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You know secret of the World? I do not know

Ya for what God shows me secrets, but every day I learn more and more, I see that key from the lock which many would like to open. I learn rules of this world, this planet. Thoughts arise in the head as though it is absolutely casual, but it is only a mask. Someone sends my thoughts to me, someone From above, but for what I for the present did not understand. Probably, I for what that am trained, for today I want to share it with you. Who whether will read it in general, but I have to write down anyway.

Relation of each person to this world very different. Different views, different thinking, different actions in situations. If to take the person who lives in the megalopolis and the person who lives to Africa then between them there will almost be no what the general, except one, both that and another trust in Gods of force. For one it is God, for another it is the planet, for the third it is space. The truth also atheists who in general do not trust in anything meet, I feel especially sorry for them, but we will return to them a bit later.

On our planet more than 6 billion people will live, but from them less than a half achieved what in life. No, I do not want to speak about money and glory now, I speak about composure, about those who consider themselves happy. If to ask the person and that for happiness, most likely the majority it will answer to be to the rich, other part will tell to have the darling, others will tell that another. It is probably not a secret that all people want almost same. But how to receive that what you want? Let`s begin one after another.

To find the truth the lie should unite two. These are old the statement, but in it there is a truth drop. By means of this rule I approached a question of religion. As there are a lot of doctrines about rules of life, about faith in God. Each of religions learns on the, but all of them are similar that God is. And they are right. Essence of the person such is that he always wants to find that that another and then to disprove it. In the very ancient time people developed on different continents far apart, but at all was that the Highest and more developed go down from the sky. Today our science so developed that wants to prove or disprove different established facts. There are people who try to impose the silly opinion to others. I will tell only that and has to be, any person is given the choice. On this rule when that the world was created. People very often forget about it when they have a power and opportunities, and in it their shortcoming. It will be very difficult to correct later. In general power and money it not happiness, it only means of satisfaction of human wants. For someone these two concept are a damnation. If you say yes now there cannot be it, then I do not agree with you. Money it only the tool, but what consequences they bring, depends only, about that in what hands they appear.

The law of universal gravitation, about I write it in more detail. To the greedy person greedy people are attracted, the angry person is surrounded by angry people, kind people have almost all close kind people. Money is extorted to money. It is so put on our planet. If you think about bad, happens to you surely that bad, but if you think of what good, at you everything will be good. People who even more often speak about wealth as a result are the rich. Once again I will repeat the law of universal gravitation, it is checked times.

This law works not only with money, it works also in the human relations. For example, the husband fools around then also the wife will fool around, on others the happiness will not construct not happiness. Deceiving people or bringing them pain, you as a result will undergo the same consequences which they had.