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Who such Ani DiFranco? Ani DiFranco - without wasting words

For example, you go by the car where - nibud, say, on the route: summer, the heated asphalt, the sun, the infinite woods...

And as soon as finishes some cool fate - N - a beater, the passionate music is turned on, the desperate female vocal clambers from the autoradio tape recorder and gets right in the heart.

Windows wide open, the whistling wind, suddenly on some note are rolled by melancholy, and you remember those with whom it was once happy. Music - is not present forces, all this she is Ania. She is able “to produce“ and bind emotions.

Ani DiFranco was born on September 23, 1970 in Buffalo (New - York). It early began to play (from 9 years) and to earn in local bars. In its main repertoire there were Beatles, but she composed also the songs which by 19 years more than one hundred were gained.

When her parents divorced, Ania was executed 15, she rented apartment and began to live independently. At this time it already gave concerts and, having considered that study continuation - waste of time, decided to finish the remained 3 years in a year. In 16 Ania left college and closely practised music. She played songs Beatles in transitions and earned additionally the model, posing for artists - students. On the advice of the friends she recorded some songs with cartridges and sent to owners of several clubs. So in 1989 Righteous Babe label (The fair kid) was born.

Her musical career proceeded spontaneously and had no plan. Unlike most of young musicians, she did not try to imitate anybody. She just sang, played, danced.

Let out a debut album of Ania in 1990. Since then there passed many years, and Righteous Babe still is one of the few independent labels of America. Originally RB settled down in the tiny apartment, and albums sold only after concerts. “We have no marketing scheme, there is no grandiose development plan, there is only one: we try to create good art“.

In 1989 Ania lodged in the prestigious Area of Manhattan. The local musical critic after an exit of its first album wrote about Ania so: “... The angry, aggressive, hating all men, careless, chaotic, hairy chicken trying to become fate - the performer“. Certainly, such impudence angered Ania. In protest it was shaved bare and the punk - folk called the music.

And in 1991 Ania went to tour across the country and quickly won popularity in “narrow circles“. Ania the punk - folk with elements of the jazz, funk, a Latina gradually supplemented.

By 1993 the musical companies began to pay to it attention, but unexpectedly they encountered repulse. It avoided and avoids any outside influence, especially large record companies.

All of us know stories when thematic musicians beat breast and shout of the independence while also bezdenezhna are not really popular. But, as soon as at the end of the tunnel the monetary contract together with the bank account, the blue screen and universal recognition will loom, - all identity and a charm of these performers becomes only image. Examples of that are also among our performers, but now not about them the speech.

Ania continued to give concerts and to let out albums which became better and better. Not a Pretty Girl (1995) received positive reviews in The New York Times, Dilate (1996) got to the first hundred chart of Billboard.

The most interesting that, without having support of muses. monsters, Ania nevertheless is one of the most celebrated and recognized personalities of the western musical Olympus. People tell each other about it, and the number of admirers grows. She constantly appears on covers of the famous musical editions and could scare together a fortune on only one t-shirts with the image, but she does not even allow to sign the name on these t-shirts. “I do not like to speak about myself. On a scene I in the center of attention, but in life - dismiss. I do not wish to work for image and to dance to others tune“. How here not to remember the kind word Lady GaGu which captivated all Internet the news and dresses.

Ania destroys barriers, proving that there is an alternative to system of the companies controlling 90% of the market of music. Independence not always an uncertainty synonym and to draw attention of people - it is not obligatory “to be on sale“ and flash on the screen.

She is often accused of militant feminism with considerably - political views, of the expressed complacency and cheap politics. And it all the same: beautiful, bright, with sexual stubborn curved lips, this woman - the rebel plays noncommercial music, does not conclude contracts and does not allow to earn money on himself. She supports homosexuals, criticizes the power, loves the one whom she wants, listens to nobody and does not fit in in any framework. The phrase became its motto: “Ignore the facts, go against the stream and tell the truth“.

Everything that it has, is the label, freedom, bright appearance and tattoos in places which people seldom mention aloud. Ania is a talent, loud laughter, statements for free love, noisy fun. As the poetess feminist Judee Gran noticed, for most of men the most awful and frightening sound on light is the loud female laughter.

The magnificent sense of humour of Ania includes between songs, provoking a laughter wave. She is attentive to the audience, to all nuances and details, not bad improvises, skillfully binds meanings, and through songs seeks and to inform of social problems and to unburden the heart.

Many years of Ania considered as the lesbian. But she says that she does not define the sexual orientation long ago. “In my life a floor, a hair color or recognition does not matter“. She writes songs about love and about sex both with men, and with women.

In her men, according to Ania, is much more female, than in her.

In 1998 she married, in 5 years divorced. In 2007 gave birth to the daughter whose father married in 2009.

Now Ania it is possible to see in a skirt and at lipstick. It became softer, but inherent kolyuchest remained it, and it is quite good. Feminism, I consider, it is good while it does not turn into repellent roughness and is not beyond seductive.

I like to sort the translations of its songs on lines. It is pleasant to me how she uses metaphors, a word-play, soft irony and evil sarcasm. She masterly unites personal and social (drug addiction, megalopolis problems), tells about plague of our century - a depression, and about only to the seeming allure of dispassionateness.

Its many songs about problems of racism, sexism, sexual violence, homophobia, poverty and war. She opposes all reactionary that accumulated in society, but does it elegantly, in a feminine way.

Ania the activist on life. And let it is criticized by those who consider personal and social as incompatible spheres of life, - it all the same.

Ania`s albums are on sale in all large shops of the USA, England and Europe, in Asia, Australia and Israel.

I cannot tell as far as it is known to our public, but with full responsibility I can declare that music which plays Ania can kindle fire to 40 degrees inside. (It is dangerous to listen to it in the hot summer, put the fan nearby!)

Unusual woman, nonconventional music, unnaturally bright hair color … mm... yes, naturalness - not my fad.

In a word, Ania very cool.