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The contemporary history of the city of Glupov

As it is known in Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin`s story “A story of one city“ is told about rough activity of 21 city`s mayors. What bright there were persons! For the lack of the place we will remember only some of them.

Ferapontov Photius Petrovich, Urus - Kugush - Kildibayev Manyl Samylovich, Lamvrokakis - runaway Greek, Ferdyshchenko Pyotr Petrovich and, of course, viscount Du Chario Angel Dorofeevich, French native. The fan to ryaditsya in a women`s dress and regaled on frogs. After consideration, appeared devitseyu.

But Saltykov-Shchedrin`s story comes to an end on 1826. Right after decembrist revolt, lately called by revolt against legitimate authority.

Who and as further operated the city of Glupov, we, unfortunately, do not know. But the city - that did not disappear anywhere. It grew and developed, despite all political and economic cataclysms. Several times changed the name. And, having turned into the big industrial center by day of the termination of the Soviet power, again began to be operated by governors. Here about them that and the speech. And if who learns in Glupov the hometown, and in his city`s mayors of the heads, then it only annoying coincidence.

So, we will begin.

1. Maurice Stepanovich Gorkavy. Flew in the Governor`s chair on a wave of revolutionary expectations. It was remembered to inhabitants by the youthful spontaneity. Only at whom the entrance was opened for everyone in the White House - the place of a governor`s haven. Tried to transform everything in 500 days. Returned to the city the primordial name. Thanks to a personal contact brought persons of imperial blood from Europe more than once. Ladies` man. It was deposed through increase. Multobraz - Buratino. Still sticks the nose anywhere.

2. Vasily Feoktistovich Sklyankin - Eagles. Was quite ordinary, but also special did not do harm. Gave the power resignedly, and the province was included into “a red belt“. Multobraz is a burro of News agency - News agency.

3. Grigory Eliseevich Toptunov. From “former“. It was remembered to citizens by the wife, the woman pleasant in every respect, but zhadnovaty. The last years operated everything instead of the spouse who left the city by the end of the board without money. Both disappeared suddenly in connection with cancellation of elections. Multobraz - Kot Basilio and a fox Alice. Live on earlier got.

4. Vsevolod Ivanovich Bolshegnezdovsky. It is sent from the capital for establishing order. Considers himself in exile. From mathematics knows only division and subtraction. Opened a zoo in the city and there celebrated the name-day. Burned half-provinces then received the award “For Merits before the Fatherland“. Began to consider himself irreplaceable after obtaining the second term. Multobraz - Kashchey Bessmertny. Carefully hides the egg on which there is the real hunting recently.

And in the city build meanwhile the bridge to which forgot to lay access roads. Also construct a ropeway to which will probably forget to fasten ropes. Also dig under the great writer, the fellow countryman. Dig three years. Also prepare for flooding. To hide traces from the fires, possibly.

A inhabitants already got used to go on foot, to breathe a smog and to glorify the governor. Glupov, one word.