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Unusual research of the Italian scientists

the Group of the Italian scientists by request of the Moscow institute of experimental psychology conducted recently very curious research: influence of choice of profession by the person on his physiological development.

Within research various professional groups were interrogated and tested. The Italian scientists found nothing unusual until in the field of their sight such specific group as the Russian officials did not get.

Research took place as follows.

In experimental group in a random way of various regions of the country 104 officials of both sexes were selected. In control group there were 104 ordinary citizens and citizens. After testing participants from experimental group were given small remuneration, and experimental of control - memorable souvenirs.

Results of research became truly sensational!

“The rights there was an old man Darwin who wrote the “Origin of species by natural selection“, - the head of group professor Montinelli told in the performance on an extraordinary symposium in Milan.

It became clear that to enough ordinary person only several years to work as the Russian official as various physical metamorphoses begin to happen to him.

For example, ears at participants from experimental group were extended and expanded. Professor explained it with what the official always any minute has to hear that told the administration. Hands are extended along a body more than usual. Allegedly from - for the fact that the official always complains that he has a lot of work that hands fall. Eyes are blinked. The look of the official has to pierce the visitor through. Language is atrophied. The liver is expanded.

Absolutely the increased hairiness of participants from experimental group shook professor. He long could not explain this phenomenon. But then all - developed the logical decision. In his opinion, any official hesitates of the work and everything that is connected with it. Therefore he instinctively tries to hide from society. Behind own indumentum. It is purely psychological problem.

The average size of a breast at women - officials were two and a half times less, than at ordinary ladies from control group. This phenomenon can be explained only with the fact that the desire to give (even milk from a breast) at officials is absent almost completely.

By the way, also children of officials were in passing examined. It appeared at them since the birth the strongest hvatatelny effect is shown. And color of eyes practically at all - green. Professor Montinelli with ease explained it with the strongest love of the Russian officials to the American dollar. So strong that their posterity has changes at the gene level.

Professor became interested in influence of dollar on change of physical parameters of the person - the official. And here it was waited by the real sensation. It turned out that dollars awoke sexual activity. The pack of dollars shown to male officials at distance of one meter caused in them an involuntary erection. And at some even a premature ejaculation.

- Dollars can replace viagra, - professor was surprised and decided to experiment on officials. The orgasm at the sight of dollars was tested by 80 percent of women from experimental group. The others 20 explained to professor that they since the frigidna childhood, but they, nevertheless, had an increased salivation.

Darwin`s theory brilliantly was confirmed. The homo sapiens quickly enough turned into the orthograde, covered with wool being with the extremities hanging along a body. At the same time it was sexually anxious hermaphrodite.

Research of group of the Italian scientists under the leadership of professor Montinelli created a furor at the Moscow institute of experimental psychology. But results of work of Italians were right there secret. By the number of officials per capita Russia is ahead of the planet only. And if their number grows further at the same rates, then the territory of the country will be soon populated with these most orthograde hermaphrodites.

With an involuntary erection at the sight of a pack of dollars. Which will be shown by the visiting tourists adoring attractions.