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How cheap to build the good house what to save on?

need to be Saved on those things on which it is possible to save. Any minimization as a result of which to critical level durability of designs of the house is minimized is not economy, but reckless ejection of money for wind after which it is possible to lose much more, than “saved“.

So what can be optimized at construction of the house? What to save on? Optimization begins

already at an analysis stage: what is necessary to you the house. It is one of the most important stages of construction and components of optimization. A task simple - not to design expenses on what you can quite do in the house without.

Happens that to the person who conceived to build the house, the desire to have apartments on a sample luxury obscures so thinking that it it is unreal begins to estimate the opportunities on construction. As a result of it, building drags on that is called for “centuries“, there pass years, the person “is developed“, resources material and physiological come to an end, and on a skeleton of future house, the person begins to look already with hatred, damning reality and need which forced it “to get“ into this construction.

How many rooms are necessary in the house? The more rooms, the construction is, as a rule, more expensive than

. Well, of course, when to everyone on the certain room. It is possible for spouses one for two (if not violent). whether

Is necessary the guest room? If for communication with guests during the day or evening, then for this purpose it is quite possible to manage also the general hall. If you the person to whom love once a month for a week - another to come to stay for a while relatives in turn with friends, then without guest room not to do you. Whether but such you person really? More often happens that the certain guest room is not actual. whether

Is necessary a separate office? If your profession is connected with documents, their drawing up, check, the reporting, then except a joint bedroom, the separate office will be vital. Let its size will be not big; sometimes 8 sq.m will be already enough that will retire to the room with the computer, a table and a bookcase for storage of folders with documents. The main thing that the office was well aired and lit.

Sometimes an office can be used and as the guest room. Though if matter only in evening use of the computer, then use of the laptop in other room, for example, in the hall or in kitchen, can solve this problem.

Whether the certain room under a boiler room is necessary?

According to norms on gasification of premises, the room of a boiler room has to be not less than 6 sq.m (with a room height 2,5m), with a possibility of forced ventilation, in a word - the whole room. Whether such room in modern conditions is necessary? Today the wall gas coppers established, for example, in kitchen perfectly cope with a problem of heating of the private house and supply of the house with hot water.

Whether the separate kitchen or combined with the hall is necessary?

Existence or lack of a partition between the hall and kitchen not strongly influences the number of space reserved for these rooms. The area of kitchen is considered the optimum not less than 12 sq.m, on 4 people living in the house. The area of the hall has to make not less than 24 sq.m on 4 people. If in the house active kitchen processes on preparations of canned food are planned for winter, then the hall will automatically turn into one big kitchen. If the area of kitchen about 12 sq.m, and height of ceilings about 2,5 meters, then it is necessary to consider what at long process of cooking, especially during the summer period, hall air will also heat up and be saturated with vapors from kitchen. That it did not occur, the adequate system of aeration and a kondentsionirovaniye is necessary. Therefore, one may say, that lack of a partition between kitchen and the hall, almost does not influence profitability of construction in any way. More, it is a question of priorities.

How many has to be in the house of bathrooms and toilets? Existence of an additional “excess“ bathroom is obviously reflected by

in cost of construction and the subsequent internal finishing. It also is clear, cost of finishing and the equipment of one bathroom about 6 sq.m on the area equal to cost of finishing of two rooms about 15 sq.m. Therefore it is necessary to approach this question without fanaticism. If 4 persons constantly live in the house, then it is already enough separate bathtub and toilet that the line since morning to these rooms was not formed. It is especially welcomed if in a toilet the small wash basin is established. This configuration of a bathroom and toilet is considered the most optimum by criterion price / efficiency.

It is important that the project of the house excluded “dead“ zones to the maximum. It is that room space, it is not possible to them to give the special functional importance, and also it is not significant for decorating of the room. The exception of such useless zones of the project, significantly optimizes costs of construction of the house. It is possible to consider this point especially important for finding of balance in the equation of expenses. As a rule, such “dead“ zones are the areas of various corridors, corridors and passes. Therefore, recently, when the house-keeper of a class there is a speech about housing, consider reasonable manages a hall, optimum on the area (about 6 - 8 sq.m) which opens to the public gostiny hall through passage from which there are entrances to various individual rooms. In this case a corridor role - pass to rooms is played by the hall. Then it is not necessary to increase the area of the house for corridors both to mount and to finish additional internal partitions.

Two-storeyed or one-storeyed house?

the opinion that two floor house are more favorable on costs of construction in comparison with the one-storeyed house as one general base and one general roof are the share of each of floors Occurs. This opinion is truthful only partly. This rule well is repaid only in case of houses with the total living space more than 150 sq.m. Business is in that, on the one hand it is right that at two floors the general base and the general roof. But on the other hand, each normal not injury-causing ladder on height 2,75m occupies a minimum about 6 sq.m of a direct projection of a floor of the first floor and about 4 sq.m of the area of half of the second floor. Thus, the area of one room is the share of a normal ladder. In addition, the price of construction of an inexpensive wooden ladder makes about 100 000 rub with materials. Actually, it equals base costs under the house of 100 sq.m in the southern zone Russian Federation. Rooms on the second floor obviously lose to rooms on the first floor in an arrangement. For them the separate toilet on the second floor is necessary that at night sprosonya, hurrying not to stumble on a ladder (that conducts to additional expenses). P What form of the house to choose


the Most economic form at construction of the house is a square.

Means and the house with square shape will have costs of heating below because the relative perimeter of the external walls giving outside warmly will be lower, than at houses with other rectangular shape.

Of course, square shape of the house is less attractive, than more irregular external shapes of houses. However, the question of beauty and esthetics of appearance of the house with square shape cheap and effectively is solved due to dressing of a facade. Economic advantage of such option is brightly obvious.

So, for the family consisting of two spouses and two children construction of the inexpensive one-storeyed house, square shape, about 100 - 120 sq.m, consisting of three separate rooms, one hall, kitchen of a bathroom and a toilet turns out optimum (with a wash basin). Here such turn out results of the analysis at this stage of construction.