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How sadly to die in the spring...

Are banal? Well, I do not know... Esteem.


O than she thought now? And of what, in general, it is possible to think when up to the end there is neither day, nor hour, and several minutes?!

Speak, all life rushes in several minutes. Indeed! And the annoying - to die now, in the spring when everything is born, has fun, sings. And it … What injustice! People with a sigh call this injustice destiny.

Now when it became clear that as cling to eaves as call to the aid, everything is defined for you, everything is solved, and there is no way back, cannot just be. Right now, when there is no the road back, so there is a wish to live! And - neither to shout, nor to call, nor to wave … There are neither forces, nor opportunities.

It is the end. And when she lived what saw for short and such silly, to nobody the necessary life?! Unless, in general, it is possible to call it life?!

From height of a native high-rise building it looked last time at the residents of an entrance hurrying on the affairs, at the pedestrians who are scurrying about to and fro on the sidewalk and parting forcibly each other. Tiny what … As ants. They such small and unimportant, as now her life.

, the grandfather Anton rows snow from a path at an entrance, occasionally raising eyes up. It what, does not see it, perhaps? Blind person? Or just this janitor - the old man got used to such incidents? You will think - someone from a roof fell down! Janitor … Hard worker … Old man … Than, actually, it can help? To call someone? And what? So far will reach until want to reach, also their legs will already have it here. It is useless. Quite so he argues now. And it - not indifference. It more likely - law of life: you cannot, you do not want - so what and panic to lift, fuss. Here will fall - then supposedly we will understand where to define it, this the suicide desperate.

Yes … To everyone - the. And everyone is free to dispose of the destiny.

Ah if everything depended only on it and unless it was solved on it?! Helped, helped, brought it to the final, here by this terrible moment. Still slightly - slightly, and all … She will not listen soon any more to birds who irritated still yesterday, and now uneasily rush circles, feeling pity and saying goodbye to the neigbour. She will not become hysterical from a sound of the speaking hoarsely trolleybus doors directly under an entrance any more. Today they do not hiss in a disgusting way, and, apparently, sigh, being slowly closed and nervously twitching when the trolleybus - the owner takes away them from it.

She already began to say a farewell prayer “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six …“, having given to tears vent, - let though them do not learn its falling, will not hear this terrible sound when it concerns a porch edge. Exactly there it has to land, logically …

- Leave, well, leave now! - she begged. - Leave to say goodbye, I ask! I want to see you! It is more than nobody, only you, Oleg!

No, it even now when thoughts were confused, and the body burned down, tender still yesterday, and today such cruel sun, did not assume that IT happens at it in the eyes. Let it will leave, let will only come to a second to the balcony, and let will at once return back to the nervous mother. It it already and …

&ndash will be it enough, here then; Lelya! - Faugh, as in a disgusting way mother calls it - Lelya! Lel, drive a cat into the apartment, he on a balcony hunts for birds, the fool still will fall down! - Mummy, as always mandative tone, dictated the request.

Oleg left, stretched, took by the scruff of the neck a cat. Here now, now he will look up! My God! No! Just billeting minute!

Now was not to hold tears, hot huge tears, they came off by itself and rushed down. She saw how it brushed away them from the long magnificent head of hear as something usual, unnecessary, superfluous …

He grew cold to it a week ago.

And earlier when she only lodged two floors above, he left every morning with the camera and insolently examined her, keeping saying: “The beauty what at us lodged! My God! It is possible, I depict you?!“

It had fun and obediently posed. She tried to be beautiful and naughty, she liked such attention. A week ago it shone pleasure and happiness unusual. In sun beams it was similar to a beam - carefree, warm, fleeting, temporary. Unless she knew that it will come so far?!

And mother, this nasty woman whom she never saw shouted to it: “Lelya! Lel! Stop! You know, than it can come to an end! Stop the photoshoots, they will not lead to good! On which she gave up - that to you? There are no others, perhaps? Go, with the chamber on streets walk - not one such you will meet the beauty. Normal“.

- Mothers, well throw you! I - not the boy! Leave us alone! - He laughed, glancing up and winking.

She smiled confusedly too, but, all - was afraid that soon this flirtation balcony will end.

- Oleg! I will take away the camera! I speak seriously! - Mother - the grumbler continued by the deep gravelly voice. - Close a balcony! Go here, I told you.

Oleg already took a step in the apartment as suddenly left it … is not present, this is not mother, precisely! In an easy dress, air and nice, with the hairpin in a nutbrown hair sparkling brilliantovo on the sun there was a girl and embraced Oleg for shoulders, having brushed away again fallen, her tears.

- As smells in the spring! - Enthusiastically this told, it is unknown from where the undertaken guest. - Went, maybe, we will walk, Oleg?

It solved everything. She did not expect such farewell. Her body began to tremble as the woken-up volcano, tears rushed a stream, she understood that she already flies …


“Ambulance“ arrived in half an hour, Oleg was brought on a stretcher inside. Tear-stained mother and Lina, Oleg`s girl, accurately squeezed into salon, taking seat on a narrow bench near a stretcher.

- Lelyushka, - mother sobbed in a whisper and stroked Oleg on a hand, - well, why you are such silly? As boy... Well, I spoke to you … And you: “What beauty, what beauty … The Snow Maiden on a visit came whether you see …“

- The Woman, calm down, nothing terrible. Usual concussion, was lucky you. Could kill with such sosulishchy!, last spring at the station … - The Doctor sat down to a stretcher. - … to the grandma just punched the head through, and put everything. It was necessary not to photograph icicle life as you told here, and to ring ZhES urgently that the roof was cleared. Went, Maxim! In the ninth give, in “ambulance“, on Kizhevaty. Touch!


- Here only thought to descend in ZhES, to tell that you were brought down, and you are … Did not wait, the foolish woman … - The grandfather Anton Grumbled tenderly, sweeping away the severe broom icicle splinters - Snow Maidens. - And now to me will also get for it … Eh, you … Foolish woman.