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Where live longer - on trees or on the earth?

Scientists thought for a long time of that why life expectancy of animals in general and the person in particular depends. Tried to find regularity of life expectancy depending on the sizes of a body, its weight, growth duration during the first period of life and even from rectum length, but accurate dependence was impossible.

Recently connected genetic factors, but also here not everything is clear. Gradually researchers come to a conclusion that life expectancy of animals, including also the person, is the complex indicator depending on specific features of an animal, his internal and external factors (reasons). Internal factors are the factors connected with heredity, concluded in an animal genotype. External factors are an influence of external environment (habitat) where also the way of life enters.

On degree of genetic predisposition of all animals it is possible to divide into three groups conditionally. At animals of the first group life expectancy generally is defined by heredity and is rigidly programmed. For 95 - 99% it is predetermined at the birth. For example, the female of a humpback salmon perishes right after spawning, irrespective of the external reasons.

Life expectancy of the second group of animals is genetically defined poorly and almost completely depends on factors of external environment. Change of conditions of dwelling can change at them life expectancy by 15 - 20 times. Many insects, amphibians and birds treat this group.

The majority of mammals including the person, are intermediate. About 60% of duration of our life, for example, are predetermined by a genotype at the birth, that is, it turns out, by inheritance, and for 40% depend on conditions and circumstances of life. Therefore in a certain measure each of us, having chosen this or that way of life, itself defines how many years he should live.

Many examples of what people sickly, weakened, long suffering from diseases, by change of a way of life themselves literally revived are known. They began to play actively sports, sports exercises, to lead a healthy lifestyle, refused addictions, began to eat rationally, and their organism rose for new life. There are cases when such people even tried to obtain the highest sporting achievements. It turned out that at them weakness and diseases had no fatal character, and were a consequence of the wrong way of life. In process of improvement of a way of life the best operating conditions of an organism which are earlier blocked by the wrong behavior were created and even aging process manifestations moved away. So extension of our life consists in ability not to reduce it the wrong behavior, irrational food etc. of

the Way of life influences as well its duration at many animals, especially mammal. Researchers of the Illinois university (USA) established that on average the mammals living on trees live approximately twice longer, than living on the earth, comparable by the sizes. Earlier they established the same dependence for birds and bats. Scientists explain it with the fact that in air and the smaller quantity of the adverse factors causing premature death of animals that is fixed also in their genotype acts on trees.

Even the primacies and marsupials who are nowadays living on the earth and living longer than other comparable groups of animals lived on trees earlier and kept the inherited longevity in the genotype. It turns out that rather high life expectancy of the person can be explained with a way of life of our far ancestors. Usually the majority of large animals lives longer than small. But in this case even small wood animals live longer than larger land. Therefore, here the main impact is exerted by their way of life.

Having written this article, I do not urge people to move on trees for extension of their life at all though persons interested are. Several wild tribes which are not affected by a civilization live on trees, they build dwellings there and even for the night wear out a small livestock there. However they do not differ in longevity at all (however, to compare there is nothing and there is nobody). There are also civilized people settling on trees for ethical or religious reasons (such settlements are in India).

No, I do not urge to follow their example, and ask by means of the correct way of life to keep what was left to us in inheritance by far ancestors and to increase this inheritance. So live long and happily. Good luck to you!