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Video games: whether they promote development of the child?

More than 90% of modern children and a great number of adults play video games. All my family, young and old, too plays (except for 3 - the summer granddaughter - she does not know yet what is it, and me - time grudges). Authors and sellers of many games claim that it is very useful to play them, they develop that, this and this. Besides, a lot of the developing and educational video games are issued.

But whether so they are useful how they speak? As for adults, they are able to solve, they need these games or not. Computer games just rescue many as they help to have heavy time (especially during an illness) or a stress when there are no none of close people nearby. But how to be with children? Whether on the business of video game they are developed and if it so, then what is the time they can give without prejudice to harmonious development of children and teenagers?

First of all we will deal with adults. The Cambridge university (England) made experiments in which 11000 volunteers aged from 18 till 60 years participated. Prior to experiences they passed test of mental abilities. Then to them picked up video games which, according to their producers, develop mental abilities of adults. Then 10 weeks, on 3 times a day, within 10 min. every time, examinees carried out exercises in the form of video games for development of intelligence. It was supposed that the video games offered volunteers have to improve orientation in space, increase concentration of attention, develop skills of planning and decision-making etc. of

However the testing held after the end of experiment yielded zero result (thanks still that people did not grow dull). Generally, as it is told in the Russian movie “Diamond Hand“: “If the person - the fool, then it for a long time!“. According to the recommendation of organizers of experience, much for development of mental abilities frequent walks in the fresh air, consumption in bigger amount of fresh vegetables and ballroom dances can yield the best results (probably, such is the English humour).

And here in the USA (university of the State of Illinois) the same experiments were made with people 60 years are more senior. Also it turned out that video games are useful to them - they promote improvement of working (short-term) memory, accelerate brain activity etc. of

A how to be with children? Even the European parliament dealt with this issue, so it was got by preventions of teachers, psychologists and other experts. And what you think? The European Parliament did not find proofs that video games are harmful to children. According to europarliamentarians, even cruel games are useful to children. Many games develop strategic, creative, an independent way of thinking, and group games teach interaction between people.

However psychologists did not come to a consensus about influence of video games on children. Some of them consider that such games provoke aggression. According to others, many games help to develop both mental capacities, and social skills. Perhaps, as always, both those, and others are right. At the same time scientists with alarm note signs of dependence of teenagers aged from 8 till 18 years from video games, similar on narcotic that negatively influences other parties of their private life.

Video games can entertain and develop the child. However they take away time which it could spend for other occupations. According to the researches conducted in Russia, the teenagers who are fond of video games spend for homeworks for about 40% less time, than it would be necessary, and on reading - is 30% less than time. Therefore business of parents - to regulate time which children spend behind video games.

On a daily routine the child at first has to perform homeworks and daily duties. On the weekend video games can allow more time. It is necessary to forbid them in evening and night hours as they badly influence a dream of children. Parents have to control constantly time spent by children behind video games. Especially it is important for younger age. As children play sitting, it is necessary to encourage their outdoor games in the open air and sports activities.

Thus, video games can be useful, and can do much harm. If children are engaged in them reasonably, it promotes, along with other their activity, to intellectual development and helps to acquire new skills. First of all, the child gets and improves skills of work with the computer that it is useful to it at further training. Correctly picked up video games develop at children thinking, attention and logic, memory and ability to make decisions. Management of video game improves coordination of movements of the child. The training games help to prepare it for school. Group video games are learned patience and interaction in group. Some games develop creative imagination.

At the same time it is necessary to accustom the child to read more books and more often to happen in the fresh air. It is necessary to remember that the excessive interest in video games constrains development of the frontal lobes of a brain which are responsible for logical behavior and mental abilities. So everything is good moderately.

Of course, it is good that parents had a means - the computer, the attention of children distracting for some time and allowing adults to go about the own business. But this means cannot be abused, otherwise the computer can replace to the child and parents, and all real world. If you love the children, find for them more time, help to do homework, walk with them in the fresh air, play outdoor games etc. Then the computer, including, will bring more benefit, than harm.

So scientifically - technical progress - it is good if it is correct to use it.