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How to master a communicator? Personal experience of

I dreamed Of ASUS P750 from the very beginning of its sales in Russia. But, unfortunately, it was succeeded to achieve dream only in the middle of January, 2010.

Incidentally bought the device from the businessman from Yekaterinburg who bought it on the advice of the acquaintance and could not cope with an obstinate gadget. Programs were closed in itself, the communicator hung in a waiting time of an important call.

In service it was not succeeded to repair plainly, and the owner decided to get rid of phone at one of local forums. So it also got to me using a convenient opportunity on very even to the tasty price.

Having read about problems “brothers and sisters by misfortune“ at forums 4PDA and ASUS Mobile, I decided on “ a reinsertion “. “Sewing“ was absolutely even not difficult and droplets not terrible business, but only if to carry out it according to the instruction and not “to climb curve handles where do not ask“. It is necessary to do so:

1. to Take the formatted MicroSD - the card no more than 2 GB and to copy on it - in a root - the PegasusP file. nb0;

2. to Insert the card into phone, to connect phone either to the computer, or to the power supply unit;

3. to Press the button of voice-activated control, to delay the joystick down and to shift the switching off button up. Holding these buttons in such situation, to press quickly and to release rest. To continue to hold buttons, the prompt of a butblok did not appear yet. Procedure of an insertion has to begin;

4. Upon termination of an insertion - if it passed successfully - the device itself will reboot.

In the beginning the informal, but very invitingly described insertions from the website ASUS Mobile were put to use. One of them activated the VGA mode (in this device - VGA matrix, but permission is exposed to qVGA) - beautifully, but is unstable. It was rolled away on a factory insertion, and over it put official WM 6. 1. Now also it became clear that not for nothing I so long waited and dreamed - the device the truth is good!

This communicator at me - not the first therefore options of application long had not to be looked for:

1. Reading books - helps me with it the Alreader 2 program (the font Georgia, background - Papirus - feeling as though you read the paper book);

2. Verification of e-mail and writing of letters - ProfiMail (this program is and on the smartphones working at S60 - the interface is ground under the digital keyboard therefore and on a nokiyevsky smart, and to work at Asus P750 equally conveniently);

3. Viewing of the websites - the browsers created especially for Windows Mobile is, a lot of, but I as the former smartfonshchitsa many years I remain is faithful to the Opera Pass; for start of this program it was necessary to install the emulator - Esmertec Jbed. From pluses - work with a clipboard (on the virtual keyboard it is necessary to gather “Ctrl + with“ for copying of the text and “Ctrl + v“ or “m“, if Russian layout) for an insert and a possibility of start of programs on all screen;

4. Communication on ICQ and Mail. Ru to the Agent - Inlux Messenger Light;

5. Viewing of movies - Core Player (the commercial The Core Pocket Media Player version allowing to watch not converted video and clips with YouTube - the truth, meanwhile only online, it is impossible to keep);

6. Listening of music - LCG Jukebox (according to most of users, this player possesses the best sound among similar, but it is pleasant to me from - for existence of an equalizer - generally, the loudspeaker at P750 is not intended for playing of music, but the mode of strengthening of basses corrects a situation, it is pleasant to me);

7. Typing - standard Word Mobile, editing - TextMaker (mobile analog of “desktop“ Word`a);

8. Dictionaries - a cover of Dict and actually dictionaries: “Russko - German“, “English - German“ and “The explanatory dictionary of S. Ojegov“;

9. Navigation - 2Gis (the interactive guide to the Russian cities + - it is useful to learn maps of these cities where you are now and that is nearby, only the main thing in time to update coordinates of satellites - for this purpose there is GPS Catcher applet which is built in a factory insertion);

10. Downloading of the pleasant clips with YouTube - Get YouTube Video 1. 2 (allows to set a name of the downloaded file, permission (240 or 360), a format (*. flv, *. mp4) and the place where the turned-out file will be saved);

11. - the modem for the netbook - a sim card I pulled out Use as 3G from old bilaynovsky USB - the modem, as an access point on a communicator prescribed home. beeline. ru and - voila!

The communicator became “USB - the modem“ with expanded functionality.