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Whether it is necessary to take advance payment?

In many organizations are an opportunity to get paid two times a month. The first part usually is called “advance payment“.

If there is an opportunity to choose, then many often refuse advance payment, motivating it with the fact that “everything is better and at once, and then in the pay day receive that twice less“. Or, for example, “is not present, it is not necessary, and I everything will spend that“.

In - the first, let`s think together, whether and advance payment it. Usually the salary in a month is paid in the first days of the next month. Well, for example, the salary for August is paid in the first of September. To someone - the fifth, to someone - the tenth. Not an essence.

Date of advance payment falls approximately on the middle of the period between salaries. Approximately number on 20 - e the current month. What turns out? We honestly would work about lshy part of month, we receive after that a half of a salary and it is called “advance payment“? Yes we ALREADY earned this money! What, in the name of God, advance payment?!

The author, for example, with pleasure would get paid though every Friday for last week. Every day is for permanent job too: why it is so strong to litter a statement of the bank account. But there are no once a week - why?

Everything, the achievements of financial welfare which are in a subject actively interested, already, probably, if did not read then they heard about Robert Kiyosaki`s book “The rich father, the poor father“. One of the main theses on which obmusolivaniye Robert Kiyosaki was not sorry blackened, papers, is well-known “pay at first yourself“. Well, we will look to whom we pay, refusing advance payment.

Actually, benefit from receiving (and, respectively, shortage from non receipt) advance payment can be very easily counted. Let`s say your salary - 1000 dinars a month. Let`s assume also that you have a reliable acquaintance the moneychanger which accepts money in growth for a week under 5% per annum.

Then if you receive 500 dinars for 2 weeks earlier, then you can earn about 1 dinar by the pay day (to increase 500 dinars by 5% per annum, to divide for 365 days in a year and to increase for 14 days).

Not God knows what money, will tell some. Perhaps. I will add only that actually the difference between these two scenarios makes 2 dinars: you or receive this dinar (plus one), or do not receive, so, lose it (minus one). You or can spend one dinar from above, or have to take this one dinar “from the“. Thin unevident moment.

Think over it at least minute before beginning to argue. If all - there is a wish to argue, we will review one more example. Let`s say you play some game into the account. For example, in table tennis. Let`s say the score 7:5 in your advantage. If you win the following giving, then the account will become 8:5 in your advantage if you lose - 7:6. There is no situation “again 7:5“ after the next draw. Or “up“, to 8:5, or “down“, to 7:6. The situation “7:5“ has only two possible continuations: either “8:5“, or “7:6“. In the first case your advantage will make 3 points, in the second - the DIFFERENCE between these two scenarios - TWO, but not one point will be reduced to 1 point, and.

Once on the Internet the author saw a banner - the animated GIF. Actually animated was only the inscription from two parts, the background was static. Against four men in trousers with braces and white shirts - in style of America 30 - x years 20 - go centuries were represented. One if I am not mistaken, had a shovel, at others, maybe, there were still some tools... They were considerably the different growth and build - as “thick and thin“, only in a square: one high and thin, another - small and wide etc. All of them held hands crossed on a breast, and quite self-confidently looked forward. The first part of the blinking inscription said: “We can not work“. The second - “We do it only for money“.

So, my dear freelancers, in the morning - money, in the evening - chairs. Well, or as a last resort: in the evening - money, in the morning - chairs. Also trust yourself: trust yourself in questions of financial discipline, trust yourself that you will be able to drink so much wine how many tasty and it is useful, and not so much that next day the head broke up. The phenomena are different, but psychologically - in something similar.

There are, of course, cases, and even the whole periods in life when it is necessary to be given for promises, but it already another story altogether.