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Counterfeit drugs: The Ministry of Health warned you?

the Autumn time - eyes a charm … but, except a charm, this traditional time of flashes of ORZ, a SARS and other catarrhal diseases.

We, of course, will go to the next drugstore to get saving medicine. May we be sure, holding treasured packing of pills in hand that it is not a fake?

Healthcare Committees: not guilty I, he came

began to Sound the alarm on a pharmaceutical market recently. In the late nineties the State Duma adopted the law “About Medicines“ where on area of their production did not fall not a shadow of doubt and the concepts “The Forged Medicine“ of the Russian legislation just did not exist.

Druggists to themselves would sleep peacefully, but the idea from above came to some “zdravookhranitel“ to mind everything is to walk with check. Here - that the house of cards from tablets and pills was scattered. It turned out that 3,7 percent of preparations are a fake. And dietary supplements and medicinal cosmetics with the head rolled in falsification.

Types of a medicine on a pharmaceutical market

Swindlers, they Avicenna of the 21st century, conjured 4 types of ornamental medicines.

1. A preparation - a baby`s dummy. It is harmless, similar to medicine only the name. In practice this medicineless something, mixed and formed in the form of a tablet.

2. A preparation - imitation. Differs from the present in the fact that ingredients cheaper are involved, so, the expected effect will be reduced.

3. The changed preparation. apply the same substances Here, as in an original preparation, only in what quantity they contain - a riddle.

4. A preparation - the copy. Hotly favourite option of the forged medicine in Russia., It seems, the same ingredients, and proportions are observed. Confuses only the fact that and) - the producer is unknown, b) - where this secret tabletkomeshatel bought substances for production, too is not clear. So far the rooster did not peck

… or 10 rules of the patient

1. Do not buy medicines without appointment of the doctor.

2. Get medicine in the certified drugstore (exclude campaigns in doubtful pharmaceutical points, drugstores on wheels etc.) .

3. Remember that upon purchase of medicine in the Internet - a drugstore your chances to get a fake increase repeatedly.

4. You doubt authenticity of a preparation? Do not hesitate to demand the certificate of conformity.

5. Do not follow the tastes of own laziness, see a doctor or the druggist of other drugstore if you suspect a medicine of a doubtful origin.

6. The doctor appointed new medicine? Having bought it, be verified with the reference book of medicines. The properties and production specified on packing have to be identical to the book version.

7. Never buy medicine privately. Once having won in the price, once and for all you can lose own health.

8. Always keep the check and packing of a preparation.

9. Attentively study an insert to medicine: it has to be from qualitative paper, a font accurate, the detailed description of a preparation, phones for communication, the address of the producer etc. are obligatory.

10. Do not take medicine only for the reason that it is advertized endlessly.

If earlier the big percent of fakes was delivered to the country from China and India, then today our immense Homeland itself also succeeded in this area. More than a half of parties of drugs are forged directly in the territory of Russia.

So far we wait and we believe that the question with an underground pharmaceutical market will change to the best, be buyers, vigilant and attentive to the health.