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You confuse problems with difficulties? It quite often happens...

Until recently I with big enthusiasm perceived joyful messages of “lifelong“ optimists that quality of life - material prosperity and spiritual wellbeing - not so favorable combination of circumstances, and only result of positive thinking and personal growth.

“There are no problems!“ - such motto to me was offered by optimists, and I readily accepted, made of it the war-call. Offered also fighting equipment - an armor of technologies of financial victories and a spear of “true“ desires. I was ready to make the way in life fortunately by tyk method.

No matter, that I looked ridiculously and, probably, Don Quixote would burst from laughter if could see this pathetic show. Not in it an essence. The main thing - I believed that the real success is a result of my thinking, my outlook and my personality in general. I believed that the success is somewhere on the plane human linearly - calendar type of thinking... And I was mistaken.

I broke all armor and broke a spear. Hurt the forehead in blood, trying to punch a wall of problems. Gave a bloody nose in flat cake from external and internal circumstances. I was morally suppressed by own insolvency. The belief in success abandoned me, and the hardest depression pulled hard on my soul all the ruthless weight.

I made the gross blunders - did not distinguish a problem from difficulties.

Everything that surrounds me, I thoughtlessly considered as problems. With inadmissible ease made the general opinion on a situation, broke it into components and began “to solve successfully“. Such analytical approach considered nearly as panacea in life.

I liked to resort to simplified prichinno - the investigative scheme and therefore I tried to live by the principle “Does not have problems!“. The confidence inspired by optimists turned into self-confidence. Self-confidence bordered on impudence... Conscience slowly but surely turned into “so-called conscience“.

Perceived mistakes as defects which could be corrected by means of various technologies. Self-criticism I could scold myself only slightly.

The word “difficulty“ was alien to me. And in vain! Love relationship, happiness in the house, education of children and my many other important issues are inevitably difficult difficulties - dilemmas, but not problems.

It is required to apply an istolkovatelny way of thinking to difficulties. It is necessary to outline wider borders around a situation, to understand it in all manifestations to realize its deep and sometimes paradoxical causes and effects.

I did not do it. Moreover, all attempts to present difficulty as a problem came to an end is deplorable - difficulties were aggravated.

That, the man not vsyak the one who after blow does not fall, but always they are who after blow rises!

I became cleverer and wiser - I distinguish problems and difficulties. Well I understand that it is only necessary to get on with difficulties. Alas! It is difficult to get on with difficulties up to the end, but to study it it is necessary. All life. Without ceasing.

“To live well never late!“ - I encourage myself and again I go to the Way to the happiness. I rediscover for myself that the real success is a result of my thinking, my outlook and my personality in general.

And that my road to success is measured by my own achievements.