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Who constructed Archangel Michael Church in the village of Hotilovo? The version imperial

that not peasants and not merchants constructed hotilovsky Archangel Michael Church I already somehow told. But if not they, then who? And here about it is today.

However, to answer this question, we should be had to a century of XVIII, already so far remote from us. If is more concrete, then in 1742 when on November 15 the Russian empress Elizabeth Petrovna during celebrations on the occasion of crowning declared the successor of a throne of Karl Peter Ulrich Golstein - Gottorpsky. The son of the elder sister - Anna Petrovna whom we know under the name of Pyotr Fedorovich more. Future emperor Peter III.

To an imperatorstvo, of course, to it still was to wait and wait. Long 19 years. But already in the same, 1742, Karl Petter was brought from Kiel to Moscow, crossed in Orthodoxy, gave a new name and … And for the time being left in First-throned. But for a while. For only two years.

In December, 1744 a train of the successor of a throne and its future spouse, nee princess Angalt - Tserbstskoy - Sofia - Frederica - August, better known to us as Catherine II, went from Moscow to St. Petersburg. 18 - go travelers were in Tver. There they safely celebrated birthday of the empress and next day moved further.

By the evening the successor and the accompanying his faces reached Hotilov Yam where stopped on a lodging for the night. At night to the grand duke it became bad. It lifted temperature, strong heat, and by the morning began that the most terrible, appeared... Ospenny spots!

Here is how this episode is remembered by future Catherine II: “As I had no smallpox, mother vividly took away me from the room, and was decided that we with it will go to St. Petersburg on the same day, having left the grand duke and its brought closer in Hotilov“ …

Yes, here so all also was. Well and that that the young man, the young man, and the successor of a throne got sick not just? And even not so much the grand duke, how many possible, in not it and the far future, the spouse.

Well and that? Anything terrible. With it there were “his confidants“ . And the spouse, let and future, it - not “approximate“? And in general - not close?

Very bright characteristic of Sofia - Frederica - August. It, seemingly, at all not that friend who is, as a rule, learned in trouble. Or this rule does not concern to dear friends? Or, if treats, then not all?

Elizabeth Petrovna, that behaved absolutely in a different way. As soon as the courier sent from Hotilov delivered a message about a dreadful disease of the successor to the capital, it right there, without delaying, rushed off to it. And it is more than a month while the arrow of destiny of the grand duke fluctuated between life and death, permanently was beside him. Exactly there, at the patient`s bed, the empress also vowed that if everything ends safely and Pyotr Fedorovich will recover, then she in Hotilov will construct church, as a sign of great gratitude to the Lord.

Elizabeth Petrovna returned to St. Petersburg at the beginning of February together with the grand duke. The successor, as future spouse remembered him, “… very much grew up, but the person was unrecognizable: all lines coarsened it, the person still all was swelled, undoubtedly it was visible that it will remain with very noticeable pockmarks“.

But all this is both a swollen face, and its coarsened lines, and noticeable pockmarks … All this was such trifle! The successor was live. Healthy.

And the empress constrained the vow. In same, 1745, enjoined to begin construction of stone church in the village of Hotilovo. But, as it quite often happens on life, the word and business can defend from each other on some distance. Sometimes slightly big, sometimes - smaller. And imperial commands are not always an exception of the general rule.

Probably, including therefore active construction of Hotilovsky church was developed in 1763 - 67, already at the time of government of Catherine II who welcomed considerable funds for charitable business. And by that, Elizabeth Petrovna who financially supported the word.

But money money, words words, and living people from blood and flesh which names were informed us by history built the temple.

Design of Hotilovsky church and its construction was conducted by the native of the village of the Landmark of the Novotorzhsky County of the Tverskaya of the province - Savva Ivanovich Chevakinsky . Quite famous architect of that time. It is enough to tell that Chevakinsky in 1753 - 1762 constructed St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral of St. Petersburg. And still - Sea hospital in Kronstadt. And the Shuvalovsky palace that costs at the corner Small Garden and Italian streets of St. Petersburg. Cabinet of curiosities and that … No, did not build. But Savva Ivanovich reconstructed. Here and Hotilovsky church - too creation of his skillful hands.

And not only it. A construction of the Doric portico attached to the southern facade of the temple about 1837 connect with a name of Vasily Petrovich Stasov, it is a lot of and successfully building at that time both in Moscow, and in St. Petersburg, and in the Novgorod province which then treated Hotilovo.

But a portico, a belltower, a refectory with a side-altar Flora and Monastery - later constructions. And the main building of the Archangel Michael Church consecrated in 1768 - all this is S. I. Chevakinsky`s creation. Thanks to which we were reached by an original architectural construction. And addition to it - small, but very interesting splinter of our past.

Who knows how would turn and on what way history of Russia went, die then, in December, 1744, in the small village of Hotilovo the successor of a throne who became 17 years later the emperor Peter III? Whom replaced on a throne (and could and not replace!) his spouse - Catherine II. Great.

And how many still such “splinters“ it is scattered on boundless Russian open spaces by which we often pass, without stopping, even without suspecting what it is our history?.