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To what type of people you carry yourself? To what type of people you yourself carry


In dependence to the relation to money, people can be divided into two types.

1. THOSE who try to solve financial problems of a family additional earnings or just increase in the income.

2. And those who try to save the earned money from excess expenditure.

So …

Once again question. To what type of people you carry yourself? It is very important.

1. If YOU try to resolve financial issues of your family by increase in your income. If you believe that it is better to earn more, than to save. Time expenses are not favorable to you? Then economy of the family budget not for you. And this blog not for you. Reading materials of a resource can deliver you the mass of unpleasant experiences. If you comment, other participants of the project will not understand you. Also it will not be pleasant already of we Will be tolerant. In the same category mono to carry people who do not aim in life. Which already solved all the material problems.

2. If you believe that it is necessary not only to earn money, but also to save them, then you got there where it is necessary. Comment on the blog, give the advice of economy. Your comments will surely find the grateful reader.

For those who do not refer themselves to one of categories, I will tell. You should not give in to general mood and to save for the company, from - for thoughts: “and what at me will turn out?“. Anything good it will not lead to.

I want to give not cunning advice. I do not apply for his authorship, but it is very efficient. Consider how many you earn in an hour of the working hours. If you earn more, than it turns out to save, I congratulate. You do not need to save. It is more favorable to you to work. Though this question too disputable. But for those who think that, it is worth being engaged in economy or not, can help.

And still. If you also do not think to listen to councils of people around. If you got used to agree always and at any deal to differ, you should not and try to keep account of the family budget.

And the last, but very important!!! I consider that the economy of finance and maintaining the accounting of the family budget are absolutely different things. If I told above that you should not save, then it does not designate that you do not need to keep the family budget. I am sure! It is ready to argue and argue the point of view! To keep account of the seed budget of valleys to be able (and actually to do it!!!) everyone. In not dependence on the income! You can lose it at any time. Nobody is insured from trouble. I do not want to frighten you at all. Just these situations pretty often.

Maybe you saw it?