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“Monarchic“ salads tried? Imperial, royal, imperial and others...

Among great variety of salad recipes are available group which can be allocated with a mansion. These are those that are called in honor of power structures and the personal status of a high rank. Let`s begin with monarchic.

the Empire

Is “state“ is created surprisingly quickly and simply if 1 avocado, 1 pear and 1 sweet pepper is had only near at hand. We cut them cubes, and, having mixed properly, we water with nut oil. More than anything. And how to salt and whether it is worth doing in general it - the culinary specialist solves.


No. 1. We cut sheet part of a small kochanchik of the Beijing cabbage with straws, we add thin circles 2 - 3 marinated cucumbers, 100 g of olives, 150 g of small slices of fresh-salted red fish and the chopped greens on the taste. We fill with vegetable oil (1 - 2 St. spoons) and juice of a half of average size of a lemon. Generally, this “Emperor“ is low-calorie.

No. 2. But the salad “imperial person“ and more densely meets. We stack layers: small cubes of boiled potatoes (2 - 3 pieces), to bank of the kneaded tinned salmon, the half rings of a red bulb mixed with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise grated cheese (100 - 150), boiled carrots (1 piece) and eggs (3 - 5 pieces) with mayonnaise (1 - 2 tablespoons). We finish potatoes in the same quantity and cutting.

In a final stage we cover a construction with slices of salty red fish (better from cutting, 200 g) and, having arranged on them “hummocks“ from butter or mayonnaise, we place on everyone “berries“ from red caviar.


No. 1. We cut cold boiled beef (300 g) thin straws and we put on a flat dish. From above we place onions half rings (one head of the average size), on it - crude carrots, grated in straight noodles (2 - 3 pieces) . We water with mayonnaise so, covering the previous layers, we strew with dried apricots and chopped walnuts - to taste.

No. 2. To this salad too, as they say, God ordered to be puff - in compliance with a social ladder in the state. At the very bottom we will place small squares from a polkochanchik of Iceberg salad, we will cover with small cubes from ten quail eggs and we will grease with mayonnaise (2 tablespoons).

From above we will lay thin half rings of a small napiform onion and we will sprinkle lemon juice. Let`s strew with chopped walnuts (2 - 3 tablespoons), and on them we will set up the mashed cod liver from banks (having merged oil) and we will water with lemon half juice. Let`s add couple more of spoons of nutlets and again we will grease with mayonnaise (2 - 3 tablespoons).

Now it is necessary to put a dish for hour or so per the refrigerator - for impregnation, and before giving to decorate with lemon semi-slices, sheet salad and greens to taste. About salt and pepper - we solve independently. But personally I divorce “the royal cook“ that he does not assume grated firm cheese here.


No. 1. The recipe does not recede from the principle of multiple layers of a dish. Having rubbed on a large grater, we stack layers: two average potatoes which are previously boiled in a uniform, a small svekolka, 50 g of firm cheese. From above - 150 g of small chopped red fish, and on her - two small boiled carrots (too rubbed). The red caviar (2 tablespoons) mixed with mayonnaise (to taste) will be a cover. Or not mixed, and as if embroidered on the mayonnaise field.

No. 2. Tsarev of the cook use caviar and in other salad deal. The cleared and boiled squids (300 - 400) are cut by straws, the same as 4 egg whites. 200 g of crabs or, at the worst, shrimps (too welded - with a lemon, parsley and garlic, and, certainly, cleared), small chopped fennel bunch are added to it. Now it was necessary to mix everything, to salt, dress with mayonnaise to taste, and to arrange from above red caviar, without being sorry and without saving - even I kiss to bank. Princely

we Take

200 g of meat (and it is better - language) and we cut to pieces straws. We add 100 g of the cheese grated on a large grater and “noodles“ from the fried mushrooms (200 g), a napiform onion and one carrot, and also 1 - 2 garlic gloves. At desire it is possible to put also the shredded fresh cabbage (100 g), greens - to taste. Prisoliv, we dress with mayonnaise (3 tablespoons).

the Padishah

For test will be a small amount of salad enough. Let`s cut with bars apple and we will sprinkle lemon juice that did not darken. Let`s add a semi-segment of 1 tangerine which several is previously soaked and chopped chernoslivin, a tablespoon of the crumbled walnuts and as much icing sugar (it will want to someone more, someone has less - on health!) we fill with sour cream mix (1 tablespoon) and mayonnaise (0,5 tablespoons). Having mixed, it is possible to taste.

the Chinese tangerine

Tangerine - an ancient monarshesky title in Celestial Empire, and the fruit of the same name has no relation to this recipe. For it are necessary: chicken fillet and carrots (on 200 g), sweet pepper, fresh cucumbers and a radish, black or green (on 300 g), carrots (200 g), and also gas station from 4 - 5 tablespoons of the soy sauce divorced with water in proportions 1:1, shabby 3 - 4 garlic gloves.

Fillet is small cut, a cucumber we rub largely, carrots and a radish - small or so-so. We display ingredients on a flat dish or in a partitioned dish separate hills, having allocated a place of honor for meat, we give gas station separately: each participant of a meal himself will solve, “from what imperial side“ and in what ratio with others to try a dish.


No. 1. Thin ringlets of leek (1 St. spoon) we pickle half an hour in the peppered solution of juice of a half of the lemon divorced in 2 tablespoons of warm water. During this time we rub largely 3 boiled potatoes, and 2 boiled eggs - small. We cut cubes 2 pickles and 200 g of sheep cheese, bars - 200 g of chicken fillet. We crumble small parsley and fennel (on 2 tablespoons).

Now we stack layers: at first potato. Having peppered, we cover with the Korean carrot (100 g). Having strewn lightly it with part of greens, we put sheep cheese layer, then onions and from above - eggs. At last, “we wrap up“ with mayonnaise and we strew with the remained greens. Here to you and “Prince“.

No. 2. Half a kilo of boiled meat (beef, veal or fast pork), we sort on fibers, we stack a half on a dish and we grease with mayonnaise. Atop “we cover a rug“ from small crumbled pickles (2 - 3 pieces) mixed with davleny garlic (1 - 2 clove) and again - mayonnaise. Even higher - grated boiled eggs (1 - 2 piece) again mayonnaise “unction“ and a posypaniye the fried pieces of walnuts. We repeat all sequence once again, - and all.

the Princess

the Most secret, that is the lower layer of salad makes red beans. Having emptied a small can in a salad bowl, we hide this “flush“ at the bottom of a salad bowl. From above we put mushrooms - marinated honey agarics (several tablespoons), on them - couple of marinated cucumbers of the average size cut with bars, then - the crumbled fresh pomidorka, rather large to cover the previous layer, grated cheese (2 - 3 tablespoons) and chopped greens, including green onions, parsley, fennel and still that will be wished. We fill in with a glass of mayonnaise, we insist in the refrigerator of minutes 40, and before giving we strew with croutons. Such here “Princess“.


Again puff salad. Let`s not forget that each its layer is coated with mayonnaise. Below - 300 g of the prunes cut with straws, then - cutting 1 bulbs of champignons (300 g) fried with half rings, “noodles“ from 300 g of chicken fillet, 3 largely shabby eggs and thin bars from 2 - 3 fresh cucumbers. Crown top okayamlyay cheese triangles, core we strew with chopped greens.

Monomakh`s Cap

This “headdress“ is created by

from laid by a hemisphere and missed the mark with mayonnaise or sour cream of layers: small shabby boiled potatoes (3 pieces) thinly cut meat slices (200 g), a medley from 3 boiled eggs, grated carrot, 50 g of the chopped walnuts, 150 g of grated cheese and 250 g of green peas.

At the final stage we cover all field with mayonnaise, specifying a cap form, we form a “fur“ edge of walnuts (from 50 to 100 g), “we embroider“ kernels of pomegranate and we construct navershy of cheese bars: column, crossbeam, column; we fasten with toothpicks and we pin on the pea tips “painted“ with mayonnaise for giving of similarity to pearls.

Beauty! Let`s continue to try?.