting we cut off the heads, we clean carcasses and carefully we wash.

We mix one part of sugar and two parts of salt. Any sugar and any salt will descend (but ideally - large). With this mix it is carefully covered our herring from within and outside. Experience prompts that there is a lot of mix of salt and sugar does not happen so be not afraid to put too much salt.

For sceptics I will tell that sugar in this case does not add sweet to taste of fish but only will come to fish a peculiar texture which when salting by one salt will not turn out. Unfortunately, I cannot explain to the mechanic of such influence as salting of herring was left “in the basket“ of a school course of chemistry, but my personal practice says that all quite so.

Then we put ours of a herring (do not forget caviar and milts!) in ware with an inert covering (enamel, food plastic, glass and ceramics) at least for 6 hours. Also do not trust those experts who claim that it is necessary to torment herring of 2 - 3 days. Grown wise the Japanese sashimi, we already know that fish it is possible to eat and crude (the truth, not everyone and not any quality). So believe - 6 hours quite enough in order that the small fish became edible, safe and tasty.

We take a herring from our dry brine (it already not quite dry as sugar - salt mix “expels“ from it fair amount of liquid), we wash out and - voila - it is ready to further manipulations.

Pickling of onions

Certainly, what herring without onions. And for sceptics I will tell that marinated onions - the dish helping to reach a compromise with the conscience that who not really loves consequences of the use of usual, not marinated onions. And again - I will tell - it the dish prepares in 5 - 10 minutes (including search of a bulb in a vegetable box of the refrigerator) so complexity of process should not be frightened.

We take a bulb of any size, we clean and we cut half rings. We put in ware with an inert covering, we fill on a spoon of salt and sugar and we pour milliliters of the 50th most usual vinegar. Then our white handles we rumple onions (trying not to tear it in a tatter). After that we leave onions for 5 minutes to be pickled, and we will clean herring so far. False caviar

I will not begin to describe

process of cleaning of herring, as well as to concern well-known dishes - “Shkolazhizni. ru“ wrote about it more than once. I will share surprisingly a fast and tasty dish from my student`s life.

We pass fillet of couple of herrings via the meat grinder (the blender will descend too). By the way, as herring is crushed, it is quite possible to use tails, calves and milts for this dish, but then herrings has to be more.

The glass of semolina is made in a frying pan on weak fire about 2/3 glasses of vegetable oil. When the semolina boils soft to readiness (minutes 5 at most), we add a glass of tomato juice (but it is better to part several spoons of tomato sauce in water, than to take tomato juice from a tetr - pak). We hold a little more on fire that the tomato was absorbed, and semolina grains reached the sizes of berries of the capelin (for example).

We remove from fire, we shift in the ware convenient for a vymeshivaniye, we cool degrees to 40 - 50 (not below), we mix with the processed herring, carefully we knead and we cool (but it already on the fan). In total! We smear on fresh white loaf and we eat, watching not to lose the tongue.

Herring marinated

Option 1: we use marinated herring for “fur coat“. For this fillet we cut cubes 5 - 7 mm, we pickle within 10 - 20 minutes in vinegar, then we use, as usual for preparation of “herring under a fur coat“. Do not forget to use marinated onions (it already prepared while you read this article). And the first layer - marinated onions, the second a herring, and then - as usual. Also do not forget to water plentifully a dish with a brine from herring and onions - “fur coat“ from it will become more juicy also “seledochny“.

Option 2: it is put the fillet cut on portion pieces without bones in a floor - one-liter jars as it is possible more densely, then it is filled in with vegetable oil that it completely covered fish, and for days - two we put in the refrigerator. This procedure gives to fish dense texture, not comparable with anything that you tried earlier (and do not compare at all to friable preserved food which filled regiments of supermarkets!) .

The subject of herring will not manage to be opened in any article - so it is volume. And what unusual you prepare from herring? Only conform to the main rules of good kitchen (from my point of view) - to simplicity of preparation, taste and availability of ingredients!