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When it is better to go to excursion round?

It is no secret that different sights at various times years look differently and open to tourists from the new, unusual parties. Whether means it that it is possible to go to excursion rounds at all seasons of the year? Or nevertheless there is a season when excursions are especially good?

Yes, natural sights please with the look at all seasons of the year. Let`s take, for example, mountains (on the example of the Carpathians). In the winter - cold and majestic, snow-covered, with impassable passes. In the spring - as if the woken-up giant: green, with noisy small rivers and streams. In the summer - pacifying (but also dangerous by the floods of the rivers), with multi-colored valleys, the sea of living creatures, rather “passable“ paths. In the fall, as well as everywhere - fascinating by violence of paints, and a bit later - filling up, cold and silent.

Approximately you will be able to see the same picture also in other natural sights. So, arboretums (and especially constructed on mind and well-groomed by a careful and wise hand) are good during any season - alternately in it the majority of plants blossoms, and the picture changes not only from month to month, but even day by day! So such sights should be visited always when there are only time and an opportunity.

And here that about the cities, the museums, locks and other “anthropogenous“ sights? Winter

Snow-covered Lviv, ski resorts of the Carpathians and the forgotten small villages with their souvenir rynochka, traditional national cuisine and snow seines on passes - it you will never see

if you risk to visit the West of Ukraine in the winter.

I love Lviv at all seasons of the year, but in the winter (and especially for Christmas) you have a chance to see it from the unusual party. The city comes to life, is dressed up, on streets appear masked, Christmas carols are heard everywhere, the special mood reigns on streets, everywhere there are dens.

The Lviv tsukern will present not only aroma of coffee and taste of the sweets - but also special, Christmas, mood. Rynok Square is also good and populous, but the special mood reigns here. It - and on faces of counter passersby, and on facades of the decorated houses, and in the excursion tram, and in crowds of the masked children sent to vacation.

So, so ideal time for excursions - winter?


the Blossoming Krakow, red roofs of Prague washed by a spring rain, Kamyanets-Podilsky on time of a local festival or City Day, the Southern Bug coiling between the blossoming coast under the inclined willows. You can only see these pictures of awakening of the nature and the cities in the spring.

And if you are able to refuse in pleasure to plant to yourself at the dacha potato, to go on May shish kebabs with friends or to burn with the first sun a body in Tunisia - Morocco - Egypt, then the freshness of the nature and unique architectural monuments will enrich your soul with unforgettable impressions in the spring.

And still at this time arboretums are especially beautiful - it seems that everything blossoms, even what as envisioned by God should not blossom! (I strongly recommend to visit the Nikitsky botanical garden in the Crimea near Yalta and the arboretum of “Sofiyevk“ in Umani). But there is also minus - sights are very populous also shumna thanks to mass nurseries at this time, and not only, to excursions.


Dusty Paris, sleepy Lviv … Agree - pleasure for judges. At this time if there is a wish to see the heated pavement, then only if the sea surf, resort noise, a heap of fruit, the sea of beer and champagne is near … But even near the sea (and ours, and foreign) can be found a great lot of sights (and, by the way, those from them at which resort, it is possible to look with the guide most often only during a high resort season).

So, the Crimean canyons, dolphins in Balaklava, caves, the Sevastopol bastions and many other things should be examined during summer holiday in the Crimea. There is also minus (except populousness) - the vast majority of such excursions are superficial on the information filling, are carried out by the yesterday`s school students who learned by heart couple of pages from the public guide and include generally transport service. But to the vast majority of tourists also it is enough, and those to whom a little - will find the “correct“ guides, more extensive information, including in the Internet, and learn everything that wanted.

Here, for example, you were in the summer at excursion in Maksimilian Voloshin`s lodge in Koktebel? Then you remember that inspired guide telling about Koktebel the beginnings 20 - go centuries as if reads verses of the Silver age - with an anguish, emotionally, fascinatingly. And several times a week drives groups “devoted“ to meet a decline on Voloshin`s grave in mountains. Agree - you will be able only to endure it in the summer.

of Heat already fell down Fall, the foliage pleases with the variety of colors, the majority of summer entertainments are still available, but crowds of “summer“ health-resort visitors already parted on the cities and took seat for school desks and working bureaus. When you can see such picture? Certainly, in September.

You only imagine open thermal sources of Miskolc that in Hungary, or Secheni`s swimming baths in Budapest at air temperature from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius! It is indescribable pleasure! And around - golden foliage, “eternal“ grandfathers over a “eternal“ chess set, silence and rest and as if the eternity embraces you the wise hand.

And ancient Sentendre and Sekeshfekhervar`s pavements are not heated any more - it is possible to wander long their narrow twisting small streets, to sit on benches in Eger and to admire local festival or to taste local wines in the Valley of Beauties.

And you sometime saw how eternal Danube among multi-colored coast, from a lock terrace in Vysehrad coils? It is sure that only the fall is capable to present to you so much unusual in ordinary things! And even the lake Balaton in the summer covered with tourists in September is capable to present you with wonderful types of Tikhansky abbey, marines in cozy bays, autumn coast … A pacification and eternity - those two associations which arise at me when I remember Hungary in September.

So when it is better to go to excursion round? does not have the answer. The main thing that should be understood - should go to excursion rounds ! Because and any, even the most colourful, the guide, palettes of impressions which you feel during excursion will not give any Internet to you that. It is what remains with you forever, unlike solar burns and a headache from search of beer and wine in coastal cafe.

You want to know my opinion? Of course, it is better in the fall. But - on taste and color … Well, you are farther also know.