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whom to be or unusual professions from And to I

Each person after leaving school reflects: with what kind of activity to connect the life. There is a wish that it was paid well and that it was interesting and to strain not too - that there is a wish … But, of course, it is rather heavy to find the work meeting all these requirements. And the person goes to study there, where to him in general on forces to arrive. And after the termination of educational institution there are different ways of actions. Someone goes to work on the specialty. So, for example, the dentist or the truck driver will never be left without work. Others choose the professions close to the specialty: the sociologist settles the HR manager, and the teacher of Russian edits texts. And in a large number of cases people get for the work which is not connected at all with that as which studied. Cases when the seamstress works the quality inspector at plant are known to all, and the car mechanic gets in insurance agents. Here to whom as will carry. But anyway never late to change hateful, boring or low-paid work for something more acceptable for you. The benefit now in the world appeared a huge number of new, interesting, unusual professions, and the number them constantly continues to grow.

We made for you the dictionary of the most unusual and interesting professions of the present. Suddenly yes something will please!

A - the actuary. Who is he? This is the specialist in insurance and not simple, and “calculating“ the price of human life, i.e. he defines tariffs of long-term life insurance.

B - baristas. If you do not understand restaurant business: baristas is to you not the bartender, it is a specialist in production of coffee. He knows what grains are necessary for a certain type of drink as it is correct to force down foam and other nuances. Besides, it does the real show of the, seemingly, routine work: its movements are so graceful that remind dance.

B - a web - the gardener. This is the person who keeps the set number of the websites in an order: looks, weeds dead references, changes a website mask according to the current requirements. He does not need to create something new - he looks after already existing: deletes unnecessary pages, cleans and updates old. Though the term web gardener even more often meets in IT - the industry, there are no specialized faculties yet.

If you like to creep on the Internet - to you here.

G - a grinkiper or a podbiratel of balls. Good work, say, for students or other people who do not have special skills. Podbiratel chases the departed balls and returns them to players in tennis and golf clubs.

D - Dolbezhnik. Owners of this rare and sonorous profession stick in large production companies and are engaged in metal working: production a press - forms, the seals, stamps - that is process on slotters of a detail of small and average complexity.

E - the Huntsman. This is the expert - the hunter serving hunters - fans. It controls observance of rules of environmental management and laws on hunting. If you love the nature and a privacy, then this work for you.

Zh - the Jockey. As it is romantic: to participate professionally in jumps, to train and test horses in riding who did not dream of it in the childhood?

Ç - Zubopolirovshchik. This is not the doctor who gives teeth to the client a high polish, and the worker at plant of clockworks polishing teeth of some details of hours on special zubopolirovochny machines. This hard work demands sensitive hands, good sight and careful approach.

I - the engineer - a forest pathologist. This position really is approved by Federal service of forestry of the Russian Federation. And the wood can ache, and such engineers watch its state, expel wreckers, tie up the broken branches and as it is told in duty regulations to a profession, “carry out lesopatologichesky monitoring“.

K is a collector. The person who is carrying out unpleasant, but horoshooplachivayemy obligations for collecting debts. But it is not the bailiff, he carries out extrajudicial collecting debts: leads discussions and negotiations with the defaulter, and sometimes even puts the psychological pressure upon the debtor. Within the law, certainly. Well, it is necessary to someone and are long to beat out.

L - layf - kouch. Hybrid of the psychotherapist and leading psychotraining. Layf - kouch is a professional adviser for the most different questions: beginning how to marry and get rid of excess weight and finishing with what profession suits you on zodiac sign and so forth. Unlike the psychotherapist, layf - kouch is engaged not in deep study of children`s problems, and offers emotional support together with professional psychological consultation. In spite of the fact that the market layf - coaching is huge, it is not mastered at all. Such expert can work as in HR - department of large corporation, and independently.

M - the Washerman of aircrafts. You sometime saw that aboard by a finger it was written: “Wash me, I all scratch?“ Of course, no. And all because washermen of aircrafts 1 - go and 2 - go categories are engaged in purity of planes. Having seized this profession, at the sight of the Boeing gaining height, you can report with pride seeing off that it was washed up by you. Both inside and outside. For this purpose it is necessary to know the trifle: types of the served aircrafts and the rule of the address with paint and varnish coverings and internal finishing of planes; precautionary measures at a sink and cleaning in a cabin of pilots and near emergency hatches; structure and a dosage of solutions of the washing liquids, and many other subtleties.

N - Namazyvateli of match heads. Putting sulfur on boxes and match heads therefore on a professional slang of these experts still call “obsershchik“ belongs to their duties. Household matches, and also large “hunting“ matches familiar to all - result of work of obsershchik. Now, thanks to universal mechanization of work, namazyvatel of match heads and korobk monitor exact operation of machines and machines not to allow failures and marriage.

O - the dresser main. Everyone would like to work as the chief dresser to enrich at the same time and itself favourite, but not everyone will want to work at mines. And it is vain, the chief dresser is a head of concentrating production in metallurgy. It controls sorting of coal or ore, service of concentrating cars and devices. In the north, for example, such expert earns from 6 thousand dollars and above.

P - the wig-maker, and works it, generally in theater. The wig-maker - the expert creating wigs, moustaches, beards, whiskers. Generally, all without what transformation is impossible. In Russia there are no educational institutions where it is possible to seize this skill, and experience is passed on in each theater from generation to generation, forming the whole dynasties. But recently courses of postizherny art gradually began to be conducted.

Ð - Razvodchik of freebies. This is the worker who is engaged in laying of freebies - semi-finished products in production of glass - in the special furnace. If such worker suddenly wants to change a job, he should explain long to a human resources department that the entry “cheapskate“ in the service record - at all not the characteristic, but the name of a profession.

C - sotsio - a bilder. Creates turnkey social networks. Actually the sotsiobilder is a marketing specialist who for days is in a network: by request creates on the websites of the large companies community, for example, of fans of cats, similar to LJ - community. It is unostentatiously sponsored and controlled by the producer of cat`s food. The main advantage of a sotsiobilder - a subtlety and not persistence: participants of social networks avoid front advertizing. To the contrary, dot advertizing campaigns and silent top dressing of participants give good advertizing effect and loyalty of users.

T - a titester is a person who tastes tea, and any tea company will not do without it. Depends on it what will be taste, color and a smell of drink. It seems, everything is very simple. But, that the titester tries hundreds of cups of tea in a day, do not think that it is its main duty. Is not present: at first he checks quality of the most tea leaf, then carries out an inspection of dry ready tea and only then the most tea drink. The expert assessment of tea at its different stages also gives a full picture about quality of tea. Real a professional titester it is possible to become only after 10 years of work in this sphere. So if you appreciate tea and this work to you to liking, then it is necessary to start it as soon as possible.

U - the Stacker of parachutes - the military specialist in operation parashyutno - saving and landing equipment, plane brake parachutes. Sounds impressively.

F - foot - the stylist. Foot - the stylist - to make the activity purpose so that the dish seemed more beautifully, than it is actually. It is not important that the chicken leg is not fried thoroughly, and cutlet thawed not up to the end, the main thing - that was beautiful. And why it is necessary? Remember the picture of fried potato on the page of the magazine and compare it to what costs at you on a table. What it is more beautiful? Of course, the picture in the magazine what beautiful would not be your creation. Here for such journal pictures moreover for advertizing projects the foot - the stylist is also necessary. To become foot - a stlilist everyone can, endowed with art taste and patience, the person. But to you the foot - the stylist will be simpler to work if you already dealt with food, for example, worked as the cook.

X - the headhunter. “Headhunter“, as he is called still. What does it differ from other HR specialists in? And the fact that this person can entice the valuable employee from good firm and find out the classified information on heads of firm. It has informants in different spheres through whom it can obtain the mass of information. Hedkhanter acts as the real intelligence agent. About confidential methods of these experts rumors and legends, and these “confidential“ methods of direct search which application, actually, and distinguishes the headhunter go are obtained not from literature or from “the senior companions“ but only by own tests and mistakes.

C - a tsinovochnik. Weaver of mats. By the way, again become fashionable.

Ch - the Shepherd. Shepherd of sheep. With development in Russia of farms becomes a demanded profession again.

Sh - Shoppers. Professional image consultants and to style. You like to watch something like “Fashionable sentence“ or “Remove it immediately“? And so: there you see work of the real shoppers - people who at first will consult, then will see and will estimate the clothes which are already available for you, and then will do some shopping and will pick up to you clothes. Any person who wants to find the unique style can resort to their services and to stand out from the crowd. Of course, services of shoppers are expensive, but the set of services can be reduced (having limited to consultation) or to expand (for example, to send the shopper to shop of one if you are too busy). If the fashion - your favourite hobby, then is not present obstacles to receiving a profession of the shopper as in the large cities special semi-annual courses on training of a profession of the shopper are conducted.

Shch - found nothing!

E - ekviyog the trainer. The Ekviyoga is special, very unusual type of yoga: yoga with horses. At those who are engaged in it the horse is used as the spiritualized apparatus, generally for extensions: that is the person lays down on a horse or showers on her a leg and carries out specially developed asanas on the basis of an ashtang - yogas. It is meant that in such symbiosis you will begin to feel much more effectively own body and breath (because differently the horse will kick up) and, eventually, you will be able to communicate with an animal practically at the subconscious level. The Ekviyoga is naturally combined with occupations by riding. The hybrid which is thought up by Tiffany Diring becomes fashionable worldwide, and there are yet not enough trainers.

Þ - Humorist. Slava Maxim Galkin haunts? Dare!

Ya - the nuclear physicist. Expert in nuclear physics and nuclear technologies. In our century of the nuclear weapon it will be very demanded.

So, now the choice for you: with grief and melancholy to trudge for work, or to run as for a holiday!