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How to create magic by house means?

“The sky breathed in the fall …“ What it will be, the future fall, we do not know. But after hot, with the fires and asthma, summer we waited for it. And now, when the nature drenched space with easy autumn freshness, in soul the hope for something fine comes to life. And each woman wants to meet this fine, corresponding to it: to cheer up, become more attractive and slightly - is slightly younger than itself.

Someone will spend thorough efforts for it. Someone will go to the cosmetologist and will pay good money: beauty demands the victims! And someone will glance in a chest of the grandmother, will rummage in ancient recipes and quickly, effortlessly, simply, simple, sometimes house means, will create real magic. And the result will receive absolutely not worse, than in expensive salon. we Will begin

with the rejuvenating drinks

Indian summer Drink. two tablespoons of a dogrose Shattered, added two tablespoons of dried berries of a mountain ash, filled in with liter of the boiling water. Boiled (on a bath) 10 minutes. Thoroughly, hours five, insisted. Added two - three spoons of honey. Carefully stirred.

We drink during the day, between food.

Ambrosia drink. Five grams of a dried wormwood boiled (on a bath) in a glass of water. We boil 5 minutes. Added four glasses of boiled water. Cooled. Added three spoons of honey and a third of a glass of cranberry juice. Mix was drawn by two - three hours.

We drink during the day, between food.

Cheerfulness drink. In a glass of not boiled milk (it is better “master`s“) squeezed out lemon juice. Thoroughly scraping out a spoon pulp.

Drank on an empty stomach.

Any of these drinks is calculated on a month. But in a week - another you will feel how drowsiness, fatigue and irritability disappeared. The body becomes a lung, spirit joyful. You will want to live, laugh, fall in love, to make mad feats. with

the Mask first is a high time to pass

to the refreshing masks Now

. Properly, to gloss, washed a nice jar from - under mayonnaise. Opened the refrigerator. And - began magic, pouring in a jar in one behind another:

- two tablespoons of cold boiled milk (it is better “master`s“);

- one tablespoon of sour cream (too “master`s“, without preservatives);

- one tablespoon of gentle mayonnaise;

- one tablespoon of cold boiled water;

- yolk of one egg;

- one tablespoon (without top) quality wheat flour;

- honey teaspoon.

Everything was carefully shaken up a fork! Put on the washed-up face and a neck. We hold - hour. We wash away contrast water.

Mask second:

- 50 grams of the margarine (kindled on a bath);

- one tablespoon of any vegetable oil;

- one tablespoon of castor oil;

- one teaspoon of camphor oil;

- on 10 - 15 drops of vitamins A, E, D (in oil).

Mix was thoroughly shaken up a fork. Put on a face and a neck in the damp way. We hold - 30 - 40 minutes. We wash away contrast water.

Mask third:

- juice of a white lily (1/3 part);

- honey (13th part);

- onions juice (1/3 part);

- the beeswax kindled on a bath (1/10 part).

Everything was honestly shaken up a fork. Put on a face and a neck 2 - 3 times a week. We wash away contrast water.

Mask fourth:

- 100 grams of kefir;

- one tablet of the aspirin pounded in powder.

Thoroughly shook up. Put on a face and a neck. We hold 20 minutes. We wash away contrast water.

To magicians on a note : any most unpretentious mask it is possible to achieve tremendous effect. If to follow the obligatory rules: to impose a mask in the most wonderful condition of spirit, in private with itself, to lie on a convenient couch, to throw legs on the roller, to relax to not feeling of muscles, to think - of the most pleasant. Obligatory near a couch to put a disk with music. But not with any. And for example, kabbalist Baal Sulam. Its music - with tenderness of the loving mother - will carry away you from zryashny wordly cares and will dissolve at deep rest of the Universe.

Love yourself and enjoy life!