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Rest in Sochi? We celebrate the velvet season!

“You where? In Sochi? Oh, is not present, it too expensive!“ - Tatyana exclaims and chooses more habitual Turkey.

And Larisa, injured from crisis, brings together the children on ecological rest to the far village. As there it … Prostokvashino?

Really, rest in future Olympic capital often is associated with something fabulously expensive or not really comfortable. Alla remembers saddened impression the bolnichno - the compulsory mode sanatorium, and Igor for many years remembers the poisoning got in the Black Sea resort …

But warm waves are still played with glossy pebble. Children with interest throw it into water. The purest mountain rivers invite to travel. Numerous falls are called for the invigorating bathing. The gorges twisted with lianas, the Colchis wood, mysterious caves and dolmens send us to depth of centuries … to mountain

A? The Alpine meadows of Krasnaya Polyana do not understand indifference. Here it is true harmony! And the most important that interesting meets in this region continually. The main thing to make a right choice, and for this purpose it is necessary to stock up with district maps, to study guides, to polazit in a network and, of course, to make some intellectual efforts … You really are ready to it?

By the way if your neighbor in an apartment house joyfully reported that he goes to Sochi, it does not mean at all that every evening he will walk on the pathos embankment of the well-known city.

Sochi is not only resort “capital“ of Russia, it is the whole city district Greater Sochi stretching from the settlement of Magri (to Hugo - the East from the mouth of the river Shepsi) to frontier with Abkhazia on the river Psou. It consists of four areas: Lazarevskoye, Central, Hostinsky and Adler. What to choose - a matter of taste and a purse.

It is necessary to consider as well an arrangement of the chosen vacation spot. As usual, than closer to the center, those high prices. Besides, the Sochi airport is in Adler (therefore from the place of an arrival to Lazarevskoye it is necessary to go about 3 - 4 hours the electric train going from the station of the city or to a taxi 2 - 2,5 hours), and the railway station is conveniently located in the settlement.

Rest in Greater Sochi does not demand either the visa, or the international passport, or knowledge of foreign languages … In any shop - products of habitual brands. It is possible to wander about inhabited streets, to use inexpensive city transport or to move on the privately owned vehicle, to visit mountain auls and to taste fragrant honey and tea, a domestic wine, fresh fish and the Adygei cheeses (which will smoke directly in the face of curious tourists). Caucasians are indeed very hospitable and hospitable.

The question of search of housing is absolutely irrelevant here. The offer obviously exceeds demand. Practically each house, each yard decorate draft plates “surrenders“. There are here also very decent hotels where the buffet, and grandiose sanatoria - palaces with huge territories - parks where it is possible to restore really the health, and various boarding houses is organized. Are especially popular pass - hotels and guest houses. There are also poor summer lodges for “three kopeks“. “Everyone for requirements“ and, of course, by opportunities …

can Pick up to itself a roof over the head already on the place. But it is more reliable to think of it in advance.

But if you go to Sochi for the sake of a quiet rest with juvenile offsprings and at the same time do not intend to go beyond the hotel territory, most likely, this resort not for you. Go abroad, choose system “all inclusive“, a solid set of services and enjoy life without excess financial expenses. On a ratio the price - quality our resorts still obviously concede to foreign analogs.

Big Sochi is a place for thrill-seekers and the fascinated phototravellers, and also citizens exhausted by vain life.

Sochi is paradise for all those who look for bright impressions, beautiful types, charming landscapes, at the same time the fatigue does not fear and wants to embrace immensity …

Hurry, the velvet season begins!