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How competently to force to work the bailiff? Instruction of your rights.

the court Ended. Your executive production to be on execution at the police officer several months and you do not know of actions of the police officer?

periodically the police officer answers you by phone that it works on your business, and the debt is not repaid?

Use this short instruction and your business not will not be able to be thrust into a long box and for months or years to pull it.
you have to know

. That it is necessary to work with service of bailiffs only in writing , keeping the copy of the applications with which you addressed the police officer:

1. The first that needs to be made. To get to visiting days (which happen in all services of bailiffs) on reception to the police officer personally or from your name by proxy (correctly issued at the notary).

2. To write the application in 2 - x copies addressed to the senior judicial police officer - the head of department (of which with a mark of office of service of police officers to keep one - for confirmation that you addressed the police officer) on providing the copy of all executive production to you on which you are an execution creditor (t. e you are had to money).

3. From the copy of executive production it will become clear to you at once what actions and in what terms were made by your police officer on your business. And whether in general something became.

Each police officer on execution has a huge number of executive productions, and he purely physically does not manage to work qualitatively and in the terms allotted by the Law “About Executive Production“ on all productions. But when you will show the legal literacy

(you will know the terms allotted on excitement, the termination, stay and t. d, executive production;

to have an idea what is inquiries in supervisory authorities, you will be able to petition for pronouncement of the resolution On restriction of departure out of borders of the Russian Federation etc.) the police officer will reflect.

To the police officer it is possible in a correct form to let know that if he skirts deadlines, then to appear the complaint to the higher management.

Each police officer, as well as any of us, does not love when its work is controlled, especially, knowing actions which he has to observe also terms, which it has to keep within. Therefore affairs of such harmful and competent execution creditor are solved in the fastest and accurate way.