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Weddings - a sign of fall. To marry or not to marry?

In some kingdom, in some state once upon a time there was a tsar with the queen. They lived in love and a consent. They had many children. The prince overseas wooed the daughter Vasilisa Premudroy once. The tsar with the queen of young people blessed then and decided to arrange a sumptuous feast...

A wedding - a sign of Fall. you marry soon? Congratulations!

They say that Earth deviated the course by three degrees and it is not a limit. In the southern part of a hemisphere in the summer - there was snow, incessant, pouring rains and destructive floods fell upon Europe. In the Midland of Russia within two months there was an unprecedented forty-degree heat.

Maybe the rivers will turn back?

How to escape in this new and difficult reality? Whether there will be something that will not be not subject to either the fires, or floods? Of course - people, health, a family.

I, despite natural cataclysms and series of economic crises it seems that our life that that “hut on chicken legs“ is turned to the wood by the back, and to people the rehouse. That is - marriage as institute of a family, comes to the forefront. Statistically from year to year marriages consist much more, women in the family way and young mothers with carriages even more often are pleasing to the eye, and the little citizens deprived of maternal caress find the house in a new family.

The person - a being reasonable and everything in our life we build. But everything is good in its season, and not just like that from scratch, there are all new and new television programs (“Let`s get married“, “A love formula“, “About the most important“...) and also series on the vital subjects and with kind names (“A mercy route“, “Wedding ring“, “Court yard“, “The word woman “, “Breathe with me“, “To understand, forgive“ …). Yes, you never know? And how many the wedding agencies ready to come to the rescue and undertake all efforts on the organization of a wedding. Here on truth, demand - gives rise to offers!

You marry soon? Congratulations! And if you show genuine interest in the elect, are sincerely interested in communication, and his (her) attention is always directed to you, and both of you need long dialogue - you together by all means will achieve success in life, in love and the family relations.

Preparation and carrying out the most important day in the life give very powerful charge of positive emotions. The wedding is a bright holiday and efforts in connection with the forthcoming turmoil are always pleasant. But if a wedding for you - burden, and you want to remember forever this day, then it is possible to resort to services of professionals. There is a lot of wedding agencies therefore absolutely not just to choose and give preference to one of them. But if you precisely know what has to be your wedding, your choice will be by all means correct.

One agencies are focused only on holding weddings and undertake everything that is connected with preparation that then again and again was what to remember and to endure all amazing and concerning moments of these remarkable event. And is also such which, except holding wedding celebrations, are engaged also in children`s holidays, birthdays, a meeting from maternity hospital. And such become true friends and kind fellow travelers to young families because to celebrate a wedding is not a result of the romantic relations but only start to the new world of family life.

There are many wedding signs, the majority of which removed to the present from an extreme antiquity. For example, always and at all times the special attention was paid to date of a wedding. For a marriage odd numbers - 3,5,7,9,11 were considered successful, and here on Wednesday and Friday - it is better not to play a wedding! In the fall in the most successful afternoon the holiday of the Intercession of the Theotokos is considered (on October 14). And if on the Cover snow dropped out - that happiness waits for young people! The marriages concluded in the afternoon - are initially doomed to eternal happiness.

Will accept not to consider with wedding rings: to lose a wedding ring - to parting; not to leave soon, at an exchange of rings it is very important not to drop a ring; not to give the destiny to another - anybody it is impossible to allow to try on the ringlet. And that young people had a smooth life, and wedding rings have to be smooth.

It is considered that if the bride and the groom eat one for two candy before a wedding, life will be sweet, but to a wedding the groom should not see the bride in a wedding dress. It is good if cars go to get married young people (in the REGISTRY OFFICE) one road, and come back another, and the wedding train let constantly hoots, frightening off evil spirit. At a wedding will carry also to bridesmaids, if to catch the thrown bouquet - soon to marry! And here a rain or snow during wedding walk - clarification of the relations.

Will accept much, and everyone has the right to decide what to adhere, but main of them in which it is worth trusting recklessly - if to marry darling - marriage will be precisely happy.

So - we play a wedding? Council yes love!