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Consultation at the lawyer. What it is own laziness or inability to understand the rights?

Work of the lawyer is absolutely necessary for a civilized society. This is the person who is a professional in knowledge of laws, codes, various bylaws.

Texts and formulations of laws are often indistinct, they constantly refer to other articles of other laws. To professionally treat these texts, and also to combine them in the options, necessary for the client, is, certainly, work of the lawyer.

Actually the lawyer is expensive and incredibly difficult mechanism which problem to solve big, difficult and often not solvable tasks. Moreover - there is not a lot of lawyers, and they are constantly busy.

And citizens there is a lot of and everyone has problems practically. So it turned out that citizens can have legal problems two types.

The first type is big, expensive, and incredibly confused business which it is necessary to conduct long periods, and these affairs demand all forces and knowledge of the lawyer.

The second type is an elementary help to the citizen. To help to fill in this or that document, to prompt where and in what case to pass, outline the simple action plan. For example, how to be prepared for court session what to do on court session (on simple business) what to do after it. What to pay attention at communication with militia, the judge, police officers to not to set up itself (for example not to receive administrative punishment in the form of a penalty).

To explain the rights and duties of public servants that those, at the sight of legally illiterate person, had no temptations, for example, to exceed authority. Here is how time about them will also go the speech in our article. It is rather simple to solve the majority of problems of “the second type“ if to spend a little (very little!) time for studying of own Rights.

The address of the citizen to the lawyer at the second type of problems best of all is reflected by an old saying - clogging of nails a microscope. The lawyer - the highly qualified specialist and his time costs very much.

Not his fault that his enormous knowledge at the solution of simple questions is practically not used. To employ the lawyer to learn from him as how to do for example with the court order to the little differs from that to employ it for crossing of the street.

It is enough to know three simple things - to pass on “zebra“, to pass only to green light and just in case in advance to look around (regarding the car flying on red light).

For the solution of simple legal problems it is also not necessary to distract the lawyer. It is rather simple to study basic rules and knowledge which are necessary for each citizen. The only task in this case - to find the suitable collection of such knowledge, and stated in a form, available to any person.

Now the World Wide web became such assistant. On open spaces of the Internet there is a mass of the websites where in free access laws and codes lie, at forums and communities it is possible to read treatment and comments to these laws.

Here list only some of them:

consultant. ru /

kodeks. ru /

com /

bankir. ru /