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Whether it is worth traveling in the fall with children of chest age?

the Holiday season come to an end also all who was not in time the holiday hurry to make it prior to the beginning of autumn cold weather. In an early autumn more and more people try to leave in the woods. There air is purer and the season mushroom slowly opens. And many, of course, take children! Preparing for holiday, many mothers with children even of kindergarten age reflect: whether to be necessary to take them whether everything will be normal? And what here to tell about those mothers who decided to have a rest with children of chest age, prior to the beginning of autumn cold weather. This most suitable time, is not present heat of a heat of it summer any more, and cold weather did not come yet.

Of course, to them not to avoid condemnation from many people, talk behind the back and it is weaved. But whether they are acquitted? Let`s begin with what departure with the baby to the country, bears in itself danger already that the child not of the house and quickly to see a doctor in case of some problems at you will definitely not turn out. And for kids it happens very important. Of course, the age of the child plays not the last role in adoption of this decision. Parents with kids to three months likely should not try to get out with the child a countryside, it is far from hospitals and doctors not to mention holiday. Here mother and the kid did not get used each other yet, and you begin to acquaint the child with environment. And after three months at the child all pass in the basic, the problems which were so disturbing parents: gripes, vomiting, the dream is normalized. Therefore it seems to me that it will be ideal time for the first trip of the kid!

Opinion of pediatricians about it disperse. One say that fresh air is useful to kids, they begin to eat and sleep better, it is worth developing only to stock up with all necessary quicker and to choose the vacation spot closer to a civilization. Others opposite, claim about danger of trips with babies. But also those, and others claim that fresh, forest air is useful to all children at any age.

And here all of you - decided to go to travel with a grudnik. So with itself it is worth taking to what period to go? First of all, before a trip do not forget to descend to the pediatrician and to specify a set of medicines which should be taken with themselves and to learn whether you have contraindications for travel. Surely it is worth taking all set of autumn things of the kid, put even couple of winter things and a warm blanket. And in order that the kid felt at home it is worth taking with himself his favourite toys and a nochnichok. Let the first travel of the kid will be short (3 - 5 days) and near, for example in the wood or the wildlife area which is in a driving couple of hours from the house. It is necessary to eat in other city carefully, especially if you eat not one, and with the baby. You should not change cardinally its food allowance on vacation. If the child was on natural feeding, then is not necessary one week prior to a trip or during a trip to begin the first feedings up.

And if your kid is healthy, well feels, and the husband supports, then can safely go to travel! And I am sure that the first family travel will bring you only good impressions, all of you will arrive well rested and can, will even bring yourself mushrooms.