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Sharks. The biggest - most “informidable“?

“Shark“ - the word unpleasant, a jimjams. Even if you watch film, and are able to submit the invoice to cinema. Such robot - the murderer, with a mouth, as an abyss, capable to absorb all visible world, with the jaw and teeth capable to peremolotit all real. With eyes, in which emptiness. Even there is no interest in the victim. Not incidentally went: “sharks of imperialism“ and even “wordsmiths“ and so on (at once I apologize if touched someone, ranking itself to above-named).

Cinematographers are right - they are such, these terrible sharks: Big white, Tiger, Molotogolovaya, some other. But there are sharks very much - very big, the biggest. Sharks, safe for the person. Their “vegetarians“ you will not call, eat nevertheless something live. But they on a special diet - plankton.

A whale shark - the biggest shark in the world. Length - to 14 meters (in retelling of fishermen - from 20 and more, “Here - and - and - and - iye“). Weight - to 36 tons. And this large object manages to live plankton, tirelessly soaking up and filtering water. And lives in the high sea (what warmer) the put spark century (70 years). Such quiet “intelligent“ sharks. Do not clash with divers, speak, even play.

Color at a whale shark - it is gray - blue or brownish, and all back in specks. In Latin America it is called by “dominoes“, the Japanese name corresponds to these specks too, on Madagascar it call “starry“, in Africa there is the whole myth about an origin of these spots. And in Vietnam this shark - a deity by the name of Ca Ong, in her honor festivals are held.

A whale shark - the biggest in the world, follows her to the Huge shark . It is less - length is about 10 meters, weight is about 4 tons. This is a shark - the cosmopolitan. She loves all waters, to her is comfortable everywhere. But is more comfortable nevertheless where at the moment time more plankton - this shark eats it too.

The huge shark “is also tolerant“ to sea vessels, can be favorable to divers. But here people are not too favorable to it, this shark was always very good, very valuable goods. It is a pleasure to catch - boats and does not avoid people, does not attack, floats very slowly, to harpoon - any work. At the same time it is possible “to use“ it all. Flesh - meat and a forage, a skin - for leather products. Fins - in soup. Soup from spark fins - initially a delicacy from Chinese cuisine, its recipe is known since a dynasty Min. This soup - a separate subject, the fact remains, as fins of the Huge shark flaunted in these soups.

And liver!

( I cannot but remember a joke from the Koktebelsky childhood. Two sharks meet, one comes back from the gulf:

- You from where, from Koktebel? And what there special, it seems is there is nothing?

- Well you. In the same place House of Works of writers.

- Well and that?

- As that? And liver?

Meant that on vacation a sin not to enjoy some good Crimean wines. And the alkogolizirovanny liver - it fat becomes. So in a joke beat several subjects at once, including otzerkalit a subject of “a tasty liver“ ).

And so, and the liver at the Huge shark not just huge, but also is full of important substance - a skvalen. Even the word skvalen - from the word “shark“ in Latin (squalus). Chemists and druggists know what is it, it is enough to rest to hammer the word into search engine, and offers on purchase will fall down from there. Skvalen - difficult connection, is used from cosmetics before preparation of vaccines, and got - from a liver of sharks. In a liver of the Huge shark - a huge number of a skvalen. And in age-old times people were well informed on the value of oil of a liver of the Huge shark. It was used in traditional Chinese medicine, was considered as aphrodisiac in Japan.

It is clear, that the number of this shark decreased, it is in many countries and regions under protection. In the European Union, Great Britain and some regions of the USA trade is forbidden. Norway catches so far. A huge shark - the candidate for inclusion in the Red List IUC (International Union of Conservation).

Several riddles are connected with this shark - more precisely, riddles of some of the known legendary “sea monsters“ connect with this fish.

In 1808 to coast of the island Stronsay (in Scotland) after a whole gale beat a monster corpse. Stronsay Beast as it was called at once, had an appearance of a prehistoric pangolin that gave the grounds some scientist to assume that it could be incredibly big Huge shark.

In 1975 fishermen of the Japanese fishery vessel lifted in networks a corpse of an unknown animal which called “New Nessie“ (New Nessie - after Scottish the Sucker - the Nessky monster). Practical fishermen decided not to spoil already hooked fish and sent a corpse back to water. However, having repeatedly photographed, having measured and having taken pieces of fabrics of remains for the further analysis scientists in Japan. Versions was two: or inexplicably the remained remains of a plesiosaurus, or - the Huge shark.

It is probable that meetings with these huge sharks or their remains became in old times a reason for the numerous legends of the monsters living in the sea taking the breath away. But legends legends, and new discoveries continue to be made!

The Huge shark is followed by the most mysterious - the Macrostomatous shark . Why the most mysterious? And it was opened only recently, on November 15, 1976 . Somebody tried to have a bite underwater cables of the American research vessel which was in the area of the island of Oahu, in Hawaii. The being got confused, it was caught. The wrecker was long examined and strongly were surprised: and who it? It appeared - the shark unknown to science who is also eating plankton.

Opening it is considered the most sensational opening in the 20th century (in the field of ichthyology) . Then already studied, classified, gave the name. Since then such sharks were seen by several tens times. It is no more.

It is known that all sharks described here harmless, do not do harm to the person. On the person awful, of course, but kind inside. Just a share - girls and a share - boys. Are almost friendly to the person unless can touch with a tail inadvertently (that can already be fatal). It is very joyful that there are such species of sharks feeding on plankton and harmless for us. However there is no wish to check on itself somehow.

But how many for us opening strange still prepares the ocean?