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Tenants of risk group: at whom least of all chances to rent apartment?

Each lessor, leasing housing, anyway risks. As if in detail all possible risks were stated in the lease contract, the chance to receive the “apartment which was in the use“ not in the best look remains.

What frightens owners? To what categories of residents they most of all do not trust and why? I hope, these councils will help those who are going to remove housing.

Only without children!

it is one of the main requirements imposed to future residents Today. And can lay down so severe condition as the hypochondriac pensioners above all worrying about safety of the old service which is becoming dusty in a decrepit sideboard which children in the course of games will surely touch and will bring down, and quite adequate married couples of average years. Sometimes these fears, really, are not groundless. For anybody not a secret that children are beings extremely active and very inquisitive so the new apartment can become for them the real ground for experiments.

Realtors tell that there were cases when owners found at home the interroom doors and the broken-off doors of kitchen lockers broken from loops on which children wish to hang for a while. Also engineering “stuffing“ of the apartment suffered. For example, the expensive system of heating of a floor, from - for the fact that the small child of tenants constantly twisted temperature regulator was put out of action once.

Council. So if you a married couple with children, prepare for long “instructing“ at an acquaintance stage. Try to convince the lessor that your children are well raised and will not spoil an apartment interior. It is possible to state responsibility for damage of property in the contract. Besides, do not forget to remind that the family with children is a guarantor of tranquility as regards boozes and parties of which many owners and neighbors so are afraid. Little residents are, some kind of, immunity from too frequent noisy guests. you Give to


Another matter - a family young, children not burdened. Here those who lease the apartment always have an occasion to become thoughtful: and suddenly will begin to associate? And if lodgers also do not consist in a legal marriage, and just live together, suspicions of reliability, especially at representatives of “old guard“, increase many times.

As a rule, young residents are estimated already at first sight, on appearance. The girlfriend told how they with the husband came “to interview“ to the lonely granny before leasing the apartment to the silent, unsociable newlyweds who did not have friends and all free time spending at home, behind the TV. Having examined from top to toe the potential lodger, in a bright dress, with a make-up, on hairpins, the hostess submissively stated: “Yes - and, to Nadenk to me nobody will replace …“ At the same time the fact that this Nadenka also recommended new residents, was at once forgotten. Spouses not only were threatened with constant provedyvaniye and supervision of neighbors, but also reported about the sudden decision to lift a rent. The transaction did not take place.

By the way, so reluctantly let in to themselves and lonely students. Same argument: to itself will drive! Two girlfriends or two friends are also regarded as potential threat to chastity of the dwelling.

Council. So if you young couple, the student or are going to remove housing together with the friend or the girlfriend, at acquaintance to the lessor, first of all, think over the appearance. In this case truth “Meet on clothes“ as it is impossible is more actual. Psychologists advise to put on more modestly, avoiding the bright, shouting tones in clothes and a make-up. Honestly and surely answer questions, show interest the economic moments, for example, where to call if the crane began to flow. Discuss all nuances of accommodation: payment terms, cleaning, guests. You will show these the gravity and reliability.

“A request not to disturb foreigners!“

Such addition can quite often see

in announcements of housing commissioning. It is clear, that in this case the speech hardly goes about the German diplomat or the Swiss banker, glanced to Russia on office needs. The natives of once sister republics who arrived to us on earnings mean, of course, or students are foreigners. In spite of the fact that in modern labor market this category of tenants the least exacting, often is the just most difficult to find it to itself removable housing.

Psychologists explain distrustfulness to this category of lodgers so. Foreigners are people with other, the mentality which often is very differing from ours therefore also their ideas of the hostel and behavior in others house differ from accepted at us. Many people know about culture, traditions and orders of other country a little, and what is unfamiliar - always guards the person and frightens.

Council. So if you the guest of the capital, let know to the lessor at once that you are not going to go with the charter to others monastery at all. Discuss accommodation conditions, in particular, a “gastronomic“ component (many the prospect daily frightens to inhale exotic smells). Show that all your documents as it should be. Get acquainted with neighbors - often them, but not owners are confused by the neighbourhood with the foreigner. Councils of psychologists Ekaterina Igonina, the psychologist of the Moscow service of psychological assistance to the population of Department of family and youth policy of the city of Moscow prompts


how to impress favourably the owner of the apartment:

- try not to be late for the first meeting - even if you very busy person, and the owner of the apartment does not work;

- in conversation be polite, attentively listen to the interlocutor, without interrupting stop short, and you do not “leave“ from answers to the questions asked them;

- you should not react indignation at once if you in something do not agree with the owner;

- be rather frank with the owner of the apartment - you intend to live at him some time, and half-words or denial of the obvious facts can cause later an intense situation, premature cancellation of the employment contract of housing, and even judicial proceedings;

- also try to keep naturally - the “ideal“ image of the lodger or his unconditional consent with the owner in everything do not cause trust at all, and only guard.

Success in searches of housing!