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“Personally I cannot help“. And you tried? It is so simple!

in life should be passed By much, alas. Is once, are sure that from our help of advantage as from a goat of milk, … Sometimes grandmothers have enough

on a shop at an entrance only idea to give that supposedly here to write the letter to ZhES concerning construction of a ramp, and the uncle Semyon, the poor creature, on a carriage itself cannot get out to the street.

They, grannies, pismetso nakropat. And to you then only to edit, gather on a computer and to give to ZhES through them, your agents - old women. You look, and something will be solved. Though slightly - slightly. And the uncle Semyon at an entrance will tell the respect to you in the mornings, inhaling aromas of the blossoming lilac. My God, how many around such unfortunate, on all you will not become torn, at most - a cart and the small cart of problems.

And if someone calls for the help, for charity, it is more often even irritates: “Well than I can help, I - not the millionaire, not a celebrity packed by money and opportunities, at children a heap am small … Stick with the requests … Concrete is what to offer? Or only you are able to shoot the breeze, clever men?!“

Is! There are quite specific proposals ! You personally can make very much that you do not even represent! As I practice it, I speak not without adducing any proof.

Yes, I again about those who are necessary to nobody, who anybody`s. About orphans. Orphanage... I want to share the impressions about this establishment.

Orphanage in the large city where the power supervising these establishments sits in chairs where there are a lot of firms, foreign and our where on New Year`s Eve the money which is dropping out of a purse it is possible to let and give on charity a champagne toast on this occasion to the health at midnight …

... And orphanage in the province. It is business another is perfect.

Winter. Minus thirty three … Provincial children`s home on which I have a direct bearing which I visit often. Children run in school. Why run? Frost because. And still because standing they have a summer footwear, and instead of a coat and fur coats on many - several old jackets.

It is two candies for an afternoon snack on Sundays.

It is couple of seasonal footwear for two years.

It - after a dinner at seven in the evening without apple, chips and other delicacies well-loved by ordinary children.

It is the general “Good night!“ from the night tutor.

It is a graduation party in what was given, but not in the best dress made-to-order or bought by mother abroad. The hairdress will be made by girlfriends, the parting word will be told by someone others. Generally, it - at all not that rehearsal of a wedding which the graduation party for other, ordinary children is.

It - is not enough shorts, T-shirts, brassieres …

It is “orphan“ in a size equivalent to $1 a month (pocket money our way).

It is each unfamiliar woman who entered the block - “probably, my mother...“. And at once all group runs after you with shout “Mother!“, and you have in a throat such lump that...

It is some school after the termination, then work, too some, scanty salary, the corresponding contingent in friends, well, and most often the corresponding future - children to give to native children`s home, and most … Eh … It is possible to list further and further.

Heads can complain and ask from the state not everything both and want, knowing uselessness, hopelessness. Survive as can.

But the state is we! Well do not laugh! Itself I understand absurdity of this statement. I mean that everyone makes a skeleton of this state. And we can help specifically , everyone on a thread …

Than? How? Well, everyone - differently. I will begin with labor-consuming, darling, dushezatratny and I will gradually reduce to simple, but productive.

Can adopt the child, to take under guardianship , in a foster home.

Here - any propaganda, any advisers, and in general, I leave … Personal record of everyone.

It is possible (if you are a director of studies at school or you head parental committee) to organize of a trip - excursion in the nearest provincial orphanage for children - pupils of a prestigious gymnasium. With presents small. To play together soccer, kontsertik - to carry out improvisation with prizes. Advantage huge (I know precisely) and for our, “prizorny“, and for those, homeless. Ours have such useful revolution in the heads and souls! And those suddenly understand, as they can have friends from that, another, lives that communicate with them as equals. Can begin correspondence, having exchanged addresses. Well then the composition on excursion to write, esteem - to discuss.

Can help clothes , footwear, toys. Well, right now to call friends - girlfriends, to ask that took a taburetochka and picked in mezzanines - you never know there scarves, hats, sweaters, tights warm … Ahead - winter. And all this simply waits for the garbage container in the following clear-out.

And still (I will tell in confidence) - kids almost do not wear shorts. Is not enough.

And still - kids can not always come for walk by all group - it is impossible to dress all in winter, to put in warm. And therefore it is possible to breathe air not one and a half, but half an hour...

And still circles on interests do not work for them because there is no plasticine on all, paints, threads and a tambour, sewing machines …

bags with things can bring Then to the next to you children`s home. Only it is not necessary to follow to the director pompously gratitude and to put the business card on his table. It is necessary to make it softly, modestly, and that will be afraid to take. You never know … When contact with children`s home is come by

, it is possible also at a local forum sekond - hendovets, including, help to start up a call - “Clothes to orphanage“! You know, to you people will constantly carry things, and you to transfer THERE. And when you will be called and will tell: “Huge to all of you thanks - you dressed and put on all orphanage by winter“, you will shrink from pleasure and shame for all our state Russian, Belarusian and another. The state in which there is this shame - thousands of thrown children forgotten by society forever.

Can be taken for the weekend and the child`s vacation from orphanage in a guest family . To feed, reduce in puppet theater, circus … To dress up though slightly. If constantly to invite such guest, there will be no trauma to either the child, or you. Sometimes happens so that you so grow to each other that there is already no wish to leave.

Can be offered and by to make the website to some orphanage. If there are means and desire. That there are as much as possible people and officials (I not by mistake divided it into two types) learned about these gray buildings with a high fence where “hold“ children from 0 to 16 years.

The orphanage can make the free website, by the way. If there are no means, but you are able to do it, and you have the website or the blog on which it is possible just “to carry“, “advertise“ orphanage. And suddenly? Suddenly mother will find according to your reference?

You read up? Thanks!

And now thought that “ìíîãàáóêàôô“ and what personally well does not suit you anything? And even irritates from uselessness - you cannot help nothing from listed.

Incorrectly you think! Already because you here, on this website. And you have the page, there is a blog. There was only a desire to find the address of any already existing website of any children`s shelter and to place in the diary a short note with the reference on this DD.

And all. And great Mister Internet is farther will make the business!

And once some mother who looks for the child will read yours (absolutely another, merrily and very clever) article about how it is correct to look after skin during holiday, and then will glance in your blog, and there - the reference to a photo of children, and further - all of you know!

You will not be thanked, most likely, about you will forget at all, but you - that will know that there is somewhere your godson who with a kiss is awoken in the mornings by MOTHER, your former reader.

If now you think that all this demagogy and vain attempts me, the author to attract readers in article, then I am ready to object. With deep arguments.

In a year lives of my author`s website we here helped to find such, almost passive participation a family and to say goodbye to orphanage to FIFTEEN kids! Perhaps more. We cannot know. But with fifteen parents, not less happy, than their “new“ children, we publicly hold communication. Not each orphanage has such results, by the way …

I all other methods, from very first to the last, too are used by me and still “work“.

And at heart from it it is good. What and to you I wish!