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Let`s rescue the Khimki wood?

Hello, dear friends! My name is the Khimki Wood. I occupy one thousand hectares between the city of Khimki, the village of Starbeevo, the Klyazma River and Mezhdunarodnoye Highway. In me fir-trees and larches, pines and lindens, a hazel grove and other trees grow. In me medunitsa and a kupalnitsa, a primrose and a lily of the valley blossom. I in granaries have many mushrooms, berries - cowberry, bilberry, a cranberry, raspberry. There is a collection of the rare plants included by people in the Red List. On my paths squirrels and hedgehogs, elks and boars run, it is a lot of other wild beasts, including predatory.

I was born long ago, already and I do not remember when and nobody remembers. Eight and a half centuries ago I was surrounded by numerous neighbors, and in me there were much more plants, wild beasts and birds. Somehow time, somewhere far in the south one person calling himself by the ridiculous name “boyar Kuchka“ was proved on banks of the river of Moscow and cut down part of my southern friends. It founded the small settlement there. Then the Vladimir prince with even more ridiculous nickname “Dolgorukiy“ came. It pozhyog - chopped Kuchka, and on the place of its settlement founded the town - fortress Moskov. He and wrote the friend - “Come to me to Moskov“. I do not know whether that arrived, it then did not concern me.

For eight centuries this Moskov expanded nemeryanno and cut down and destroyed almost all my neighbors. And the place where they lived, rolled up in asphalt and built up with the high concrete boxes. Ridiculous these people - in boxes to them, it is you see better, than in the pure wood. Gasoline they like to breathe more, than clean forest air. Nevertheless, I protected them and still I protect. From harmful exhausts of their rattling vehicles, from a smoke of factories and plants, from dusty winds... Only I cannot protect from boundless greed of some of them. Neither them, nor...

Times when the boyars calling themselves “Friends P“ began to direct people came. They differed in some unimaginable greed and full irresponsibility before the people from former boyars. Former at least pretended that protect interests of the people. And that own laws for them are obligatory to execution too. They tried not to do things which could cause sharp deterioration in life of the people, and lived here. Another matter - Friends P! Those live all on Nizzam da Cursceveljam, teach children in England, have breakfast in Paris, have supper on Malyorka. And here at them “it is pure business“. The main thing for them - favor P (P is at them a deity such, like Perun - the Thunderer). And it is necessary to tell that for the sake of business, for the sake of excess kopek in the bottomless pockets, they grudge nothing here.

Also one of Friends thought up P me in half to split with the route Moscow - St. Petersburg (Moscow - it now so Moskov is called, and St. Petersburg is other city - the monster erected on the place of my Baltic friends who were cut down at the roots too). And is it is already expensive between these cities and so many the rattling vehicles people already constructed that the road that does not cope any more. Of course, it is possible to construct the new road to round me so that I and my inhabitants remained to live, to protect residents of Khimki, Moscow from noise of the Sheremetyevo airport, harmful emissions and exhaust gases from Leningradskoye Highway, to give them clean air and places for walks. But P it is more interesting to Friends to chop me, then it is possible to adjust, open at the edges of the route of very expensive cottages elite shopping centers, amusements everyones. And to do mad grandmas! It was planned to cut down a glade three kilometers wide and 43 kilometers long. 150 hectares of my territory contributed from Lesnoy of fund to Fund of transport. I will remind, I have only one thousand!

I already prepared for death, but I had defenders. For example, Natural Resources Minister Yury Trutnev, French senator Dominique Voynet, Mikhail Beketov, editor of the Himkinskaya Pravda newspaper, businesswoman Evgenia Chirikova and many others. Business came the Russian Federation to the Supreme Court. But when on the one hand - opinion of the public, ecologists, the address of thousands of citizens of the country, a request of ministers (!) and with another - financial interests of Friends P, our most fair court in the world always knows what party it is necessary to choose!

But that there court, strength of Friends P not only in court. Mikhail Beketov was beat within an inch of the life, having made forever the disabled person, camp of ecologists people in uniform of Ku - Kluks - Clan dispersed, defenders of the wood were dispersed by OMON fighters, organizers of meeting in my protection were arrested and judged in the dead of night, meeting - tried to break a concert, having forbidden to carry by the intensifying equipment and musical intsrument, wheels of “Gazelle“ with a requisite for a concert were punctured by the unknown flying motorcyclists in black. And then the identified militiamen in gray arrested the car for dirty numbers! But meeting everything is took place and thousands of addresses of citizens were transferred to Presidential Administration.

But whether it will help me - it is unknown. In me already cut through a glade of 2 football fields. Until it is asphalted, I still have a hope over time to be restored if construction is stopped. But if lay asphalt - me the end. End to all proteins and hedgehogs, end to pines and lindens, foxes and wolves. Only one animal on my place will remain - a polar fox. And that will come to Moscow finally...

My dear, rescue me! If you live far from Moscow, be not under a delusion. Friends P - they everywhere. And everywhere will find the self-interest. They will reach and your woods (if you, of course, not abroad live). How many my friends already exterminated how many now exterminate - not to consider! You see drops on branches of fir-trees? I pay it, I`m sorry, did not restrain...

Stop Friends P, my family! They such unpunished and impudent not just like that, and from your acquiescence! If in protection of the wood not 5000 people, but 100 000 come to the following meeting, it will be already more difficult to them to declare on a blue eye that it us was 300 (according to later data - 800). It will be already more difficult for them not to notice us and to spit on our opinion. Perhaps, the Most important Friend P will decide to moderate nevertheless a few appetites of the younger companions and will tell to carry out the route bypassing me. And I will be very grateful to you. And those who aimed already at other woods on my friends, will beware.

You will tell a fantasy, huh? Let, but you try! Just for conscience cleaning that then to you it was not painfully smoky.