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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 28 - 29? “3D piranhas“, etc.

As it is sad, but the summer approaches the calendar end. Calendar because at some it will proceed also in September, and at someone ended in the first of August. Weather weather, and the remains of a summer season, alas, gathered in movie theaters, and I mean something bad by the word “remains“.

This week in the Russian hire there are seven tapes, but to choose, by and large, there is nothing because all of them, to some extent, average quality. Or below an average. Or below a plinth. On taste and color, as it is known … Among debutants a three-dimensional horror film of “a 3D Piranha“, the abstruse melodrama “Double Life Charlie Sang - Klauda“, the American thriller “Unrequited love“, the Russian drama “Truce“, the Russian comedy “Chinese Grandmother“, the animated film “Mountain of Semi-precious Stones 5“ (too ours) and, be not frightened, but Romanian (!) drama “Police Officer, Adjective“. And now is more detailed:

1. “3D piranhas“ (Piranha 3D). Producers Goldfinger and Stolberg went in the checked way. Took a widespread plot about mass concourse of teenagers who are attacked by a certain monster or the murderer. Invited already known zhutikovod of Alexander Azha for whom are registered to a position of the director “Hills have eyes“ and “Mirrors“. Stuffed in a picture the whole heap of stars of the second echelon, once favourite and recognizable, but, alas, drawn. Both the magnificent Oscar winner Richard Dreyfus, and Elisabeth Shiu who is very loved by me (“Leaving Las - Vegas“), and Ving Reims (“Pulp fiction“), and even the matchless old man Christopher Lloyd, he is Doc from the trilogy “Back in the Future“. Plus to a tape added fashionable volume charm to all that, by itself, will not be slow to be reflected in the price of tickets. Creators of “a 3D Piranha“ allowed only one, but catastrophic for a tape, a miss. They decided to shoot the movie about fishes - murderers. As far as I remember, this subject made the last success thanks to talent of Spielberg which released in far 1975 the thriller “Jaws“ (by the way, with the same Dreyfus`s participation). All other “masterpieces“ including memorable to much “Piranha“ (1978) Joe Dante and “the Piranha 2“ (1981), it is Cameron`s debut in big cinema, turned out in hire a big complete fiasco.

Authors for some reason decided that this bowl passes them, and “3D Piranhas“ in big swimming let out. The result became natural - a picture hardly - hardly got on the sixth line boxing - office of the USA on the previous days off and already for the next Wick - and risks to take off from the top ten. The most unsuccessful start for 3D - release of the current year. No technologies, any actors are capable to extend frankly weak and to nobody the interesting narration. I will not go and I do not advise you.

2. “A double life Charlie Sang - Klauda“ (Charlie St. Cloud). ! Juvenile fans of cute Zac Efron, a star of “The cool musical“, left the idol directly in the blossoming of glory. Whatever one may do, but the last tape with its participation very poorly acted in hire, without having managed even to pay back in three weeks the very solid budget in 44 mln. dollars. Worst of all, what a tape literally was drowned by that target audience on which the main blow was outlined. Efron`s fans did not forgive to the star that he ceased to play the fool and dance on the screen, and decided to play tediousness. A result - almost total absence of positive responses. The drama talent of Efron was not estimated therefore soon the actor, most likely, should return to the standard tricks, or to dry crackers.

3. “Unrequited love“ (Unrequited). Lyubov forced people to make all madnesses at all times - sometimes these acts brought the benefit, and sometimes sowed destructions and chaos for the sake of, apparently, good purposes. Because the feeling of love is unclear as comes and that the most unpleasant, it is not always possible to get rid of it easily. His feeling to the coeval Jessica brings to the young man by the name of Ben one misfortunes. And here still appeared more adult, strong, skilled and, the main thing, the attractive boyfriend. Another on Ben`s place would recede, but the young man who is urged on by examples of the main characters of movies “Cruel Romance“ and “Elena in a Box“ decides on a crime. He kidnaps Jessica, pumps up her drugs and keeps at himself, in vain hope that “the love will unintentionally appear suddenly“. However to appear suddenly in this situation as you understand, only the police can that it in the person of Michael Ruker also does. What was farther, the one who descends on this, seemingly quite good, psychological thriller in movie theater learns.

4. “Truce“. two months Later the main prize-winner of past “Kinotavr“, in fact, of the main Russian film festival, reached screens of the native land. Besides the main award, Svetlana Proskurina`s tape was also noted by a prize for a male lead which was executed by Ivan Dobronravov, the younger offspring of an actor`s family of Dobronravov. His elder brother Victor acted in popular series “Beauty is not happiness“, and the father - Fedor - all country loves for releases of a funny broadcast “6 frames“ which, by the way, leaves on the same STS channel. If it is honest, for a visit of cinema at the weekend, this gloomy sketch on fathers and children against sad landscapes of the Russian remote place is not the best choice. Though, perhaps, someone will also show patriotism miracles, having attended sessions of the drama shot in the best traditions of Post-Soviet realism.

5. “The Chinese grandmother“. do not like dramas? There is a wish for something more cheerfully? Not a question! In parallel with “Truce“ there is also a comedy tape of Vladimir Tumayev “The Chinese grandmother“. Though after viewing of a trailer personally I had an impression that it is any not the comedy, but will leave a genre land surveying to authors and film distributors. The main thing that in a picture remarkable actors act: Irina Muravyeva, Nina Ruslanova, Alexander Mikhaylov. However, the scenario too optimism does not sparkle: pensioners, the semi-disorganized house, poor life - life … Generally, something our film figures forgot to shoot “festive film with a happy-end“. And to us, the audience, it is necessary “to be able“ to watch what they remove.

6. “Police officer, adjective“ (Politist, adjectiv). the Last that I remember from the Romanian cinema, is adventure movies about Merdzhilatu known as “Yellow Roza“ (“A turquoise necklace“, “A silver mask“ and so forth) historical free - the Romanian epos of “Dhaka“ and joint sovetsko - the Romanian children`s project “Maria, Mirabella“ (and its continuation). All these movies as a tribute of our respect to creativity of brothers from the countries of socialist camp, went full the course in hire of the USSR. And against these tapes I have nothing, I grew by them and I can precisely be charged that “Maria, Mirabella“ it is unambiguous better on quality, than many today`s poor attempts of the Russian animators to imitate Hollywood. As for specifically criminal drama “Police Officer, Adjective“, it is a bright sample of a seamy side which and in our native cinema - a dime a dozen. So I do not advise.

7. “Mountain of semi-precious stones 5“. Continuing conversation on the animation which almost died in our country, I will notice that the Mountain of Semi-precious Stones project is just a light spot on this background. Fine animated film, excellent paints, interesting plot. Who saw, will agree. Five in the name of the collection is not number one after another, and quantity of the separate stories which are its part.

So, we will sum up the results. There is nothing to look this week at cinema therefore I recommend to you to spend the last warm days in nature and in the fresh air. From everything listed above I plan to see only “The mountain of semi-precious stones 5“ and “Truce“ subsequently. The first - to children, the second - but in the right frame of mind.