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how become women of

you know what is the woman, are able to be her?

In the childhood you never reflect as you look and that you carry, the child does not need it absolutely, even to girls. You can tell that some girls like to experiment with maternal cosmetics and jewelry to be beautiful or to resemble mother, but it is not children any more, these are already little women. During different eras there were different idelala of appearance, emphasize ideals. Which pure ideas cannot be reached, and it is only possible to come nearer - who closer who is farther. Open any women`s magazine that there? - The 20th summer girls advertize wrinkles medicines for 30+ summer, the world went crazy long ago, but nevertheless sense of proportion and conscience is not known to this industry. We go further: cellulitis medicines advertize otshoplenny thin girls - teenagers, even at all their beauty, slenderness and leanness, they have terrible complexes. Large corporations aggressively push the rotten teas and coffee for weight loss, and removal of toxins as nearly panacea from all troubles at once. Why I consider a question from this party? Long ago it is known that women are most of all dissatisfied with the body and weight, the size of ears, a shape of a nose, a nedostok - surplus of weight, a form - Rudi`s size, hand hair - legs.

They get rid of all the failures on build, they do not live in fact, and turn themselves into things, and voluntarily, this mad desire to be pleasant to all is dictated by thirst of love, to be pleasant at least as things. To the man, child. They go for plastic surgeries with absolutely normal appearance to meet the spoiled expectations of beauty, turning into the piece of sausage drawn by a cord. Such market psychology, - if to you since the childhood go on “you are a girl, faugh as it is ugly! “ on the automatic machine the thought that not beautiful it first of all to be indecent, and here silk is subconsciously formed! - the instinct works, almost at everyone 3 estimated dependence joins, and you cannot perceive yourself separately from a body any more. You suddenly realize that you have hands and legs, but cease to feel that you have a soul. They even smoke to beat off the stupid hungry interest on sincerity of love. “I will die earlier, but I will be beautiful“. Marazam, but is the truth.

the Separate subject - age. - About! What is undertaken here to seem younger than the age, to tell the woman “you look 5 - 10 years younger“ - means to pay her a compliment and why? Why it is so necessary to seem more infantile and nezrely? What for? Why it is so fashionable to be the young infantile little fool, if to you years 18 - 20 presently, then you a priori are not going to get married, namely on this age want to look the majority. The cult of “Woman“ from capital letter is not actual, instead of it slender teenagers, and the dehydrated women masking under them there and here.

of the Diet, hunger strike on water, failures, falling in hungry faints, then again hunger strikes, sport, dances that there still? Ecstasy. The problem is in when they achieve the objectives, and there is nothing to want, life does not change. Because you hungry, and angry on this shitty world where the pedophilia and a cult of a tvigga reigns. You gain “ideal“ appearance, but lose pleasure. From one extreme to the other. I do not call that women do not need to watch themselves, but it is necessary to know when to stop. Dear girls are women, really someone the imposed standards cost your life?