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Law and disorder. “Shot...“?

Who in the childhood did not become engrossed in reading of detectives and a fantasy? Perhaps, there are also such lucky persons.

However, apparently, all read - adult population too though sometimes the passion to “an easy genre“ disappeared. And turns in libraries for these books were huge. “All on hands, but we will notify you“ . For the sake of detectives subscribed for various magazines.

I vaguely remember that there was one remarkable category of a fantasy - it was called “scientific“. In the best works of this genre echoes of the drama, a parable, the philosophical fairy tale sounded. Detectives were subdivided into two sections: Soviet detective and foreign detective. The difference was felt.

We are Banditto, Gangsteritto,

We kastetto - pistoletto, oh yes!

We strelyanto, ubivanto, Ukradanto`s

that and it, oh yes!

(a song from the animated film “Adventures of the Captain Vrungel“).
we Will remember

that was quite recently. The USSR

we Will concentrate on detectives and on genres close to it with an adventurous plot . We will not remember “major Pronin“ now, he izoshet on jokes, and already forgotten. And by the end of the 20th century the Soviet detective story “increased muscles“ also became a specific genre with characteristic features. The hero - as a rule, the employee of law enforcement agencies tormented with some everyday problems and misunderstanding of the wife, but ideologically - it is moral it is pure. Sometimes “the collateral line“ with unexpectedly flashed passion to the witness, change and pangs of conscience could be added, but the criminal did not leave unpunished. It was the main thing. There was a riddle, secret, investigation. Also the Anti-hero was Hera. Opposition with predictable result. Some didacticism can be written off for features of time.

Criminals were different too - many by sight and not villains, “gentle people“ whom (with experience acquisition, of course) began to suspect at once: aha, it looks crooked. And still - the criminal became clever now, talked refined, was resourceful, but came across surely. Because detectives were not less clever, developed and very much tried to observe the law.

Then - a turning point: the criminal was suddenly incompetent. In ranks, on high posts it at best did not allow criminal case to reach the logical end. If the hero - the detective survived - it was for happiness to us, readers and the audience. The detective received a raid of the real tragic element - in case it was good, but is not sewed on a new template.

Detective stories “with history“ were remarkable, it appeared with detective stories “with geography“ slightly more difficult (where creators understood slightly less, owing to obvious reasons). It concerned adventure stories, but espionage did wonderfully well, with involvement of experts.

Tremendous movies which are difficult to determining by a genre were created. It is rather - westerns , subject - civil war. For example, in public favourite movie “White Sun of the Desert“ which entirely dispersed on quotes. These quotes were as symbols, they sounded as verses: “ Vereshchagin, leave a launch !“, “ Aristarkh, agree with customs !“, at last, “a bribe I do not take Ya, for me for the power it is offensive “.

Lines from Sukhov`s letters entered our general genetic memory ( “Back I write you, razlyubezny Katerina Matveevna as free minute was given. I also grew soft on the hot sun as if our cat of Vask on a zavalinka. We sit on a sand near the most blue sea now, about anything we do not feel concern. The sun here it, even in eyes is white …“) military detectives Was i>

. Here and questions were not, war still in memory, all was live. It was read greedily, interest did not die away (many books of Yu. Semenov, the well-known “Moment of truth“). And to you it is not necessary to write about Stierlitz, I think, the mankind “will ask it to remain“. Forever.

Among detectives about post-war time the undisputed leader forever will remain “The meeting place cannot be changed“.

It is necessary to mention interesting under - a genre. Sometimes the image of criminals was shown from other party - comedy or parody. Here cinema became famous for the immortal masterpieces.

The plunderer of socialist property damned …!

(from the movie “Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik“).

The world classics forever included the Coward, the Goof and Skilled. And the image of the Associate professor performed by E. Leonov became not on - comedy deep:

- The associate professor, you sometime small were?

- Was.

- At you the father, mother was?

- Was.

- Then why you are such angry? Why, how dog?

(from the movie “Gentlemen of Good Luck“)

A the well-known “gangster bullet“? Many use in the speech it expression, without remembering even that it too from the movie:

- And what at you with a hand?

- the Gangster bullet.

(from the movie “Old Men Are Robbers“)

Often is on the tip of the tongue and “ Protect a hand, Senya !“, and “ U you a mustache came unstuck “, and “ On its place had to be I “. (“A diamond hand“) the Type of the Noble robber was amazingly represented by

in Yury Detochkin`s image in “Beware of the car“. “ Freedom to Yury Detochkin !“ - it was freedom to love the “wrong“ hero.

All these movies - unconditional masterpieces, and equal to them now, perhaps, are not present. And where this got to remarkable lyrics - comedy, adventurous - a detective genre?

The foreign detective story was loved too. For a certain inaccessibility and the dumbfounding abundance of subject lines. For freedom of movement of heroes and for the unprecedented sums on a game. The foreign detective was subdivided into options at once. There were the same specifically detectives from “regional offices of police“ or the honest lawyers who are independently investigating case. There were private detectives or just certain citizens with the ineradicable hobby - investigation of murders and a solution of secrets. Independently there are eposes about mafia (“Godfather“ with continuations and the phrase which is spread around from there “ Ya I will make it the proposal which he will not be able to refuse “).

Gangster fighters also strongly differed from komediyno - liricheko - sympathetic stories about the beauties (sometimes - the handsome) forced to go in for illegal craft. There are also full-scale comedies on criminal subjects (“Police academy“ and other). Everything that was possible that was available, - was read and looked.

It is possible to tell that everything is criminal - adventurous genres in the “late“ USSR slowly developed, perceiving also the best of what was offered by the abroad: psychologism of the French detective, action of the American fighter. And the native soil gave more and more new unexpected plots, and it considerably affected what we read and we look now. Also the ratio the Crime - the Law changed. And on this very serious, in my opinion, subject it is necessary to talk separately.

In short sketches to make it it will be difficult, but a certain tendency can quite be traced.

Part second.