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Why men like fat women?

were always pleasant, pleasant to Men and it will be pleasant when at them all - “full - it is full“ … of

If a glass, then full to the brim. If money, then - full pockets. As soon as there are pockets full then friends - full - it is full also of girlfriends - more than enough.

Pockets became empty? Nonsense! But problems at once pulled hard - at full scale. And the wife just, by the way, was brought to the full extent. And to garbage in the house - pailfuls … Well - full “êèðäûê“!

Teetotal? That`s good! Means, unnecessary spare parts and “excess“ details - full garage. There is no garage - there is a shed? That and in a shed is full of the “necessary“ stuff.

There is neither garage, nor a shed? Then - in the wood on mushrooms. There full - it is full of toadstools and if meet edible, then in them it is full of worms. Anyway, with a basketful - home. On a way back the rain happened? Waters - full boots … Everyday occurrence.

Here and we live, men, inhaling life a full breast. We like to live! We love also our beautiful women. We love them both in the afternoon, and at night. Especially at night... But quite often disturbs us, men, excessive leanness of our girlfriends.

As the fat woman is good! - it is expensive to Ljubo to have a look - both an osanist, and a pyshnogrud, and a round bottom makes such intricate movements that as captivated we look - it is impossible to come off. And our thin girlfriends are only angry and grow thin with jealousy even more.

Fat women have no female delights “separately“. All their body - continuous pleasure for men. As it is pleasant to iron elastic heights and to gently concern mysterious hollows, without fear to grope the next acting bone.

Very beautiful lines of a body at the fat woman. Whether there is she, with arms akimbo, sits, concerning a chair back, or lies in a nezapakhnuty dressing gown, languidly glancing and poigryvy a ringlet of the hair - all body is drawn by the smooth line, different in thickness, repeating effective forms.

The line does not break somewhere - it slides, being turned on a body, and hides in it a riddle for men. Men love such female riddles.

Fat women are skillful mistresses. They know well that white color makes look fat and therefore - for the men - they lay up condoms of white color. Men, every time finding the “increased“ solvency, fearlessly start solving any female riddles.

Fat women are good both in love, and in economy. They are thorough and reliable. Happen, she will shoulder a door jamb. … And what? Yes anything! At worst the jamb will respond a booming sound of sound construction. In the same situation the thin woman will exclaim plaintively in response to a crunch in her weak shoulder.

Men see in fat women treasured “full - fully“. See a plateful of rich borsch and a piece of the fried thoroughly meat to cold vodka. See the shaken-up pillows and a promising look of the ardent girlfriend.

Men do not hear from fat women of boring talk on any diets. Fat women - not thick! They are rather womanly. They are cheerful and cheerful!

Thin - are whining and sad … It is a pity for me for thin women.

If to me on a spark thin “creation“ suddenly comes - I will regret and I will let in the house. I will offer a hot bathtub - let will get warm. You look, will recover.

I will sing warm milk with honey - for beautiful complexion and health of a body. I will feed with butter biscuits.

To sleep I will put near myself, having carefully covered with the second blanket. I will tuck in a blanket diligently that energy did not leave finally its sickly little body. Let sleeps peacefully - gains strength.

Tomorrow is a new day … Perhaps I will leave it in the house on a half-year. I will fatten. Maybe something acceptable female will turn out from it. Not thin.