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When to the person to go on pension?

White race of mankind promptly grow old. Among many benefits the civilization brought also control over birth rate. But any medal has also the back. There was an opportunity to be limited to one child in a family, and the main efforts to direct to career, leisure, pleasures.

Consequences begin to be felt just now - the number of pensioners is close to number of working. In the CIS countries brought the contribution in a situation and revolutionary 90 - e years when birth rate in them reduced nearly to zero.

As result - the governments begin all to speak louder about need of increase of a retirement age. Naturally, it causes sharp rejection from the simple people, and the few politicians are ready to take the responsibility for such resolution.

On the other hand, there is such science - the theory of decision-making. One of its postulates says: before making some decision, think and whether there is no person (or collective) who better you understands a problem, is better informed in the matter. Perhaps to charge to it to break the head over this question? In translation into everyday language it means - to get rid of trouble to another.

From here and my offer: but whether not to cancel to us a retirement age in general? Let workers also define when to them to go on pension.

Really, now pension funds operate retirement accounts of each of us so how many who gathered to himself on pension, it is known to within kopek. And other science, demography, can easily predict the average duration of the remained human life. For example, 100 - summer on average live till 103 years. There are tables allowing to make such forecast for any age and a floor. The first line in such tables determining duration of the remained life for the newborn just also gives average life expectancy in this country.

So if to accept this offer, the mechanism of award of pension has to look as follows.

The person comes to a pension fund and shows willingness to retire. The official of fund opens its retirement account, watches the saved-up sum, then learns age of the applicant for pension and determines by above-mentioned tables how many years it will be necessary to pay pension to this individual. Translates years a months, divides the saved-up sum on number of the remained months of life, and if the received result is more than legislatively established minimum pension, speaks “please“, and less - suggests to go to work still.

Of course, people with round zero on a retirement account also will come to a pension fund, those to which the so-called social pension is now paid. Here for such public the retirement age above - 63 or 65 years (and maybe 68 or even 70 years) irrespective of a floor also has to be established, and the pension is simply equal to minimum. Moreover, for social justice, the pension of all people who lived up to the specified age has to raise automatically on the size of the minimum pension. It should not be paid not from means of a pension fund, and from the state budget: eventually, the state cannot assume that someone from his citizens starved to death. Perhaps, for this purpose it is necessary to establish new, pension, a tax.

It is possible to provide also a number of the measures directed to that people aspired as it is possible to retire later. One of them is put already in the mechanism of charge of pensions - the after people the pension addresses in a pension fund, the higher it.

Follows from the general theory of the right that any party in the contract can break off it at any time. Apparently, it has to extend also to a pension fund, i.e. prior to receiving pension all sum which is saved up in fund can just be taken away, but if the pension at least in one month - everything is received, the taken a bite pie is not given, this money will go that who will live more, than it was expected at award of pension.

Though here options are possible. For example, in case of the serious deadly illness confirmed with the doctor and demanding big material inputs on treatment, the pension fund can throw a money from your retirement account, but besides, only if it “is not taken a bite“ yet. In case of death of the person who never received pension, successors have to have the right to take away all money which is saved up on a retirement account of the dead.

It is clear, that money of a pension fund has to be a subject of special care of the state. Their annual indexation on inflation in the expired year has to be carried out, they have to be stored in the state bank or its affiliated establishment, like “Sberbank“, on them percent at the expense of which the device of a pension fund, etc. has to contain of

have to be paid Told does not exclude also a possibility of other types of provision of pensions at all. For example, it is possible to issue a retirement account and just in any bank which provides such service. But the bank will pay pension only before exhaustion of this account, and then - or pass to social pension if the age allows, or go work (the truth, is also plus - in case of early death successors will receive the unused rest of the account). The pension fund, anyway, pays originally established indexed pension to the death.

In my opinion, in the offered option of system of provision of pensions much more democracy and honesty, than in nowadays existing. It is possible to go and further, for example, to grant to people the right to define the contributions to a pension fund. But severely to explain: the less assignments, the later pension and that it is less.