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Free schedule of work: whether it is useful to health?

that it is useful to work at the majority of able-bodied population of doubts do not raise. Differently you will not earn money.

But whether work here is useful to health and according to what schedule is the question causing disputes. One say, according to F. Engels that work made of a monkey of the person, and others - that work gradually turns the person into a robot-like monkey.

Well, it, most likely, does not concern to people of creative professions, but also they have problems. For example, to work hard and it is without interruption very harmful, it causes damage to both physical, and mental health. Not without reason workers of brainwork are favourite patients of psychotherapists.

The matter is that each person has internal clocks. Many people are “larks“, it is better for them to get up earlier and earlier to go to bed. But there are also “owls“ - to them better to have a sleep longer and later to go to bed. Both that, and another work on the tough schedule is unhealthy.

Much less people who easily adapt to any schedule of work. But also they have problems with a family, with children, with study etc. They too sometimes need changing the schedule of work. Therefore, seeking to increase productivity and efficiency of work of employees, many institutions and firms around the world seek to establish such schedule of work which would be most convenient for them.

It is necessary for some establishments that employees surely were on a workplace, for example, from 12 to 18 o`clock when there is a majority of working meetings, and the rest of the time of presence can be chosen on the discretion.

Sometimes the operating mode is set on “flexible hours“. For example, it is better for larks to work from 8 to 17 o`clock, and to owls - from 11 to 20 o`clock. Work “according to the free schedule“ most is suitable for some workers, and employers check only the actual performance of labor tasks. Outwork is most convenient for many people. Modern communications (phone, Internet etc.) allow to do it, and the worker saves time for a trip to office and back. But not any work allows it. For example, it is more convenient to programmer, designer, translator to work at home, and it is better for accountant or lawyer to work at office.

The staff of Kokhranovsky library (England) established that work on the free schedule is more useful to health, than work in strictly certain hours. They generalized results of 10 experiences in which more than 16 thousand people participated. It became clear that at working according to the free schedule better the situation with a blood pressure and frequency of reductions of pulse is, the satisfaction from work is higher. Women - mothers who have an opportunity to pay attention to the children then when it is most necessary are especially happy.

But work on the free schedule has also shortcomings: overload work for a short time; not all have enough will power in time to get to work etc.

In the USA the major pharmaceutical company which number of workers exceeds 3 thousand people conducted similar research. It became clear that work on the free schedule increases labor productivity and reduces incidence of workers. However work on such schedule can be allowed not all but only to those workers who already well proved, on whom it is possible to rely. Therefore in some establishments work on the free schedule is allowed as encouragement.

As show supervision of experts in the organization of work and production, during the work on flexible and free hours the intensity conducting to mistakes and marriage in work disappears, it is less than accidents, unproductive losses of time etc. decrease. The number of delay which usually become the reason of the conflicts of workers with the management decreases by 90%.

Most of workers note improvement of the psychological atmosphere in collective, many began to plan the work more seriously. An opportunity to change operating time increases mood of the person, creates a certain moral comfort, but demands bigger self-organization of the work.

The free schedule of work allows the person to develop other parties of his life, it is more attention to pay to children and other family members, to play sports, to meet friends, to attend courses, trainings, seminars etc. And one more important circumstance. Work on flexible hours increases intelligence as develops abilities of the person in planning and in other areas in which there is no time to be engaged at the tough schedule of work.

In Russia, especially in Moscow and in other large cities, despite crisis, a large market of vacancies. So, having sufficient qualification, it is possible to choose both the right place of work, and a satisfactory salary, and the suitable schedule of work.

Choose that it is necessary for you, and success in all your affairs!