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Why men look at other women, even when go with the wife?

would Seem, well still it is necessary to it, I beautiful, harmonous, I go nearby, and he all the same stares at maidens, so to it and turned off the head - the young woman concerning addiction of the husband to looking at foreign maidens is indignant. Of course, she wants that he looked only at it, but the man`s eyes persistently try to discover in crowd of nice girls. Why who is guilty and what to do? Let`s understand together.

Kot does not cease to catch mice, even after the invention of a mousetrap. Why it always watches

at other women?

So it developed h2 that many thousands of years of evolution the man tried to find and have as much as possible women. In primitive times it was necessary for a survival of the human race in view of high mortality therefore each woman had to give birth, and as often as possible, and the duty to make multiple copies and feed posterity was allocated for the man.

Man`s strategy was following: whom saw, caught up, and fell in love with that, that is multiplied. First of all it is necessary to notice is in general important ability of the man - the soldier as wild animals, people from the hostile tribe attacked from an ambush, rescued ability to notice danger in time. It was for this purpose necessary to look, look and look. So the male brain was formed in the millennia, we live in a relative civilization 5 - 7 thousand years that is an instant by the standards of evolution of development of the person, men did not manage to be reconstructed., It seems, and to hunt there is nobody, and women not especially run away now, and from some also it is necessary to run, but the habit to look out for a nice individual of an opposite sex in crowd remained, I think, for a long time. Spells of moralists and feminists that to examine the woman indecently have no result, to argue with biology is useless. Just it is useful to recognize evidence - the man will always look at nice girls, you were not as if good and attractive. Who is guilty


Of course, man! Why? And what it …? Such answer suits many women, but actually changes nothing. Therefore it does not make sense to look for guilty. For example, to claim that if your young man looks at foreign girls, so you ceased to attract him, are guilty. In this case neither the question, nor the answer matter, it is much more important to understand what to do.

What to do?

1. Anything. If such behavior of the man does not disturb you.

2. To report about the concern if it is important for you. Only not to accuse of all sins, and to tell about the feelings. By the way, why it somehow affects you? Than specifically? What experiences?

3. To discuss questions from point two. Only without claim: you in me cause these unpleasant experiences by “glazeniye“ on any maidens. Recognize that your feelings belong only to you.

4. Begin to be interested. What in girls it is pleasant to it, than that is attractive, for example, here? You can discuss, only do not force its every time to report forcibly that all of you is equal better. I think, he will guess it to tell and if he does not think, ask, tell that it will be just pleasant to you. Perhaps, from such dialogue you will gather for yourself useful information, maybe, you should changing in something yourself.

5. Intercept an initiative. Report to the first about the approaching nice girl, show care that he did not kill, to you - that is simpler, you from far away see all maidens (feel). But you do not “load“ its every minute finding of subjects for a review, and that it will look revenge.

6. It is not necessary to examine also in revenge defiantly men, especially to comment on their merits.

7. Try though sometimes to stay the same beauties whom the man sees from outside, but not nearby, together. Appoint sometimes meetings to the man, agree to meet in cafe or other crowded places where your man could find you among other women, look at you from other foreshortening. It will be already interesting. And if you at the same time are not such usual, as always, the effect will be even better.

8. Coming with the husband or the young man to some action or on a visit, leave it to communicate with friends, find to yourself occupation, communication, without forcing it to pay you attention. Allow it to observe and porassmatrivat you from outside.

9. Join its male interests if he does not object, it is only necessary to do it sincerely, without getting the man. Accompany it in hardware stores and other places where there are a lot of other men or where generally man`s public. Your man with pleasure will observe how other men admire you, and will be proud that you are his woman. And all other women from the outside will not have for you such value any more, your elect looks at them or not.

The understanding and strengthening of the relations has to be sense of your reaction to looking of other women by the man. For confidence ask that he anyway recognized that you it is the best of all. After that you can easily join and help it with this fascinating business, as with an old saying: you cannot prevent - head.