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How to sell anything or sale step by step!

can be Sold anything! The main thing to perfectly know algorithm of conducting sales.

There are also chaotic sales, but at the correct creation of process of sale - results it is much better.

The main stages of sale - acquaintance, identification of needs of the client, the presentation of the goods, responses to objections of the client, completion of the transaction, after-sale service.

Let`s consider them in more detail.

A zero stage of sale (can be absent at all). Phone call. the Main error of sale at this stage - to tell

about goods all information quicker. Do not forget that the purpose of phone call - to make an appointment with the client. The ideal duration of phone call - no more than three minutes.

Before conversation it is necessary to specify whether the client can talk. You should not begin conversation if the client hurries somewhere. Even if he will tell that at your disposal there are five minutes, all the time of conversation he will glance for hours.

It is necessary to speak by an accurate, steady and benevolent voice. It is impossible to try to utter quickly information, it is better to do pauses.

Avoid phrases - parasites. For example, after the beginning of conversation “You are disturbed by the company …“, and there is a wish to answer “The company … does not disturb us“. Or the widespread phrase “I would like …“. Interests the client a little what you want there. It is necessary to speak benefits of the client.

After telephone conversation - it is moved to the following level - acquaintance to the client at a meeting.

First stage of sale. Acquaintance.

the Purpose - to impress favourably the client.

You should not remind of appearance and neatness once again. It and is so clear.

It is impossible to begin the presentation standing in a corridor. The well-mannered client himself will offer where to pass and sit down. And if the crude object got to you, you will choose for yourself the place or ask where it is possible to sit down. It is necessary to respect himself!

If at the time of your arrival the client was busy, for example, studies standards of IFRS, - designate yourself if it is necessary to wait long. Your same time, and it costs much.

It is necessary to keep business tone of communication in conversation. Not to forget about contact of eyes. To be as equals with the client. You came with the favorable business offer, but not to ask its handout.

Second stage of sale. Identification of needs of the client. Grant

the most important stage of sale. From that on how many effectively you will carry out it, the result of negotiations depends.

the Purpose - get to talking the client about his problems and requirements. At this stage it is important to be able to listen, but not to speak. Lead

concerning your competitors. For example “And where you bought goods before?“, “What you did not arrange in the previous supplier?“, “What you expect from these goods?“.

Remember all wishes of the client, and at the following stage build the presentation “under it“.

Third stage of sale. Presentation of goods. the Purpose - here you also begin to tell

that you sell. It is necessary to present the main benefits of goods in 2 - 3 minutes. At the same time you have to possess information for 50 - 60 minutes. At each meeting, proceeding from needs of the client, you also choose that piece of information which it needs to present.

For example if in the previous supplier of the client did not arrange the price. To tell silly 10 minutes about your excellent quality. It is better to interest the client in your flexible system of discounts.

A possible error of this stage - it is negative to speak of competitors. Or it is good, or in any way. It is better to place emphasis on your advantages.

During the presentation it is important to involve the client in process of discussion of goods. Constantly ask questions from the “And how to You It Is Pleasant?“ series. The client, but not you has to tell 70% of time. Be able to listen and hear.

Fourth stage of sale. Responses to objections.

the Purpose - finally to convince the client.

You remember - the seller conducts sale, but not the client. Do not allow the client to fall into hibernation and to think alone. He will not guess anything good.

It is possible to provoke the client the phrase “Can at you there were some questions?“.

At this stage it is impossible to interrupt the client or to argue with it. If he speaks “I cannot be defined now“, answer with the phrase “Let`s think together. I to you will help to choose“. It is impossible to say that the client is not right. Even if he states a negative response, answer with the phrase “You of course are right, but ….“. In the beginning you as if agree with the client, he loses the vigilance, here then you also present information necessary to you.

Fifth stage of sale. Completion of the transaction.

the Purpose - to sum up the meeting result.

Show that the choice of the client is not indifferent for you. The good phrase will be “What it is better for us to choose …?“. If the client does not decide on purchase at once, agree about concrete date of decision-making. It is impossible to give to the client too many days on decision-making.

Sixth stage of sale. After-sale service.

the Purpose - in time to fulfill all the obligations. It is impossible to forget about the clients at all. In time to bring goods, in time to provide documents for accounts department, is in an access zone if the client has questions. Ideally - to send cards to holidays, to wish happy birthday, to call periodically to learn as from the client of business. And then it will become yours forever!