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Cela I also began to cry or What is an incomplete Gestalt?

the Incomplete Gestalt are a chain which arrests us to people, places, life situations.

In other words - took apple, took a bite and postponed. Took one more, took a bite, near the first put. Ponadgryz of tens also you sit unfortunate, you will not understand in what business.

Or - sewed a beautiful dress, and was not enough for a sleeve of threads, and lies it not finished, is an eyesore, does not give rest. Here to you and the person with a ready incomplete Gestalt.

And people with an incomplete Gestalt are “swine“ who try to finish them in other situations and with other people, imposing them roles in own unfinished affairs because in the nature of people to seek to finish unfinished actions and to reach feeling of integrity and tranquility.

So, for example, I could not understand once that it is necessary - that to the person about what he goes into hysterics about what hints and what they in general “honut“. And it turned out that with me the person lost the incomplete Gestalt. It was dissatisfied with the previous relations in which came to grief, and subconsciously lost them again, but with me. And so does not happen, I another, and thoughts at me others, and feel in a different way. It is necessary to finish there, but not with me.

Or I, for example, too am good: was jealous, waited that I will be praised by someone important to me, will take care of me, the attention will show, and - Nat. Because I was malicious and with clear only to me enthusiasm “ate away a brain“ to other person that at it, so the occasion was to take care when I in the fulness of the heart sank into dotage and dropped out of balance.

Feeling of completeness, by the way, conformably intuitions. For example, there was at you a desire to send where far away any small insect, the message here is direct it is torn from you, but you have a tolerance and politeness. Or it is worse than that - indecision. And so far you think how more decently to replace the trigram word, the small insect suddenly a beret and disappears / sends you. Also there are you with your unrealized message and indignation in private.

Generally when we very much want something / someone, but “wigwam“; when we left someone on very strange note, without having understood what occurred; when we did not complete work or action, and, coming back mentally to it, we feel irritation and discomfort - it is and there is an incomplete Gestalt in all beauty.

Incompleteness can arise from not expressed love, the undivided fault which is not taken in the past of actions. If did not manage to express in time disappointment, anger, a grief, grief, indignation which arose in the relations with people.

Incomplete actions block. We feel unfortunate and intense, there is a center of chronic displeasure and alarm inside.

You know when you are exempted from negative emotions, bitterness and offense? When you decide that you need nothing from this person - either his love, or his respect, or its approval, in general nothing. And until then you will not be able to control the emotions, you will be angry, think of revenge and to feel unfortunate. It is your incomplete Gestalt - a consequence of unwillingness to forgive, forget or some other reason. At heart you still something want from this person, you are attached to him emotionally, but do not admit it even to yourself.

The person flounders in a pool from people who did not give / so did not take / did not estimate / did not notice. From time to time gets out of it, but it is not always possible to shake off the stuck dirt and clay from itself - and they brake, prevent to move ahead further.

To forgive is to refuse indignation, hatred and other feelings which accompany incompleteness. To try to remember only good what was connected with this person, the gratitude allows to get rid of feeling of indignation.

The stress, sleeplessness, irritability and neurosises eat incomplete actions. They can put out of action and for a long time deprive of ability to concentrate. Postponement of the decision to eat up apple / to finish a dress / to send a small insect is a typical example of an incomplete Gestalt. Feelings, emotions, experiences which were not expressed and complete in the past and the main thing - avoiding of their end - do not allow to lead to the person full life. The person slips when the irritation cannot find a way out.

The greatest difficulties in permission of a Gestalt are that often surrounding and even close people (and it is very important, the devil!) are not capable to support expression of these feelings, do not accept them and deny their importance, including their silly and even dangerous. As a result at the person protective mechanisms develop that most to cope with the feelings which he feels, but allegedly should not or does not want to feel.

Yes, many incomplete affairs cannot already be finished in real life. Did not deal with someone, and it took and left / died / disappeared, or a situation any more not that and milk escaped. Rhetorical question: what to do? The requirement, as we know, demands activity.

It is possible to finish:

1. Through return to old actions.

2. Addressing parallel situations in the present.

3. To tell about it to someone.

4. To play a sketch.

5. To dream up, as if it could come to the end. With an enormous separation elements from “An Oriental cherry branch“ are in the lead. Who as dreams, citizens who as.

6. To take Oscar Wilde`s advice: “To overcome a temptation - it is necessary to give in to it“.

7. Or to accept things as they are because indifference to a Gestalt - too good tactics on its end.

I resort to points 2 and 5 more often. Point 7 - too it is fine, but not always works.

Now, extremely anxious, I remembered the Gestalt - dogs. Decided to help them to ripen, give the form and to release. Made such magnificent art - a Gestalt: a collage from birds and one dog - birds.

I did not go mad, not, all this my mournful mind, my incomplete affairs, and also people who scattered, a yak of a bird, and I all think of them though it would be time to get new. Not a Gestalt, people. I on everyone wrote an art - object a name, and let to themselves fly good luck, I will consider that so I finished them. That they me did not “finish“.

Generally, on the firm three with plus, but all the same felt better. Nothing - nothing, I will think up yet how to express, release energy which was frozen and it will be possible to move further, to new experience.

Here so to begin with unpretentious, and there you look - and will begin a Gestalt to be closed one by one, chains will burst and there will be to you happiness, held down by one chain.

Take care, perhaps.