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How to become fearless?

At once - are unconditional! - we recognize obvious: our world is the world of accidents! Accidents large-scale: earthquakes, eruptions, fires, tsunami, floods, landslides, regional wars, acts of terrorism, mass brutality … And accidents personal: from silent suicide of singles before murder of the wife and children other businessman.

At the same time everything that surrounds us - the TV, newspapers - magazines, the computer, astrologers, phones, neighbors, chiefs, psychics, colleagues, the exchanges, the governments, magicians, various analysts of processes of globalization … In a word, where throw an eye or an ear - everything prophesies accident. The most smaller of which - a doomsday in 2012.

is terrible to Live in such world

I each of us - from the president to the bum - is afraid. Is afraid involuntarily. At the level of a cage. And already the depression - the child of fear - as claims world statistics, escaping on the first place, pressed itself the most terrible murderers of mankind: oncology, it is warm - vascular, bone diseases.

The fear becomes triumphantly invincible.

But! If someone from us did not go crazy yet, is not chained, not bound hand and foot in a mental hospital … It is more than that. It sincerely was not exhausted. Also wishes to wake up in the morning, with pleasure to come off the grown hateful sofa, to draw aside a curtain, to look in a window and - to smile to the world!

And this smile - to begin the day. And - to finish it with the same smile.

But - alas and alas! - this simple natural desire is inaccessible to it. Because muffled fears, uneasiness, uncertainty, expectation of failures, eventually, long-term fear of a door of the chief with which - it is necessary at last! - to resolve an urgent problem … by

A if you the beginning copywriter, to similar fears increases specific fear: fear before own “I will not be able“, before the customer, before absence of the customer, before cruel, I smother the exhausting competition, before a failure, sneers of copywriter masters, fear of the black not taken destiny … And this fear - as if the sting of a poisonous adder - will paralyze mind, will, an act. Generating stronger fear.

Arises a vicious circle

I as to break off it?! What head off to cry to whom to rush for the help?! And whether there is exit from this mean circle?!

the Exit - is!

It - in the person.

And the first that should be made - wait when this fear becomes intolerable. And then itself there will come minute when - protesting by all force of heart - you will furiously shout on all this world: “Bothered to be afraid! I do not want! Also I will not be!“ right there you feel

I how from soul huge weight fell down. And felt better you. And then - it is sure and quiet - we begin to work with the brightened soul.

We begin with simple.

Best of all early in the morning - both the family, and the city, and the world still sleeps - you, in private with the healing silence, take a paper leaflet. Vertical line you halve. And on the left part of a leaf - without hiding anything - you write down all the fears. You can and call this part of a leaf - “My fears“. You can supplement this list and tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. Both all week, and month. You will not write down everything yet.

Wrote down? Great. We pass to the right part of a leaf. Also we will call it so: “My victories“. And …

do not hurry! Do not fuss! Be not enough what lies on a life surface. Or even in what you reveled, telling, for example, friends what you the irresistible daredevil and as cut to the chief when he afforded …

do not lie! To lie to itself - the last business. Yes and no needs to themselves to lie. Because to you is what to remember good themselves. It is necessary to plunge only seriously and thoughtfully into depth of the life. In the most remote point of the childhood. You can even remember (mother told you about it more than once) what strong, triumphing shout you cried when you were born … of

Make a start from this shout. And you surely remember how, without being able to float, you - dushimy a hopelessness - rushed once to the river and … And from this day, as if by itself, learned and became the excellent swimmer. Or - think, think! - as too once, looking directly in eyes to dear friend, you told that he is a liar, both it is a shame to you, and you will not be on friendly terms with it if it does not change for the better. Or - remembered? - as in a circle of the pressing boys, leaders of school, you - being compressed by all heart for fear - nevertheless, refused to beat “the swot - the four-eyes“ only for the fact that he is an excellent student.

Remember! Remember in detail and all! Even the fact that today it does not seem to you important and courageous. For example, as you burst out crying with the teenager from a grief, reading about death of the Gadfly … Or as your adult heart when you watched the movie about inexplicable courage of our soldiers on the Kursk arch … was ill and suffered

do not hurry! Fill the right half of a leaf every morning. Make it hobby. Rejoice, opening themselves real - courageous, pure, generous.

And once there will come day when, having looked at the leaf, you sincerely are surprised. Because on this leaf - in black and white - it will be visible how there are a lot of fine rushes and firm acts you worried. And as - near them - the fears which subordinated you are small and insignificant. Means, you just forgot yourself real. And - became puzzled.

And here from this feeling that you - real - are and the surprising mechanism of your self-affirmation will be started. This the omnipotent, checked by all heroes of the world mechanism - - will perfect day by day your courage. And you will surely find true fearlessness.